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‘Deadpool 2’ Update: Sequel Gets Working Title After Tim Miller Leaves The Director’s Seat

Deadpool 2 updates are scarce these days as one of the brains behind the highest grossing R-rated superhero movie of all time left due to creative differences with lead actor Ryan Reynolds.

Fortunately, a report from Comic Book confirmed the working title for the sequel for Deadpool which appears to be reaching out to couples who decided to spend their Valentine’s Day date watching Reynolds portray the notorious Marvel character.

Deadpool 2: Love Machine

According to the outlet, Deadpool 2 will be called “Love Machine” during the production process while Fox Movies and creative minds behind the film think of a more suitable title.

Screen Rant explains that a working title is usually something that the production team chooses for two reasons: 1) to serve as a placeholder for the film crew and 2) to deceive fans into figuring out what the movie is really about.

But even if the working title may be something different altogether, it can still provide fans with ideas on what director the flick is taking.

Case in point, Reynold’s Deadpool may also be considered a Love Machine since he was able to snag Vanessa’s (Morena Baccarin) heart which may lead to a love triangle with Domino, a Marvel comic book character who has been portrayed as the Merc with a Mouth’s love interest.

More than that, the working title chosen for the sequel might actually contain a pun revolving around Cable, a new character to be introduced in the franchise who wields more superpowers added to his mutant ones thanks to an eye and arm which appears to have been custom made for cuddles.


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Reynolds vs. Miller: Casting Cable Conflict

Aside from the working title, Cable appears to be affecting more of the production than we expected as the character casting resulted to a behind-the-scenes conflict between Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool and director Tim Miller.

Several reports revealed that the main reason why Miller decided not to return to the director’s seat is because of a creative rift between him and Reynolds.

However, reports revealed another underlying reason for Miller’s departure, a conflict about casting Cable.

According to the outlet, Miller wanted Cable to be portrayed by Kyle Chandler but Reynolds and the rest of the Deadpool creative team were not convinced that he was a good choice.

News about Chandler being cast as Deadpool’s buddy first surfaced during a “Meet the Movie Press” podcast from Mashable where Jeff Sneider revealed that the Bloodline actor’s name had been “floating around for Cable for months.”

But Reynolds did not think that the actor was the best choice for the role and the studio went on to support his side because of the immense importance of the character to how the franchise would fare.

Cable, who is portrayed as the son of Cyclops in the comic books, has been known to have a deep-rooted chemistry with Wade Wilson, especially in battling evil-doers.

Because of this, Reynolds’ chemistry with whoever plays the Marvel character should be instantaneous and eminent during the entire sequel for it to work.

But aside from being the lead actor of the film, Reynolds also serves as a co-producer of the movie that succeeded in overcoming a decade’s worth of obstacles before reaching the big screen, which may be why the studio supported him on this one.

Deadpool 2 a.k.a. Love Machine is slated for theatrical release on January 12, 2018.

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