Did ‘Deadpool’ Predict This Celebrity’s Death?

Deadpool hit so many things in the right places, but did the movie unknowingly predict a certain sports legend’s death?

Deadpool was one of the blockbuster hits of 2016 and like the raunchy and hilarious bordering on offensive style of its comics, the movie made its fair share of pop culture references and Easter Eggs. Among the numerous Easter Eggs we can spot throughout Deadpool’s 108 minutes, one of the elements that people took notice of is Sister Margaret’s dead pool.

If you can remember (we hope you do), Deadpool got his name from the dead pool board on the bar where all the assassins hang out. The dead pool at Sister Margaret’s Home For Wayward Girls bar is basically an inside joke among patrons, betting on people they think would die first.

Sister Margaret's dead pool [Photo via Fox]
Sister Margaret’s dead pool. [Image by Fox]

Upon closer scrutiny of various sites such as the Fat Movie Guy, the dead pool board actually contains quite a lot of celebrity names apart from the Weasel betting on Wade Wilson and Wade Wilson betting on J. Boothe. Hollywood personalities Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus, and Shia LaBeouf did get into the list alongside the more notorious Kayne West, Kid Rock, Mike Tyson, Lil Wayne, and Ozzy Osbourne. It’s a huge inside joke among the Deadpool cast and creators as the dead pool even jokingly lists stars Ryan Reynolds and T.J. Miller alongside original Deadpool comic book artist Rob Liefeld.

While we were able to recognize most of the names on the dead pool, one of the names that got multiple guesses was the last name on the pool — Palmer. Palmer was hypothesized by A.V. Club to be Amanda Palmer, an American singer-songwriter known as the lead singer and composer of The Dresden Dolls. Comicbook, on the other hand, thought it was Jesse Palmer, a pretty boy college football commentator who also played quarterback in the National Football League for five seasons in the early 2000s.

But it turns out, Fat Movie Guy was right and this name will turn out to be Arnold Palmer, a famous golf legend who passed away on September 25. Apparently, Deadpool could have predicted Arnold Palmer’s death.

This rather somber Easter Egg was first put to light by Comicbook upon the tip of a loyal Comicbook reader named John.

“When I paused the movie I got a clear look at the name and the age, which all the ages correspond to the intended person, and the last name was ‘Palmer, A – age 86.’ So whomever chose Arnold Palmer to die was unfortunately correct. Just thought I’d share that info if someone hasn’t already.”

To make sense of this creepy coincidence, we must take note of the dates. Deadpool was in production in 2015, the year that Arnold Palmer is 86. His inclusion in the dead pool, if it was really intended to be him, might be the creators’ crack at his age. Deadpool then launches in cinemas in February 2016. Arnold Palmer recently passed away last September 25 at age 87. USA Today reports that Palmer died because of complications from heart problems shortly after he was admitted to the hospital for some cardiovascular work.

Arnold Palmer died last September 26 [Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images for Golfweek]
Arnold Palmer died September 25. [Image by Andy Lyons/Getty Images for Golfweek]

So although Sister Margaret’s dead pool might be a little off, it’s too creepy of a coincidence that an actual name on the list does get hit within close proximity to the events of the film. Maybe the Deadpool creators did know of Palmer’s heart problems, but it’s just too cruel to really include an ailing man in a comedy movie’s dead pool joke.

With Deadpool 2 going through some major setbacks with its director gone, we just hope that the phenomenal title doesn’t predict another death. Onscreen and comical deaths are highly preferable.

Deadpool 2 experiencing director dilemmas [Photo via Fox]
Deadpool 2 experiencing director dilemmas. [Image by Fox]

[Featured Image by Fox]