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Sensata Technologies: Scandal Could Be Brewing For Mitt Romney

Sensata Technologies: Scandal Could Be Brewing For Mitt Romney

Sensata Technologies workers have been protesting outside the company’s Illinois plant against a decision to send 170 jobs to China, but the protest could end up as much more than just a local movement.

The auto parts company is controlled by Bain Capital, a company once led by Mitt Romney, and some online publications are starting to link the job outsourcing to the GOP candidate.

The ties between Mitt Romney and Sensata Technologies are not strong. In fact, Romney was gone from Bain Capital by the time the decision was made to send jobs overseas. But as Romney has become more aggressive in calling out President Obama for not taking a harder line with China, especially the country’s accused manipulation of currency, many publications are using Sensata Technologies as an example that Romney himself has a complicated relationship with China.

According to The New York Times, Romney still stands to profit off of the Sensata outsourcing:

“In addition, Mr. Romney’s generous retirement agreement ensures that he continues to profit from the deals and decisions that Bain makes. He owns about $8 million worth of Bain funds that hold 51 percent of Sensata’s shares. If Sensata saves money by closing the Freeport plant, that could add money to Mr. Romney’s trust accounts, now or after the election.”

With Romney benefitting financially from moving jobs to China, the liberal blog Politicus USA asks if Romney himself would be able to take a hard line with China.

Obama’s campaign has taken the same stance, saying in a statement:

“Mitt Romney’s talking tough, but his record and his policies show he’s anything but when it comes to China. Mitt Romney called the President’s aggressive action on behalf of American tire workers ‘decidedly bad for the nation.’ As a corporate buyout specialist, he invested in companies that were pioneers in outsourcing to low-wage countries like China. And now, while President Obama would close tax loopholes that reward companies for shipping American jobs overseas, Mitt Romney’s tax plan could create 800,000 jobs outside of America. That’s not a candidate who would be tough on China as president – that’s a candidate who thinks sounding tough will win him votes.”

Though the Sensata Technologies story has not gained much traction in the mainstream media, if it does Mitt Romney could face a blowback that would threaten his growing momentum in the presidential race.

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131 Responses to “Sensata Technologies: Scandal Could Be Brewing For Mitt Romney”

  1. Jimmy Powers

    Its awesome how Romney can get credit from the left for any job loss or outsourcing by companies he invested in but get's no credit from the overwhelming success and growth by the majority of companies he invested in. Like:

    Domino's Pizza – Revenue $1.425 billion – employs 145,000.
    Sports Authority – 450 stores nation wide.
    Dunkin' Donuts – Revenue $5.5 billion – 6700 stores nation wide.
    Toys R Us – Revenue $13.9 billion – 70,000 employees.
    Burger King – Revenue $3.3 billion – 34,248 employees.
    Staples – Revenue $24 billion – 90,000 employees.

    There are 63 more companies listed in Bain’s portfolio.

    Also awesome how Obama get's no credit for investing in energy, particularly oil, and even better off-shore oil drilling in foreign countries while simultaneously shutting down production here. Awesome how his big green jobs initiatives created no green jobs but purchased and wasted green technologies made in China.

    Its awesome that liberals think the business person/investor is inherently greedy because he or she is driven by profit; so they put their faith in the politicians driven by power.

  2. Bruce Sheppard

    so because obama has been ineffective in stopping jobs going overseas, now it's somehow Romney's fault? anyone who believes obama will be a better job creator than romney needs a cy of "Tea Leaves for Idiots".

  3. Christine Mueller

    you dont know what the fuck you're talking about, bruce. google romney's record on bain capital and his out sourcing jobs. get your facts straight, you uneducated fucked up moron!

  4. Kevin McWilliams

    It's really sad when a man running for president stands to make millions off of 170 people losing their jobs to China, and someone blames the president! You can't stop a greedy bastard when he wants to make a buck. If you are in the way, you lose! It's not the Presidents fault, and it may not be Mitt's either, but Romney stands to make millions off of this and I want to know where are all the people at standing up saying that Romney created a job for them? All I see is his wealthy friends who are putting people out of work.

  5. Renée Davis-Pelt

    The economy HAS gotten much better over the last 4 years, and it would be foolish to change course in the middle of a recovery that the Republicans did everything in their power to kill. Ryan openly said we would be sending more troops back into Afghanistan, would take military action in Syria, and would go to war with Iran alone if necessary. How is 2-3 more wars and spending another $2 trillion we don't have on increased military spending going to help the economy? Can you answer that for me?

  6. Valerie Jordan

    I traveling to Freeport to stand with these Americans. This is a big story. If Romney can't save 170 jobs, how will he create 12M?

  7. Bruce Sheppard

    "has gotten much better"? you must work for some company fattened up by Obamabucks. look around, where are the jobs? why does gas keep costing more? what happens when printing money is the Only way to pay for Obama's spending? clinton went on the cheap for defense & we got 9-11, is That what you want from Obama? less defense, more bureaucracy, Great Plan renee, highway to nirvana

  8. Anonymous

    Kevin , Well there are a lot of companies that Bain Capital has saved in America let me do a list and see if you know any of them . Staples Dunkin Donuts , Burlington Coat Factory , Sports Authority , Guitar Center , Hospital Corp of America , Gymborree Kids clothing stores , Burger King , Clear Channel Communications , Houghton Mifflin Publishing Co , Steel Dynamnics , Sealy Mattress Co , D&M Holdings , Weather Channel , Brookstone , Domino's Pizza. So you see Kevin you need to stop listening to the msm that is in Obama's pocket and do your own research. You can do a wikipedia search on Bain Capital and in there you can find the list of all these companies and the history of Bain and what kind of company it is . This country is hurting badly. For one thing corporate rate taxes the rate business pays to do business is the highest now in the world Kevin. That is why we have lost many jobs to other countries and why new ones are not coming here. Mitt Romney has not been at Bain capital for 12 years now. He does have a retirement trust with them a blind trust . In that kind of situation like my own with a group investment of stocks at my husbands work he has no idea what all they invest in just like I do not know what our group stock investment invests in . We hire them to take care of our 401 k and to invest in stocks to make money on them not loose it. Sometimes they do loose though that is the cost of doing business.

  9. Anonymous

    Miss Jordon please see my reply to Kevin from Ohio to the a brief history of Bain Capital and just some of the business's they have saved I think you will know a lot of them. Mitt Romney has a excellent rep as a business man. The msm is out to hang him on anything they can and the Obama is not being honest in so much he says and does in his campaign about our economy and the state of things in this country. He has tried to portrait Mr Romney as this evil venture capitalist it has not worked so far as things have been fact checked and found to be untrue . Rumors are still wide spread on the internet. So I suggest you also to do some research also . America got to know the real Mitt Romney at the debate and that is why he is soaring in the polls and in American . America needs jobs and business and Mitt Romney knows how to create them.

  10. Anonymous

    Miss Jordon please see my reply to Kevin from Ohio to the a brief history of Bain Capital and just some of the business's they have saved I think you will know a lot of them. Mitt Romney has a excellent rep as a business man. The msm is out to hang him on anything they can and the Obama is not being honest in so much he says and does in his campaign about our economy and the state of things in this country. He has tried to portrait Mr Romney as this evil venture capitalist it has not worked so far as things have been fact checked and found to be untrue . Rumors are still wide spread on the internet. So I suggest you also to do some research also . America got to know the real Mitt Romney at the debate and that is why he is soaring in the polls and in American . America needs jobs and business and Mitt Romney knows how to create them.

  11. Coupon Clipper

    This story is a waste of space and time. Did anyone even read it.. It clearly sates "The ties between Mitt Romney and Sensata Technologies are not strong. In fact, Romney was gone from Bain Capital by the time the decision was made to send jobs overseas" They are hoping people just read the headlines and run with it!

  12. Coupon Clipper

    This story is a waste of space and time. Did anyone even read it.. It clearly sates "The ties between Mitt Romney and Sensata Technologies are not strong. In fact, Romney was gone from Bain Capital by the time the decision was made to send jobs overseas" They are hoping people just read the headlines and run with it!

  13. Coupon Clipper

    sure and obama is supported by poor people. So Niko, how much do you have in common with George Clooney? Do you guys chill out together on weekends in Beverley Hills. Wake up ! Obama's a fraud and has led a priviledged life. he wnet to the best schools, lived in the best neighborhoods and the only did thing he did with poor people is make money off them in chicago with his law firm.

  14. Kevin McWilliams

    Believe me I know about the companies Bain has aquired. Dunkin Donuts has closed a lot of stores in my city. So has Burger King, and Staples will be closing some stores this year also. Mitt Romney may not have worked for Bain in the past 12 years, but he's running for president! If he can't influence the company he founded into saving 170 jobs, what makes you think he can influence any employer into creating jobs? Folks say it's not his place to step in, but he won't even go to Freeport to campaign. Plus I want to know also why whenever someone asks a question about Romney, they always answer it with rebuttal about Obama? I know enough about the president, tell me facts about Romney without mentioning Obama PLEASE! Plus lowering corporate tax rates is not going to stop these companies from outsourcing these jobs! Whoever believes that lie needs to get off that s@#t that they are on!!

  15. Kimberly Felan

    wow, is there any way Mr. Sheppard cld be even more uninformed? not only will we not gain GOOD jobs thru Romney, but he will divide this country more than it already is.
    This country is over 80% Partisan, asnd not just a little, completely! noone wants to budge. Why? bcz all the GOP have a secret agenda to make sure POTUS does not get re-elected. period. its the only thing they think about when they get up for work in the morning, lol.
    Anyway, my point……… IF Obama is reelected to a second term, what will be the GOP new agenda? oh dont tell me they will risk their jobs (which will be up for reelection soon) to continuously attempt to drag democrats thruough the mud? or continue to snub anything that comes across the table from Obama? of course not, they will do what the public wants: Bi-partisanship to get the thing done in this country which need to be done. Growth, jobs, etc., because if they dont, they will be elected right out of office, their base is already pissed cuz Obama won.
    Get it? in Obama's second term, we will see massive massive growth in this country, in jobs, lowering of debt, more prosperity, and more money in everyone's pockets.

  16. Kimberly Felan

    and look, i am not attempting to slide some whacky left wing agenda…………… i want this country to compromise, work it out, bend a bit, quit being so hardnosed to eachother, u dont have to like someone to work with them. Things can get accomplished. Make it harder to get food stamps, while opening funds to help hospitals get more interns and doctors; agree to limits on abortion, but dont outlaw it. Make it possible for a woman to choose, at least once or thru court order request; stuff like that!

  17. James Johnson

    fl1955 Bain did do a lot of good for some companies, they also screwed over others and many banks with leveraged buyouts. I think it is important to remember that a businessman's job is not to better society, his loyalties are to shareholders and the businesses owners. Examining Romney's time as Governor would be more representative of his ability to run the country…then again he used $100,000 in taxpayer dollars to have all his governorship records legally destroyed. But hey at least it was legal.

  18. Judy Hilton Coburn

    fl1955, problem is, romney's telling the middle class how he's going to give them jobs, while he's still profiting from taking them away. he's a corporate raider, that's really your pick to run this country? with his defense talk, he sounds like he's gearing up two trillion debt for us, all in the name of handing out pricy contracts, to lds members. he was a one term governor in mass, with the worst governor rating of all time, hardly ever in the state, and managed to veto over 800 times. didn't create any jobs in that state, but lost a few, this is the guy you're voting for?

  19. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Indiana had an unemployment rate of 14.9% while Obama was campaigning here before he was elected. Now we have an unemployment rate of 7.8%. The US was losing 750,000 jobs a month when he was first sworn in, now jobs are being created. The recovery would have gone much faster if the Repubs hadn't said their first priority was to see him fail then made damn sure they did everything they could to make it happen. You do know gas prices are set by speculation and world markets and has nothing to do with the president, right? No, of course you don't. The stock market is back up, and in places like Florida use of foodstamps is going down. I know you won't bother clicking on this link since it doesn't agree with your premise, but it shows the numbers ARE better.

  20. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Just saw a story where Fox News says things are better than they were a year ago. They also said that the healthcare reform would actually reduce to deficit. Oopsie 😉

  21. Molly Burns Michalski

    obama's state senator pension has holdings in sensata too….just saying.

  22. Bruce Sheppard

    Renée Davis-Pelt all i hear fm you is the same old tired obama Excuses. if you believe the drivel about how great his policies have been toward fixing the economy, maybe you could name TWO good things he's done to help job creation, because he's done a LOT to kill jobs, and he's constantly KILLING us with tons of new debt. and what's his NEW plan, because it must be all same-o, his campaign is NOTHING but "Smear Romney", a decent, competent, successful hombre

  23. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Romney said himself that if he does nothing at all, the economy will get better on its own. I'm sure if you bothered you could the video of his saying that. That tells me the policies are WORKING. otherwise why would he have said that to his rich donors?

  24. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Bruce Sheppard I'm sure that Detroit and Ohio would disagree strongly with you, and I believe the CBO when they say that the stimulus saved us from a depression.

  25. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Bruce Sheppard You still never answered my question either: how will increasing military spending by 2 trillion dollars, sending troops back into Afghanistan, sending troops to Syria, and possibly going to war with Iran help the economy? I'm waiting…

  26. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Bruce Sheppard Bruce Sheppard May I also add the the GOP stance is to do away with minimum wage, and do away with child labor laws. I don't care to race China to the bottom and see people trying to compete with 99 cents an hour for a salary, especially with no type of social safety net to help them out if they make that little. I'm about tired of the blue states subsidizing the red states and giving them more in federal aid than they pay in. Perhaps it's time for the Red States to secede already and fend for themselves. I say go for it. I'm willing to help subsidize that. It's a great cause!

  27. Renée Davis-Pelt

    Bruce Sheppard Last question: If the GOP policies are so right for this country, why is it that the GOP controlled states have the lowest wages, most people on welfare, lowest graduation rates, and highest teen pregnancy rates? That sounds like a big FAIL to me, and not something to model the rest of the country after. Thanks, but not thanks.

  28. Coupon Clipper

    Kevin, His company was a business. Its goal was to make money for investors who risked theor own money. They did not "put" any company out of business. It makes no sense to close a company if its profitable just as it makes no sense to keep a company going that cant make a profit. This is called business. If you're looking for someone to save businesses, start with yourself and your money. Contact Solyndra or another failed OBama loser and invest your money and try to save them. Its so easy when you are spending other peoples money. Oh thats right, you can't because propping companies up with taxpayer money never works. BTW Frindly's Ice Cream is still running strong so I dont know what you were trying to say with that example.

    Solyndra Suspends Operations to Evaluate Reorganization Options

    August 31, 2011 – Solyndra LLC, the American manufacturer of innovative cylindrical solar systems for commercial rooftops today announced that global economic and solar industry market conditions have forced the Company to suspend its manufacturing operations. Solyndra intends to file a petition for relief under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code while it evaluates options, including a sale of the business and licensing of its advanced CIGS technology and manufacturing expertise. As a result of the suspension of operations approximately 1,100 full-time and temporary employees are being laid off effective immediately.

  29. Coupon Clipper

    Kevin, all those stores are closing beacuse OBamas economy sucks. You are way over your head in this conversation. Asking a presidential candidate to "influence" a prior employers decision is illegal and violates several election laws. You see, what you and OBama dont get is that you dont influence people through flowery speeches, you do it thorugh policy and "when" Mitt is president you will get a primer in business education. He will create an environment where companies will grow their businesses, hire employees, generate more revenue for the government to cover the tax cuts along with closing some loopholes and people will go back to work. When people go back to work, that will generate more need for Burger King, Friendly's and Staples and you will see those stores opening "where it makes sense". Once you understand why people expand their businesses and hire people you will come to realize why this president has failed and can never succeed.

  30. Coupon Clipper

    And just so we're clear, it is your rposition that we are now outsourcing Whoppers, Jelly Donuts and Loose leaf paper and thats why they closed those stores? Who needs to get off what?????

  31. Melva Moore

    I would give more credit to the states governors than to Obama for improvements in each of those states, whether democrate or republican. If it were a national trend of improvements, then I would think the president's policies deserved more credit. But when it is state-level, then those local governors deserve the credit. Most of Obama's jobs have been government, certainly not what we've needed.

  32. Coupon Clipper

    Interesting you would use that word with a picture of Uncle Joe for your profile pic. Just imagine, this guy's is one stpe away from the button. My guess is he would use it tor replace a button on his sweater.

  33. Coupon Clipper

    Kevin McWilliams What you dont realize is what Clinton did to deicmate the military, the FBI and CIA. How the heck do you think he balanced the budget? Dont you realize, 9-11 was planned for years? while we were all distracted with Monica Lewinsky, Al-Queda was planning to kill us. the only way to really understand how dangerous Bill Clinton was to this country is to read about it.

    Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Robert "Buzz" Patterson was a military aide to President Clinton from May 1996 to May 1998 and one of five individuals entrusted with carrying the "nuclear football"—the bag containing the codes for launching nuclear weapons. This responsibility meant that he spent a considerable amount of time next to the president, giving him a unique perspective on the Clinton administration. Though he arrived at the job "filled with professional devotion and commitment to serve," he left believing that Clinton had "sown a whirlwind of destruction upon the integrity of our government, endangered our national security, and done enormous harm to the American military in which I served."

    Dereliction of Duty is not a personal attack on President Clinton or a commentary on his various scandals; rather, it is a "frank indictment of his obvious—to an eyewitness—failure to lead our country with responsibility and honor." Lt. Col. Patterson offers a damning list of anecdotes and charges against the President, including how Clinton lost the nuclear codes and shrugged it off; how he stalled and lost the opportunity to launch a direct strike on Osama bin Laden at a confirmed location; how the President and the First Lady, and much of their staff, consistently treated members of the military with disrespect and disdain; and how Clinton groped a female Air Force enlisted member while aboard Air Force One, among other incidents large and small. A considerable portion of this slim book is devoted to the myriad ways in which President Clinton undermined the military, and hence the security, of the nation. He seriously questions Clinton's decisions to send troops to Somalia, Rwanda, Haiti, and Bosnia to accomplish non-military tasks without clear objectives. Having participated in each of these engagements, Lt. Col. Patterson personally "experienced the frustration of needlessly wasted lives, effort, and national prestige" as well as the alarmingly low morale that Clinton inspired.

    This is certainly not the first anti-Clinton book, but it is different in that Patterson does not seem to have a political ax to grind. In fact, at times, he appears apologetic about having to write about his ex-commander in chief. Yet, in the end, this retired soldier felt his last act of service should be to share his experience with his country.

    I really suggest you read this officers eye witness account of what went on that most people just dont know.

  34. Pam Tucker

    fl1955 Your "cost of doing business" happen to be real live human beings. Bain got to my company back in '87; took me two solid years to find a job and two more years to return to my pre-Bain salary. My family suffered quite a bit during that period. So, while nice that some came out okay, does it really matter? He's running for POTUS; sending jobs to China is NOT a very "American" President move.

  35. Pam Tucker

    fl1955 We don't want job creation to be in China. Don't you get the point? And, take a look at the Massachusetts' pattern for this guy? They don't seem to have fared too well with Mitt's business expertise. You can talk all day about his great business sense; We have an actual American state that will beg to differ with you. I'm listening to them and the governors who came after Mitt who tell you what a mess he left for someone else to clean up. Wow! He doesn't even know Mass. isn't first in education — or he does know. If that is evidence of how he governs, I want no part of him. You, on the other hand, help yourself. It's your business.

  36. Brock Powers

    Kevin, you don't know anything about the current President. Not one damned thing.

  37. Brock Powers

    Pam Tucker that is some ignorant ill connected nonsense you posit there. what a total bunch of crap. The Governor hasn't worked for Bain in 12 years. The current operators of Bain are OBAMA campaign bundlers. please stop with the illogical nonsense. if your company could have been saved, it would have. the policies of the failed leader Obama is what is destroying this nation and you have your blinders on.

  38. Brock Powers

    Renée Davis-Pelt are you that stupid? the economy is in the tank? open your eyes.

  39. Brock Powers

    Renée Davis-Pelt your conservative Governor takes the credit for Indiana. not Obama. are you THAT stupid?

  40. Anonymous

    Kevin McWilliams do you think your smarter the the ceo and founder of Home depot? what is causing the closing of business is our economy and its getting worse not better . You say lowing corporate tax rates will not make it that more jobs stay here? You need to do more research . That and getting rid of the reams of new regulations are strangling business . Look it up. Kevin anyone would rebuttal back to you with Obama . Obama knows nothing of business nada . We need to get a business man in the white house that did a great job in Mass. He took that state over with a 3 billion deficit to a 2 billion dollar surplus . He did not raise taxes but increased some needed fee increases for drivers license and things like that. He vastly improved education there . He was a great governor. Look it all up look up on wiki . Check facts.

  41. David Lee

    Not exactly true. President Obama, a former Illinois state senator, has as much as $100,000 in a state retirement plan that contains shares of Sensata Technologies, the same auto parts company controlled by Bain that is closing its Illinois factory. Mr. Romney has millions invested in a series of Bain funds that have a controlling stake in Sensata Technologies, a manufacturer of sensors and controls for vehicles, aircraft and electric motors that employs 4,000 workers in China. Since Bain took over the operation in 2006, its investment has quadrupled in value. Bain continues to own $2.6 billion worth of Sensata’s shares. Bain directed the closing.

  42. Brock Powers

    moron, Obama just bought a $40 million dollar home in hawaii. he's not in bed with rich people? no, he didn't earn the money stupid. he's taking kickbacks from those Solyndra deals etc. pay for play deals that fill his coffers up. you do remember Niko that Obama gets huge contribution from Wall Street (eek, not Wall Street. those bad Wall street demons) yep, that Wall Street. you liberals are completely full of shit.

  43. Arnie Jeffers

    If the President from Illinois can't save 170 Ill. jobs does he really deserve a second term. Using your logic he shouldn't. But Romney is supposed to save jobs by influencing a company he left 12 years ago?

  44. Arnie Jeffers

    So do we blame the President for every job lost during his tenure and every plant closed up? We seem to want to do that with Romney. It comes down to whose vision and ideals are best suited to advance this country and get our economy moving. If you think the Govt. pumping money into donors coffers then vote for Obama.

  45. Bruce Sheppard

    Kimberly Felan "divide this country more than it already is" is a clear indication of what obama has wrought by picking winners and losers and refusing to work with congress. you can't face the fact that obama has been a crappy prez and that just MAYBE an intelligent, experienced, decent person like Romney will do a better job

  46. Bruce Sheppard

    Renée Davis-Pelt well, i asked if you can tell us what exactly obama did to create jobs and you FAILED, and instead came back with the same-o bologna about what a bad job you negatively Assume romney will do. there it is in a nutshell, obama can't run on his record, so it's SMEAR SMEAR SMEAR

  47. Barbara Schmid Miller

    Romney doesn't just have a blind trust with Bain and doesn't just own some shares, he (still) owns 51 percent of the company. Sensata represents Romney's economic plan. The company doesn't need "saving" because it's already profitable, but apparently not profitable enough for Bain when wages can drop to $2 per day. Romney and Bain represent America's Race to the Bottom. Too bad Walmart prices aren't cheap enough that we can all work for $2 a day and then they keep jobs here!

  48. Buck Rogers

    Ok Kevin if you know so much about the president please fill the rest of the nation in on where he is from? Why does someone go as far as having their school records sealed as to where the members of Congress can not even see how the individual did in high school or if he even went. How was he able to afford Harvard? What company has he ever ran or much less worked in. All these questions and the information on any president since George Washington can be answered. Obama is the only sitting president that no one knows the real truth on any thing about the man. How did he obtain a law degree yet no one in the graduating class stood beside him nor was he in any pictures taken during that school year when he supposedly attended.

  49. Jonathan Irvin

    It's a little different when you own the company and are calling the shots vs. being the President who cannot dictate to businesses what they can or cannot do. As is stated above, the job of running a business is NOT to 'create jobs' but to maximize profits. Sometimes that means that jobs are created, other times jobs are outsourced to cheaper labor markets and still other times companies are acquired, they are loaded up with debt, massive amounts of money are transferred to the acquiring owners, the company goes bankrupt and dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of creditors are screwed over. Bain was involved in just those sorts of manipulations. As recently as August one of Bain's takeover targets went under. ( And that is only ONE example. Check out his article: ( I worked for a company that went through a similar takeover in the late 1990's. That company, Delchamps (Mobile, Alabama), was a medium sized regional grocery chain with annual sales of slightly over one billion dollars. It was bought out merged with Jitney Jungle Stores of Jackson Mississippi, a similarly sized chain which had been acquired by Bruckmann, Rosser and Sherrill, a LBO firm like Bain and KKR. Within two years the combined firm had swung from decent profitability and about $250 million in the bank to $750 million in debt and bankruptcy. A billion dollars transferred from the company and the hundreds of vendors, many small local providers, to the pockets of the new bosses. Although the company emerged from bankruptcy it only lasted about two more years having been wekened by the raiders who took it over, people who had no interest in running the business, just wringing the maximum return. That's what companies like Bain and people like Romney do. If that is your idea of what creates jobs and builds a strong American economy you need help. And if Romney gets elected we'll all need help.

  50. Dan Furlow

    Yes…to the tune of eleven dollars which he can't have until he's 62.

  51. Steven Campisi

    The only jobs they save are all retail jobs they cannot outsource. If they could, they would. Clearchannel? Clearchannel fired most of longtime staffers and are the reason why radio sucks nationwide with their crappy cookie cutter stations. As for Staples, try to find something there that isn't made in China. I argue that Staples bought from China cheap product and killed all the family printing and office stores that we miss so much now on Main Street America. Bain ruins home towns.

  52. Anonymous

    Melva Moore, That is crap lady! How can anyone own more than 51% of a Co? I guess to U, Romney math anything is possible as long as it keeps this story suppressed! Its a fact Bain controls the majority of Senseta.

  53. Anonymous

    BTW Melva Moore's ref is just a anti Obama blog site. Its not published reference material. Melvia your phony lies R full of hoes!

  54. Anonymous

    Buck Rogers I guess the truth of this article is just too much 4 your biased pea brain. So what do U do, divert and talk about Obama's transcripts. This is why your just a mall cop. Romneybots R the dumb uneducated easily fooled chumps.

  55. Anonymous

    @fl1955 Business saved by Bain thats a joke right? Bain doesn't save ANY BUSINESS! The only job they have is to make huge profit on the business and if it survives DESPITE THAT oh well, but Bain never has sacrificed anything so a Co would succeed. That is a fact!

  56. Carlos Cabrera

    Romney is a gazillionaire what would it hurt him to stand up for these people? he's a greedy Bastard that's why he won't even do it for a photo op, its beneath him smh

  57. Anonymous

    Melva Moore Your not very bright R U? Seriously Romney's net worth is over 1/4 BILLION $ and your comparing him to a few ppl with a few million $s each?

  58. Antonio Cruz

    the president said Mitt is suffering from Romnesia , but not to worry Obama care covers pre existing conditions so Obamacare can help cure Mitt. Lmao. you have to check out that Romnesia video cus , the Presidents on a roll .

  59. Anonymous

    @Bruce Sheppard Another Romney know nothing. But tell us pls how does an Pres set the price of gas? Your idiot Repub party leader crashed the economy but U expect Obama to snap his fingers and make it all go away. But your party has a great idea. Lets add 7 trillion to the deficit or raise middle class taxes while giving the wealthy, who now take 40% of the country's wealth today, even more money!

  60. Anonymous

    @Stacey Lets see U dont know anything about Sensata, but U know its a lie because its not what U want to hear right? Stacey were U just born stupid or was it your wonderful home schooled education?

  61. Anonymous

    @Brock Thats a blogger page! It is not a published unbiased source. All it says is that Obama might have some stock invested indirectly in Sensata. Romney has an $8 million investment in it plus Bain owns 51% of it. So the decision to outsource here is Bains as they R majority owners! Brock U got bitch slapped

  62. Anonymous

    @Brock Thats a blogger page! It is not a published unbiased source. All it says is that Obama might have some stock invested indirectly in Sensata. Romney has an $8 million investment in it plus Bain owns 51% of it. So the decision to outsource here is Bains as they R majority owners! Brock U got bitch slapped

  63. Carlos Cabrera

    Buck, your right about one thing, president Obama is the only president to ever have his every accomplishment questioned by lunatics like you, a birth certificate really? Ooh yea he's a Muslim too, except he's not, he's a socialist for saving a million jobs by saving the auto industry, he's a communist, unprecedented for any president, if Bush handled bin ladens murder he'd be on mount Rushmore by now, except the ugly truth is Bush did such an atrocious job, racist America did the unthinkable elect a BLACK MAN, you neocons are hypocrites with selective memories

  64. Bruce Simpson

    fl1955 Why can't you answer Miss Jordan's question?
    If Romney can't save 170 jobs, how will he create 12M?

  65. Bruce Sheppard

    @proemed44 sorry, but your logic is failing with the american public, because they KNOW we've had 4 years of non-performance out of our president. and blaming it on the Wealthy is a really worn out and phoney excuse. nice that these debates have given obama a stage to brag about all he's done, but since he's got pretty much NOTHING he'll have to stick to his SMEAR AD campaign against romney, a decent, likeable person who actually HAS a record of success and accomplishment

  66. Jim Strong

    what goes around comes back around hope these idiots that support flip flop romney have their companys bought by Baines.

  67. Bruce Sheppard

    Republicans? don't you trust the Media to get to the Truth?? how RIDICULOUS to think that maher or maddow or axelrod wouldn't be able to make a case for "dirty romney" if there's any Truth to it. BECAUSE ROMNEY IS A DECENT AND QUALIFIED Candidate, so crawl back into your hole, pls, mr Rod

  68. Bruce Sheppard

    proemed44 romney's past and accomplishments are well documented. "easily fooled chumps" like you still support obama, who won't reveal his past and won't take responsibility for his failed presidency

  69. Pamela Carnes

    .its not 8 million in funds equal to 51 percent stock ownership

  70. Bruce Sheppard

    proemed44 have you ever wondered why the hired folks that obama has spent millions on to dig up dirt on Romney have NOT jumped on this Sensata red herring? because obama has enough Lies to apologize for without another dumb inaccurate smear to explain, get a clue hombre

  71. Pamela Carnes

    fl1955 sensata technologies is profitable they are sending jobs to china because of lower wages.This isn't a company doing bad .They even had these workers train them., and while your at it look up his brother-law and nephew and see how they swindled people using Romney name

  72. Rod Moore

    Bruce Sheppard ..just ONE and I'll prove your ignorant ASS wrong….fucking republicans like you with their heads up their asses are what is wrong with the U>S>

  73. Brock Powers

    additionally Weakmed44, you have no idea how things are run vs. ownership do you. i didn't think so. the reins have been for years (over a decade) been run by the Obama bundlers and supporters. still don't get it? only a dim bulb liberal wouldn't understand that.

  74. Brock Powers

    I don't care what you moron Obamazombie drones have to say. if Obama is reelected, this country is done for. end of story.

  75. Arnie Jeffers

    Isn't the takeover of companies, screwing of investors, one group reaping all the money out of the influx of money, wrong? Is it immoral? Yes it is and thats exactly what the US Government did with GM and all the "GREEN" energy companies that got billions from taxpayers and screwed us out of our money and the fat cats(and UAW) got taken care of. It happens in business all the time but should NOT happen with taxpayers by our own Govt.

  76. Melanie O'Malley


  77. Melanie O'Malley


  78. Melanie O'Malley


  79. Bruce Sheppard

    melanie, at least we won't have to listen to your obama excuses after november 6. unfortunately, your inability to recognize a LOSER after 4 years of incompetence is not uncommon among liberals

  80. Melanie O'Malley

    fl1955 ya and now tell us how much mitt ripped the original owners off , before he became co owner.ya want to hear something really sick Senator Rubio 's from Florida , 12 year old daughter was in a golf cart accident with a friend she received head trauma and was air lifted to a children s hosp in Florida Mr Ruibo was campaigning for Romney when he received the call and continued to campaign for an hour longer before he had the Romney bus drop him off at the hosp Wonder if it would have taken as long if it would have had been a son.I wish his daughter good luck and hope she will be fine.

  81. Melanie O'Malley

    Bruce Sheppard Mr Sheppard $15 bucks an hour for wiping Romney s ass is not worth it . see Obama works for us not the other way around sorry.

  82. Melanie O'Malley

    Nice try NOT you really don't understand how pensions work do you.

  83. Bruce Sheppard

    Melanie O'Malley melanid, obama works for obama, that's why our economy sucks. and now we're learning obama isn't such a great Commander in Chief either. 4 years was enough, AMF

  84. Trish Link

    No but we can look at the less of two evils. You know Romney groups everyone under that 200,000 middle income (lol) the 47 percent that think they are entitled to a handout. Doesn't think that a great deal of these individuals are the result of the newly added victims of company downsizing that invariably ends up as jobs over seas. Oh, and that 47 percent includes people who are retired who should have had retirement but most lost due to bankrupt companies, bank closures, and inflated stock values(All thanks to a Republican who sat in office for 8 years as President, and was too stupid to see what was going on right under his nose or chose to look the other way because he was bought) that collapsed and robbed people who did invest in their own retirement. That 47 percent includes people who worked their butts off and became disabled along the way through no fault of their own. That 47 percent includes the better part of Americans if you look at what Romney calls middle income, and we work, we don't collect social services, food stamps, or live in subsidized housing. We work an honest 8 earning a legal wage and get screwed for working at tax time. But we keep working because we were raised not to ask for a handout, and with the dream that if you work hard enough it will eventually pay off. Hell what we see right now with the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, is the same reason we left Britain to begin with. It didn't work there and it won't work here. Look at who had access to all that money given to banks, and they didn't use a dime to create any jobs by investing any of it in their current businesses. The only thing Romney has a right idea about is making welfare a local government funding issue, so that the local can invest time in investigating ways to make people work in exchange for their handouts. Welfare was never intended to be a handout. It was conceived originally to help support widows of fallen soldiers, until the skills they attained by working for free within the government got them a job as a civilian worker. It was not intended to be permanent.

  85. Trish Link

    Then what really strikes me is Romney is against employers including birth control in insurance packages, and yet if the person can't support the kid they can't get government help to fix what the government could have helped prevent. Now on to Obama. What a choice. The only thing you got going here is the man has tried to fix the mess that was left when the last President left office. Much of it not created by his administration that led to a snowballing of mass forms of economic instability. Obviously the man and his advisers don't know how and can't fix so much at one time. Obviously what took 8 years to create can't be fixed in four years when businesses, banking institutions, and savings crumble to this day. Obviously, the man can't figure out how to make a bunch of tea party members do their jobs. He should have said I guess you will be sleeping in the Senate until you can take care of the business of the people. He should have also said this with his own party by the way because they were all being paid to do a job and did not do anything. They all had task to accomplish to get this economy and it's failures moving in the right direction. Obama did save the auto industry but there are a lot of other industries that are hurting just as bad and there isn't enough money to save them. So he failed to lead when the Senate and the House failed in their jobs. He needed to be a hard butt and say no work done mean no pay, no earned vacation time, no health insurance, and no other benefits associated with public office until you do your jobs. Obama needed to do something about insurance but a mandate that results in another hand out by the government to supplement those earning minimum wage so they can afford the insurance is not the answer. What is the answer is realizing the health insurance industry is one big monopoly that needs to be reformed so that it is affordable. What is the answer is treating those that supply the health insurance industry with supplies and devices as crooks and regulating them too, so they stop overcharging for medications, machinery, bandaids and whatever else they add a hefty profit too. What needed to happen was granting a patent for technology and drugs that was free of charge as long as the item supplied was supplied at a reasonable rate. The health insurance industry also needs to install software on their computers that feeds into a national database that accounts for the time required to see a patient. You have a lot of doctors that cheat insurance companies by inflating the level of service rendered in an office setting. If they used this service to track the time billed each day by a physician for the office visits alone, the insurance companies could spot the fraud and require proof. The insurance companies could also use this software to spot abusive laboratory services rendered by physicians with an in house lab. If someone has a controlled thyroid problem, or anemia that is controlled, or they find the medicine is not causing a problem with potential systems there is no need to keep repeating the test in the absence of physical problems or patient complaints. I know a physician who does it on a regular basis and if the truth were known him and his wife would be sitting in jail for fraud. That happens a lot though because my own tried to pull that crap and I said no, I feel fine. Still here so I guess that means things are O.K. But this guy also pulls the up coding the level of the office visit trick. He spends a total of 5-10 minutes and bills for 40 plus. This is a big problem and the insurance companies are losing money by paying for something that didn't occur or did not need done. If they could save money they would charge less. If good doctors could get things to run a practice at a reasonable rate they would charge less and not be inclined to cheat. If hospitals could get their supplies at a reasonable price they wouldn't charge so much. If companies making medicines were not caught up with the cost of patents the medication would be affordable.

  86. Trish Link

    But our boy had no idea how to fix it. He left it up to the Senate who are influenced by those same companies with gifts and such. He also needs to outlaw lobbyist and that would get rid of half the pork projects out there that are a waste of the citizens of the United States tax dollars. Obama on taxes is a failure because you shouldn't tax someone higher just because they make money. He needs to follow the model set forth by the Americans For Fair Taxation. People would be allocated a break based on basis necessities each month. Then they are taxed on the rest of what they spend at a certain percent, but on long term investment purchases like a house or car they would only be taxed once. There would be one tax instead of multitudes at Government and State levels. The states would collect the taxes from the businesses within their state collected from consumers. The states get a share for collecting it, and the government does away with the IRS because you are taxed based on what luxuries you buy, and the choices you make when purchasing. This way everyone in America pays tax including illegals who avoid taxes by being paid under the table. Every visitor to our country pays taxes on their purchases at the rate at that time. No more taxes taken out of your check because you are taxed based on consumption and the choices you make for excess. Fair tax, money saved because there is no complex regulation, no paying the IRS, and no one pays for more than they use. A poor person isn't going to run out and buy an iPad, so they won't be subject to a higher tax. They may buy a car eventually but they will pay a higher level tax one time only. Check out the proposal and send your Senator a note of supporting it. So given the choices I would rather vote for Obama because even though he isn't the smartest guy around at least he tries for all the people. With four years under his belt he has experience and can get better. I thought about Romney and I thought why would I invest in someone who had no problem shipping jobs out of here and still receives money from those companies he moved. I got a problem with that. I got a problem with the fact that he virtually changed his story on everything major from taxation to birth control within the last two months. Why does he think we are too stupid to see this. If you read his page starting out and read it now he flip flops more than a fish out of water. Just because you say something doesn't mean we will believe it. We look at things from a historical perspective and see a cheshire cat. As for Obama quit stooping the the level of the Tea Party. Don't tell me what I want to hear. Just tell me the truth, tell me what you think you did wrong, and what your plan is now to fix it.

  87. Bruce Brooks Jr

    Do you have a 401k? If so u probably have invested in the same co.s as every one else so if anyone complanes about Romney's investments first look at ur own.

  88. Arlea Spencer Norton

    Bain flourished under Romney. There is no need to accuse Romney when Bain has been under different management since 1999!

  89. Arlea Spencer Norton

    Romney has not worked for Bain for 12 years! What can he do about it? Someone else runs the company! duhh…

  90. Arlea Spencer Norton

    James Johnson All of the companies would have gone under if Bain never took over. I believe an 85% rate of saving companies is pretty darn good! I would like to see you do better…

  91. Jim Nolan

    President Obama and the American taxpayer bailed out Chrysler Jeep and they are sending jobs overseas now with our economy needing jobs.. Does Obama take the blame for this? Should the American taxpayer blame themselves? This country is broke and going down fast and the rest of the Worldis watching. We are selling out our kids and grandkids future unless the borrowing stops.

  92. Melanie O'Malley

    Romneys campain people are training people to stop or slow down the people voting.So may I suggest that your take your cell phones with cameras if you don't own one barrow one take their picture record them and post them on you tube.what the heck take them to court if you want please record them ask their names and tell them your going to call the law. But don't let them stop you from Voting. yell at them.Tell them to get out of your face.

  93. Melanie O'Malley

    Well after looking at the polls this AM seems that the lying Jeep adds that Romney has put out there are catching up with Romney lying eye's. and the debate that was held in June 2011 when Romney said the US Government should not have FEMA it should be up to states of tax payers to clean up after mother nature .

  94. Melanie O'Malley

    Romney -The rich -tax shelters-China- India.-Oil .
    Obama -The people- the earth -the students -job's.

  95. Sharon Antoinette Alexander

    Melva, Barack Obama is vested in a pension from the State of Illinois which has a small investment in Sensata. The President's portion of that investment, which he cannot touch or control for a number of years yet, totals a whopping $11.00! That's right! Eleven dollars! See what you could learn if you watched anything besides FAUX GNUS?

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