Jaden Smith: Actor, Musician, Model, Activist, And Recovered Vampire? That’s What He Says [Video]

Jaden Smith is multi-talented and seemingly everywhere these days. The newly-adult teen son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith has been the talk of summer 2016, with repeated breaking news of his untimely death (all unfounded rumors) punctuated by his high-profile and often gender-bending career endeavors. Just when the world thinks it’s seen all that Jaden Smith has to offer, however, the admittedly eccentric star comes out with something new, noteworthy, and even kind of bizarre.

So what is it this time? What attention-grabbing scoop has Jaden Smith’s name all up in the news this week? It turns out that the flamboyant activist, actor, model, and musician has a longer resume than most of the world ever dreamed. In addition to being everything that an entertainer and member of young Hollywood’s elite could ever hope to be, Jaden Smith also claims to be a vampire.

For real.

Or, at least a recovered vampire, reports Huffington Post. As in, Jaden Smith says he used to be a vampire. And not just a Hot Topic-lurking teen with vampiric aspirations. Indeed, according to Jaden, he is (or at least used to be) a real vampire. He said as much in a recent interview with the international fashion magazine Numero.

During his interview with the magazine, Jaden Smith admitted that he was, at least in part, the dark-clothes-wearing mall-rat teen goth. Although it’s doubtful that the son of Hollywood royalty who now has a clothing line of his own ever shopped at Hot Topic. However, in addition to admitting to once being a goth, Jaden claimed that he was also a real vampire. He even claimed to hide from the sun, or at least the Jaden Smith of the past did.

“During a period of my life, I was Gothic. I was only wearing black and I was hiding from the sun because I was a vampire. I was a vampire, for real. Now I’m out of this phase. I open myself to the fact, wear more colorful things, to go out in daylight. I share much more mixed energy.”

So what does that mean, exactly? Can humans have a “vampire phase”? How does one go from being a vampire to becoming a human? Does Jaden Smith hold the key to immortality in his existentialist hands?

Could his past as a vampire explain why Jaden Smith seems so much more mature and composed than many of his teen contemporaries?

At this point, nobody really knows. During his bizarre interview, Jaden Smith didn’t really go into detail about what it means to be a vampire (aside from wearing dark clothes and avoiding the sun), let alone touch on what one has to do to become an “ex-vampire.”

One thing is for certain, whether or not Jaden Smith was every truly a vampire, he has definitely become one of the unkillable over the last few months. Despite pervasive and seemingly unstoppable rumors of his death by suicide, Jaden Smith managed to remain above the living (or is that the undead?), taking social media and the world by storm even as the internet tried to kill him off over and over again.

In fact, Jaden Smith is doing so well professionally (he’s the first male face of a Louis Vuitton women’s clothing line, the star of Netflix’s The Get Down, dropping his first studio album, collaborating with superstars, a fashion designer with his own clothing line, and a millionaire in his own right) that he now has time to work on some of his more lofty social projects.

The biggest and perhaps most socially conscious job that activist Jaden Smith has undertaken in recent months is his work with bottled water. As USA Today reports, Jaden has undertaken a far-reaching and bold pet project to change and possibly even save the world, one water bottle at a time.

Jaden’s new sustainable water bottle is part of his JUST Water project, a project in which he “bottles” water in recyclable, biodegradable cardboard containers rather than traditional plastic. In fact, Jaden Smith was just honored at the Power of Young Hollywood ceremony for his efforts to make the world a better place.

“The plastic, that’s the issue. I want to create a bottle of water that is made from renewable resources, that is not made from plastic, that you don’t need fracking, that you don’t need petroleum, that you don’t need to go to war for this bottle of water.”

All in all, Jaden Smith is at an incredible place in his life. Especially for an 18-year-old child star. And especially if Jaden Smith is, in fact, a recovered vampire.

[Featured Image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]