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Talladega Crash Causes 25 Car Pileup On Final Lap, Tony Stewart Takes The Blame [Video]


Matt Kenseth was able to cruise to victory yesterday after 25 cars were taken out on the final lap after a major crash at Talladega.

The Talladega crash sent cars and debris flying in every direction. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the crash.

According to Bleacher Report, the huge crash occurred after Tony Stewart tried to block another car from passing. After the race, Stewart admitted that he was likely the cause of the crash.

Stewart said:

“I just screwed up. I turned down and cut across Michael and crashed the whole field. It was my fault, blocking and trying to stay where I was at. I was trying to win the race and I was trying to stay ahead of Matt there and Michael got a great run on the bottom and had a big head of steam, and when I turned down, I turned across the front of his car. Just a mistake on my part but cost a lot of people a bad day.”

But Michael Waltrip, the driver that was blocked by Stewart, said that his fellow driver is being too hard on himself.

Waltrip said:

“I don’t blame Tony at all because anyone in the world would have had to block like that.”

Jeff Gordon also said that the crash was inevitable. Gordon said:

“When you lose that momentum, you lose a ton. You’re going backwards in such a hurry and the other guys are coming forward with so much momentum it’s inevitable that those types of things are going to happen.”

Here’s a video of the Talladega Crash.

The majority of drivers seem to think that the Talladega Crash was just another unavoidable incident. Dale Earnhardt Jr., however, said that Stewart was driving recklessly and dangerously.

Earnhardt Jr. said:

“It’s not safe. It’s not. It’s bloodthirsty. If that’s what people want, that’s ridiculous … If this was what we did every week, I wouldn’t be doing it. I’ll just put it to you that way. If this was how we raced every week, I’d find another job. That’s what the package is doing. It’s really not racing. It’s a little disappointing. It cost a lot of money right there.”

CBS Sports reports that Jeff Gordon was awarded second place and Kyle Busch took third. It took NASCAR more than an hour after the end of the race to finish sorting through the rest of the results.

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14 Responses to “Talladega Crash Causes 25 Car Pileup On Final Lap, Tony Stewart Takes The Blame [Video]”

  1. Mike Byrne

    Earnhart, Jr. is just like his dad…an overrated idiot that crys whenever he doesn't get his way.Wrecks are part of racing, always have been always will be.Why the h)e)l)l do you think that people watch the sport for? They sure don't watch for near misses.

  2. John Bebra

    Jr is right Stewert was to busy looking in the rearview trying to figure out who to block next his brain shorted out an started to Smoke his ego, that was pure desperation driving and hes getting real good at running up/down on other drivers thus causing lots of Smoke.

  3. Mike Gee

    I know something was going to happen when they were 4 wide for 8 rows back. Michael would of won that race if he hadn't got cut off.
    I agree with removing the restrictor plates but I have 1 caveat, the no car could(horsepower) get over 200 mph. Limiting the horses could keep the race a lot safer with guys being able to pass on their own and the big packs would be broken up. You would still have drafting but you would also have the option to be a racer and do your own thing.

  4. Andrew Marfink

    Tony got greedy and tryed to cheat by blocking. Blocking should be outlawed! If your car is not fast enough to win on it's own then get the hell out of the way and let the fastest car go by.

  5. Andrew Marfink

    NASCAR means National Association of SAME Car Racing. When will they let the sport return to STOCK cars? You wouldn't have all they SAME built cars all jammed together.

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