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Pawn Stars Cast Facing Lawsuit From Ex-Manager, Wayne Jefferies

pawn-stars-lawsuit wayne jefferies 2012

The Las Vegas-based cast members of the hit reality-television show Pawn Stars are reportedly being sued by their ex-manager Wayne Jefferies for an alleged breach of contract.

According to a report by TMZ, Jefferies claims that in 2007 he took the owners and employees of Gold & Silver Pawn — Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee — and made them into household names by striking up a deal for a reality television show with A&E and the History Channel.

Jefferies notes that prior to his successful efforts (Pawn Stars quickly became the second-highest rated reality-TV show behind Jersey Shore), the shop’s owners, Rick Harrison and father Richard Harrison, had previously tried to launch a reality-TV show based at their pawn shop and failed.

Things were going great for Jefferies and the Pawn Stars cast until early 2012, when Jefferies leaked news that A&E had commissioned a new pawn shop show spinoff called Cajun Pawn Stars.

When the network found out about the leak, network executives pressured the Old Man and the rest of the cast members to sever ties with Jefferies’ management duties for interfering, which is exactly what they did.

Jefferies is now suing the Pawn Stars guys for breach of contract and is asking for unspecified damages. In addition to the Pawn Stars crew, he’s also suing A&E, the History Channel and various execs for interfering with his management deals.

Currently in its sixth season, Pawn Stars follows the Gold & Silver Pawn shop fellows, who attempt to buy and sell rare and often historical items.

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69 Responses to “Pawn Stars Cast Facing Lawsuit From Ex-Manager, Wayne Jefferies”

  1. Kent Howard

    Pawn Stars is not really reality TV. The sellers are all set ups!

  2. Christopher Gass

    Exactly. If you want reality TV turn on the local news. Thats about all there is.

  3. Michael Rocker

    The participants are selected based on what they have to sell. It is not set up at all. Keep watching Snooki and jersey Shore. How real is that crap. They give Jersey and the jersey Shore a bad name.

  4. David R. Marshall

    I would hope people know the show is rigged. If you know a person that would leave rick with a 1 million dollar violin to see if it is real. I suggest you slap him for thinking they wouldn't 'LOSE' it the next day or 'BREAK' it while handling it.

  5. Jason Van Clief

    It is not set up, I have been there when a guy walked in, he waited then someone interviewed him, then they select people as extras then everyone has to go outside so the guys can film, so before you open up your mouth and post something thats not true, get your facts straight!

  6. Christopher Hester

    And you think they tell the truth Christopher Gass?

  7. Kelly Golson

    They come back with their items when the expert comes in to verify it, they don't leave items there to be verified. You don't watch the show much or you would notice that.

  8. Jack Levin

    You ever notice at least once a show the camera zooms in on a woman with prominent cleavage bending over a display case?

  9. Kevin Harkens

    Fat wankers who only can bargain effectively because they don't need the money, unlike the poor slobs that bring stuff in to sell. Just as bad as jerseyshore save the good americana items that sometimes show up. Americans simply can't bargain and it's cringeworthy to watch them try!

  10. Dcfc Soprano

    DUDE such is the life of a "PAWNER"………. IF YOU NEED MONEY, YOU TAKE WHAT THEY OFFER. YOU DONT HAVE TO SELL……….. NEVER seen a Pawn Broker 'twisting any arms'!!

  11. Dcfc Soprano

    They dont leave it…… the show is "E-D-I-T-E-D" which means they 'cut out certain parts' that are time-consuming………

  12. John Iacono

    if they cannot bargin too bad for them it's like non the sellers ever heard of ebay. Poor slobs too bad, I have been to the shop, it is walking distance of most of the bail bondsmen in Vegas and close to the jail, why do you think they so many people see stuff in a hurry-maybe Bail Money

  13. John Iacono

    if they cannot bargin too bad for them it's like non the sellers ever heard of ebay. Poor slobs too bad, I have been to the shop, it is walking distance of most of the bail bondsmen in Vegas and close to the jail, why do you think they so many people see stuff in a hurry-maybe Bail Money

  14. Sandy Radcliffe

    Jeffries should have kept his mouth shut and not Leaked information, NOTHING for him he severed the contract. Next time KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!

  15. John Iacono

    lwets see now, the manager most likely had signed a confidentialty aggreement not to leak anythoing about the show like anybody one a reality show does, then he leaked info on anew program that was not public infoprmation, then he found some slime ball attourney to take a case he knows they cannot win, but the attourney does not care because he is getting millions of dollar worth of publicity for free Ha! the American legal system at work.

  16. Kevin Harkens

    I agree…but there are levels of taking advantage of people. I don't care if they get lo-balled to death. Live and learn…but I don't see em learnin! Most Americans just don't have a clue about negotiating because our system isn't usually set up for it..

  17. John Iacono

    try watching BBC news or other new broadcast from around the world, on international affairs and see the difference, American media is about creating news. If was the American media that push Obama on the Ameroican voters, without Oprah and other media controllers he would have never been as well known

  18. Linda Ash

    Love this show the guys have a good comerottery with each other and treat there customers with respect. You know these guys are there to make money but they don't gloat like the trash that's on Hardcore Pawn. The disrespect those three show toward each other and there staff, and then they have enough gall to pat themselves on the back how they screw there customers. They're no better than some of the nasty big mouths that they deal with. Ashley sounds like she was in the navy, she needs her mouth washed out, but I guess she hasn't had a very good example listening to her dad.

  19. Glenda Null

    Went to Las Vegas part of the trip was to go to the Pawn Star store it was one of our top things to do! We walked in and the store was NOTHING like it is on TV. It is just a little tiny building with basically nothing on the selves like you would expect to see from all they take in from trading and pawning. In fact the cab driver even told us on the way there how dissapointed we were going to be at the real reality of the store itself and it's owners (if they would even be there in person). He was right now the show just doesn't even appeal to us anymore….

  20. John Iacono

    this is part of not having a well rounded education, part of growing up in American should include street smarts , you cannot learn that in school you just have to go out and figure it out.

  21. Kevin Harkens

    Careful might end up in Mexico. It's as much my country as yours buddy. But I guess in your world there's no room for criticism or growth eh?

  22. Ben Doverz

    Show is a joke anyway, it's all a con or do these people with really interesting stuff just happen to show up when the camera's are there, HAHAHAHA SUCKERS!

  23. Barbara Tatum

    I guess you can tell I'm a woman- we watch the show all the time and I have never once noticed a cleavage shot.

  24. Tiffany Listman

    I actually love Hardcore Pawn. I think it's hilarious. It's their store and they can talk to the people how they want. If the customers don't like it, go somewhere else. Plus, they aren't always rude to everybody. Only the ones who want to start stuff.

  25. James Ellis

    people do not go to pawns shops for good deals they go there for quick cash. it is greed that says I want my money now even if it means taking less.

  26. Bradley Dollahite

    really, you would rather watch that piece of shit show compared to Pawn Stars. I could take a crap on the toilet and that would be better entertainment then the jersey shore crap. But hey what ever floats your boat. Im just glad i know how to work a remote controller and never turn that crap on.

  27. Paul Ray

    John Iacono, what exactly does your comment have to do with this article? This is about Pawn Stars, not international affairs and politics! Did you forget which article you were reading?

  28. Patrick Mignogna

    It's not a reality show. The shop is not open during filming. They select who they want to come into pawn or sell. The people in the background are extras that are selected from the crowd outside.

  29. MaryJo DarceyBeaudoin

    I just hate it that they all have dirty fingernails…come on! They have to have a manicurist somewhere on the set! GET RID OF THOSE DIRTY FINGERNAILS GUYS! UGH!

  30. Randal Phillips

    Nah. I can't believe that Rick and Big Hoss would try to cheap trick someone; I mean, other than everyone who comes in their shop.

  31. Sarah Tams

    Hey Christopher Gass let me tell you a secret……….THE NEWS IS THE BIGGEST RIGGED "REALITY" SHOW OF ALL TIME!! They don't tell you the truth! They tell you what they were paid to tell to sway people's opinions one way or another. Do you honestly think they are impartially relating the facts? Yeah right!

  32. Vicki Jean Cole

    And the reason it's not open during filiming is that there are confidentiality laws relating to people pawning items. Even if there was just someone in the background who was pawning an item, the store would get in trouble. In all the time I've watched the show, I've only ONCE seen them show a person pawning an item- and I'm sure they had to get his permission before they could show the transaction on the air.

  33. Thomas Walker

    You are a dumb ass. I am all but certain if it was in his contract, they would have sued him instead of firing him. He has the right to sue.

  34. Josh Joseph Gubbini

    Ever notice how the guys are much easier on women? A woman can go into that shop and ask for top dollar and get it! A man can go in there and he will be lucky to get 30% of his initial asking price!

  35. Christopher Gass

    local news? yes. i didn't say anything about the 24 hour cable zeitgeist of opinion whoring networks like fox news and msnbc.

  36. Christopher Gass

    Christopher Hester it's not the job of a local news broadcaster to give his or her take on an event. they simply report it. if they want opinion, they bring on a guest. is everybody really that jaded from watching network cable news? do you not even turn to local news to see what is happening in your area? quit acting so jaded people.

  37. Anonymous

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  38. Marc Seligman

    At least some of the items are 100% set up. Mary Ford guitar deal was BS. I have to believe some of the other stuff is the same.

  39. Marc Seligman

    What are you talking about Vicki? They've showed a few pawns on the show. Rick goes into his explanation of what pawning is. Everyone who's on the show signs a release. Pawns aside though, there have been more than a few transactions on that show proven to be set ups.

  40. Marc Seligman

    The show is rigged, but yes if the people are waiting for experts, they don't leave the items there.

  41. Marc Seligman

    Jason, there have been more than a few transactions on that show that were set ups.

  42. Robert L Macchia

    I enjoy Pawn Stars, it is also a very educational show. Just listen to the comments made by the owners and their advisors, very enlightening.

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