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George W. Bush Painting Dogs All Day, Becoming ‘Agoraphobic,’ Is Skeptical Of Romney’s Chances, New Profile Of Bush Fam Reveals

george bush painting dogs

George W. Bush spends his days painting dogs and avoiding people, a lengthy new profile of the Bush family in general reveals.

George Bush painting dogs was just one aspect of the long write-up done of Bush & co. in the new New York Magazine write up of the political dynasty, but it was one that caught the eye of many in the media as, perhaps bizarrely, no one seems to ever talk about George W. Bush anymore.

George Bush painting dogs is only part of what the profile revealed, and while largely focusing on little bro Jeb Bush, the 43rd president got a significant mention, if only to underscore the strange nature of his near-complete disappearance from the public eye.

Just under four years ago, George Bush was not painting dogs all day — he was leading the free world, in what is likely the most controversial presidency in modern memory. But now Bush “gets a regular drip feed of political news from (former aide) Karl Rove and others” and the former prez has “been critical of Romney’s campaign and skeptical of his chances.”

The mag describes a Bush that is hiding away from the public eye, with one unnamed person observing:

“He’s become increasingly agoraphobic … he doesn’t like people, he never did, he doesn’t now.”

The profile also says:

“The most unpopular president in recent political history, W. left a record of big-government spending and intractable wars that remains difficult even for allies to defend … W. remains convinced history will vindicate him. But the Bush family is well aware of the damage to their future prospects. Perhaps none more than Jeb, the new custodian of the family brand. ‘Jeb is highly pained,’ says a friend. ‘He is so loyal. Jeb knows some of the missteps, but Jeb is profoundly impacted by the kind of criticism he’s taken about his brother. It’s over the top.'”

Jeb Bush speaks at the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO) conference on Thursday, June 21, 2012.

Perhaps George Bush painting dogs seems a safer pastime for the warmongering former president, but it seems he can’t even escape critique doing that. An erstwhile Bush adviser told the mag:

“I find it stunning that he has the patience to sit and take instruction and paint.”

And just remember, before George Bush was painting dogs, he had access to nukes. Do you think it’s weird that the GOP barely mentions Bush at all?

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50 Responses to “George W. Bush Painting Dogs All Day, Becoming ‘Agoraphobic,’ Is Skeptical Of Romney’s Chances, New Profile Of Bush Fam Reveals”

  1. Tom Ferris

    Bush was a failure to the GOP, they want to pretend he never existed. As for painting dogs, that will keep W out of trouble. LOL

  2. Ed Kosary

    But is he staying in the lines when he paints (is he painting by numbers?)

  3. Theresa Willis

    I resent all this article. How do you know George didn't keep Sadam from using those wmd's that are now in Syria. At least he is not afraid to recognize Jesus Christ, unlike the present elected offical.

  4. Don Michael Romano

    Bush was a complete failure, and if he did recognize Jesus Christ he sure had a funny way of showing it considering he could care LESS for the poor…which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what Jesus preached about. As for Obama, he claims to be a Christian and I believe him. Regardless if he is or isn't, that is not the case. At least he will do more to help those who have less….and so will I. That, my friend, is being a true Christian.

  5. Kim LaCapria

    What? None of that makes any sense. We also don't know he didn't do a lot of things. And we have separation of church and state here. Not everyone is Christian.

  6. Theresa Willis

    And, who cares if everyone is not Christain. The important thing is to ask the Lord Jesus to save you. It will change your life. Even a democrat can do that.

  7. Melissa Stusinski

    What wmds in Syria? Conspiracy theories, much? And (saying as a Christian) separation of church and state is fantastic, and means that the president doesn't have to be a Christian or to openly and always speak about it (actions are better than words!!). Oh, and does this mean you won't vote for Mitt Romney, since he's not a Christian? (if you don't believe that statement, read about the differences between Mormonism and Christianity…by a non-biased source).

    Finally, the mental image of Bush sitting around all day painting pictures of dogs is fantastic…

  8. Tom Ferris

    W DID NOT keep us safe from anything. Man is a complete embecile and a failure to this country. Anyone who believes otherwise is also an embecile. I'm surprised W understands how to paint anything. I thought all he understood was how to hold a beer bottle. LOL Thank you president Obama for getting Bin Laden and making us safe again. Bush did not find anything! Moron!

  9. Hank Johnson

    @ theresa, Obama is a member of the Church of Christ, a Christian denomination, wtf? Quit wrapping yourself around Jesus Christ, cuz he is a liberal and not a narrow minded bigot like you.

  10. Patrick Martinez

    Yep, and that guy get free everything for life (along with a HUGE pention) all on our dime!!!! He stole the 2000 election, create a shitstorm with 9/11 to draw attention from him stealing election, goes to war over non-existent WMD's so big Oil can make even more money (don't forget how close he was/is to big oil). Then on his second go round, enter the "lame duck". He continued to abuse his power in office to the point where there was talk on "the hill" about pressing charges. He pushed through No Child Left Behing, a crippling blow to public education. His final stroke was to start bailing out automotive industries, then the banks wanted help too, and…he left us (and Obama) in a huge mess-Our biggest debt in history. When he stepped into office, his predessesor, Pres.Clinton left our nation with a SURPLUS!!!!…That guy has a boxcar load of BAD karma coming his way…..

  11. Bradley Haynes

    First of all, Yes, he was a controversial leader and I disagreed with a lot of his decisions. Having said that, this article is really condescending. As POTUS he had one of the most demanding jobs a human being can have for less than half the money. It takes more money to get elected than the President makes the whole time he's in office. As far as how he's filling the hours: In my humble opinion, a former President of the United States should be able to spend his time however he damn well pleases.

  12. Brian Watson

    George W. Bush and his coterie of criminals have chosen to settle in Texas, one of the few states that would openly accept them. They should all be housed at Leavenworth for sending thousands of Americans to their deaths in two pointless wars and for developing policies and legislation designed to entrap any and all critics. It just makes me wonder whose hit list I am on.

  13. Brian Watson

    Iraq has never posed a serious threat to the U.S.. Colin Powell lied through his teeth in his speech at the U.N., and Condi Rice just picked up where he left off. They are both members of the Council on Foreign Relations, a bridge to power open only to a few and perhaps the most sinister criminal conspiracy in our national history.

  14. Sue Mitchell

    Theresa Willis: I saw a memo when working in 2001 on a local campaign where bush said you don't have to be a real christian to say you are to bring in christian voters — it is a good way to get votes — so believe what you want, honey, I saw what he wrote and what he signed his name to.

  15. Marcie Andrea

    An educated well rounded reader knows there was no WMD's. Did you read the Downing Street Memo? No? Maybe because it was third page news because news whether Paula Abdul was having an affair w/an American Idol contestant. It was already in motion America would go to war BEFORE W. became president. Money bought the presidency for W. He should have remained a good ol'boy spending his life enjoying

  16. Brian Watson

    You seem to be overlooking the fact that Bush stole both of his presidential elections and thus remains a debtor to the American treasury.

  17. Yoli Recio

    Agoraphobia by definition is fear of open places…..if he truly suffers from this condition he could not attend a stadium to watch a game or other similar activities.

  18. Sato Gato

    If they don't know the meaning, they should have look it up in the Dictionary first. Dictionary=Mataburro

  19. Jerry Carter

    Kim LaCapria You do not even know what "separation of church and state" means

  20. Jerry Carter

    Kim LaCapria You do not even know what "separation of church and state" means

  21. Will Thompson

    And what current Vice-President and Secretary of State voted for the Iraq War? This country cannot go to war w/o the consent of it's Senators/Representatives. It is amazing to me every time I hear about how Bush got this country into a protracted war. Our Senators and state Represenatives agreed to it! Why do ANY OF THEM get a free pass? Because they played politics with the issue and very few, Obama and the late Ted K., disagreed with it. Lets put all who voted for the war in the same column!

  22. Teresa Langford

    It would do Obama good to disappear from the public eye. I wonder what any of you who are so free to criticize Bush would if you had been in his place. You really cant say can you because you don't know if you could make the hard decision. Stop looking around for someone else to blame and take a good long look at yourself. But as most of you see Obama as the next God of the universe I doubt if you have the balls to make any good decision.

  23. Teresa Langford

    Kim LaCapria If we have seperation of church and state then YOUR president needs to stop talking about Islam and how proud he is to have raised with its teaching. yea……your guy certainly does not ever intertwine church and state……whatever

  24. Teresa Langford

    oh yea stomp on theresa…..what would you do in the place of the president…..funny how quick we are to criticize but would not want that job ourselves… about an idiot.

  25. Teresa Langford

    actually if you study the teachings of christ he was neither conservative or liberal….he simply let us know we have free will and that means we can see and think and do whatever we feel is right for us. Now if you were in charge of the most powerful country in the free world would you make all the right decisions? I sorely doubt that, and it good to see others "wrap: themselves up in Jesus. At least she is not afraid to say she loves Jesus……can you?

  26. Melissa Stusinski

    I'm sorry, but I've never heard anything about the president being a Muslim. He has never mentioned it, and has actually talked about being a Christian. Can you provide an interview or statement from a credible source that proves this? All other sources I have ever seen (on both sides) say that he is a Christian. Not sure where you get that information. If that is your opinion, however, to each their own.

  27. Ed Pleskovitch

    He recognizes jesus and that makes it ok that tens of thousands of Iraqi people and a few thousand U.S. soldiers died to prove that George was a big shot? Are you insane!!!!

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