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‘Bold And Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Faces Pleas From Ridge, Bill Gets Anxious, And Nicole Makes A Decision [Updated]

Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way as the week continues. It is time for Brooke’s wedding to Bill, but Ridge has realized that his plan to push her to get married in order to gain the extra shares for Forrester Creations may not have been a great plan because he wants her for himself. Eric is leaning on Quinn and Wyatt in the wake of his medical crisis and Nicole is facing a big decision after Rick and Maya asked her to carry another baby for them. What else can viewers expect over these next few episodes?

Ridge realized in talking with RJ that indeed, he did not truly want Brooke to marry Bill and he wants to be with her himself. He has been desperate to get Bill’s Forrester Creations shares in order to push Quinn away from Eric and from the company. However, spending more time over the past few weeks with Brooke and kissing her, in addition to having intense talks with both RJ and Rick, seem to have brought forth some clarity and he raced to try to stop the wedding.

For her part, Brooke has noted that she is in love with Bill and wants to marry him for love, not just for the Forrester Creations shares. However, Ridge clearly still has quite the effect on her. She will be stunned to see him trying to now stop the wedding after he had been pushing for it so hard, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that she may realize that she can’t go through with the wedding after all. She will be irate that Ridge is pulling this move right as she is about to walk down the aisle, but he will pull on the heartstrings as he talks about how they’ve always done more for one another than anybody else can do for either of them.

Bill has pulled out all of the stops in planning this wedding and Soap Central shares Bold and Beautiful spoilers revealing that he will put together quite the event. Game show icon Wink Martindale will be involved in several episodes this week acting as the officiant for the nuptials and Bill’s excitement for the event to begin will show him being almost giddy over marrying the woman he considers to be the love of his life.

However, Bill will take notice when he is ready to see the nuptials begin and Brooke seems to be missing. Donna will quickly step in and Bold and Beautiful spoilers note that she will try to convince the groom that everything is set to proceed as scheduled, but teasers have also noted that Donna will know that her sister is working through some hesitations.

Brooke has insisted that she’s anxious to marry Bill, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that she will start to have some reservations and she will admit to Donna that she’s got some cold feet. Bill is full-steam ahead with these plans, but soon Ridge will do something that sets him off, surely showing up just before the nuptials are set to begin, and the entire event could be at risk. SheKnows Soaps shares that Ridge will be pleading with Brooke to cancel the wedding and viewers are anxious to know whether or not these two will actually tie the knot.

This week also brings drama on a few other fronts. Nicole and Zende found themselves in a tough position when Rick and Maya asked her to carry another baby for them, and Nicole and Zende will face some difficult moments together. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that she will give her sister and brother-in-law an answer regarding the surrogacy and viewers will be curious to see what she decides.

Thomas and Caroline are said to make their debut as a couple, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers tease that Steffy will voice concerns that perhaps the timing isn’t right for her to go public with Liam as they contemplate attending Bill and Brooke’s wedding. The buzz has been that soon Wyatt will issue his wife an ultimatum and that she will end up reuniting with her husband, but teasers for the upcoming week indicate that Steffy will be spending quality time with Liam and getting her tattoo wedding ring from her marriage to Wyatt removed.

Will Brooke marry Bill or will she realize that her feelings for other ex are still too strong? Has Quinn really changed thanks to Eric’s help or will her evil side soon emerge? Are Steffy and Liam destined to be together, or will she end up with Wyatt in the end? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint at juicy twists and turns on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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