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SF Nudity Ban: San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Public Nudity Law

sf nudity

San Francisco may soon ban public nudity.

Supervisor Scott Wiener recently introduced an ordinance that would prohibit public nudity in San Francisco. NBC reports that the state of California does not have any laws against people being naked in public. The state does have “lewd” public behavior laws but its up to individual cities to enforce nudity bans.

The Huffington Post reports that Wiener decided to introduce the legislation because of the rampant nudity in the Castro District.

Wiener said in a statement:

“While most people in San Francisco, myself included, have no problem with occasional public nudity, we’ve seen a shift in public attitude because of the over-the-top situation at Jane Warner Plaza and elsewhere in the Castro … Until recently, public nudity in our city was mostly limited to various street festivals and beaches as well as the occasional naked person wandering the streets. What’s happening now is different. Jane Warner Plaza is the only usable public space in the Castro and serves as the neighborhood’s town square. Use of this small but important space as a near-daily nudist colony, while fun for the nudists, is anything but for the neighborhood as a whole.”

The Huffington Post notes that Wiener’s ordinance would not affect festivals, nude beaches, or parades. People will also still be allowed to be nude outside if they are on private property.

If the SF nudity ban becomes a law nudists could see fines for walking around the city without clothes on. A first offense would cost $100 while a third offense would see a $500 fine.

What do you think about the proposed SF nudity ban?

Nudists in San Fransisco have started a petition on The petition reads:

“The general acceptance of public nudity is one of those cool only-in-San-Francisco things and we want to encourage the City Leaders and Elected Officials to resist giving in to a few anti-nudists who would like to impose a total citywide ban … That’s totally un-San Franciscan!”

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356 Responses to “SF Nudity Ban: San Francisco Supervisor Proposes Public Nudity Law”

  1. Anonymous

    Why are people allowed to be nude at all? Looks pretty gross to me…

    Guess that's SF for you. The entire city's population are out of their minds…

  2. Ray Workman

    As a native San Franciscoian, seeing nudity on the stage as part of a play doesn't bother me. Producers of shows, always warn would-be audiences, that frontal nudity is part of the show. I am all for nude beaches, as long as visitors are warned that nudity is permitted. However, where nudity in the Castro, involves innocent families, tourist and children, where there are no signs that announce nudity, then I think it needs to be banned. There are beaches that allow it. Go there! Not where the streetcar is loading with tourist or children!

  3. Anonymous

    Don't get caught with your bared buttocks showing in this sick pathetic city, but if you want to off an unborn child or marry your queer lover, knock yourself out.

  4. Mark Pope

    "Jane Warner Plaza is the only usable public space in the Castro"? what planet is Weiner living on? I that were true, Weiner should propose to convert the two public parking lots in the Castro to public parks and reduce traffic. Supervisor Olague has already come out publicly against this ban on nudity in San Francisco. Supervisor Weiner's ill conceived law would make many 100s of films such as An American Werewolf in London illegal to film here, hurting our struggling film industry. As a filmmaker, I ask you to please sign the petition against this law and tell Supervisor Weiner on his Facebook page you oppose a ban on nudity.

  5. Keston Huntington

    Why has't this happened a long time ago? When I first moved to the Bay Area, I took my kids to Bay to Breakers one year and was horrified when some of the worlds most hideoues dog looking like ding dongs came flapping up behind us, and that was only the beginning. I soon realized that all SF events are an excuse for middle aged men to pull out their wieners. Its hard to tell if they are weirdo pedophiles who are takijng advantage and enjoying exposing themselves. Unfortunately the majority (to me) seem to be middle aged men. Really? Yuck! You do not even see that in Vegas! I agree that if events are private and the audiences are WARNED that its an adult event then by all means – take all your clothes off, but events where children and families might be innocently walking by – its disgusting.

  6. Anonymous

    Why are so many people hung up on the nude human body? All of us are the same more or less -only different parts. There are to many uptight people in this country. I'm glad we taught our children not to think anything about nudity. They think nothing of it. If the site of a body wasn't taboo, it wouldn't bother anyone.

  7. George Walter Laird III

    get over it you are born that way .they are not having sex.just prefer not to be forced to wear clothes should be a freedom not a ban it is natural.

  8. John Jackson

    Guys trolling for a hook-up. We should put a fence around SF and let it be its own country. Pelosi can be president.

  9. Macklin Crux

    My God, Aren't there more important things to worry about. Scott Weeny has too much time on his hands. Furthermore, If Jane Warner Plaza is the place where all this is happening… If you don't like, don't go there.

  10. Roger Griggs

    this, the state that teaches 'gay history' to school kids. approves transgender assignment for whoever has the money. call a homosexual a name they don't like, go to jail. and they have issues with the human body. I am so not surprised by anything this state does or does not do.

  11. Gerald Cherney

    Let's see. The Gov wants to ban Burkas. They want to ban naked. Pretty soon we will all be dressing like Mr. Hitler I mean Weiner.

  12. Symon Douglas

    I have to say I never knew about it but I have realy no problems feck that could be a way to get pepole out there and spend money if they get the word out.

  13. Dan White

    I believe the Castro district is infested with homosexuals, so this fact sheds some light on what is really going on there.

  14. Nick Ho

    the fact that you have to tell these idiots to put on clothes in public should really be a sign of much deeper issues. as a psychiatrist, exhibitionism usually goes hand in hand with narcissism or borderline personality disorder… or straight madness. imagine the bodily juices from the ass or the vagina staining the chair they just sat in.

  15. Rosita Smith

    Hey, you really just want to make porn and you know it. I, however do not have a problem with nudity as long as it's not in front of childeren or sexually explicit. (Which means having sex in front of me or children.) You can have the sex after the children and I have cleared the area.

  16. Harley Benjamin Serafini

    Think of children, they should not be exposed to something so dramatic as nudity. Even the Jesus Christ said not to make any child stumble morally, and that we would be judged by God Himself, and yes Jesus is God. This public nudity should have never even started.

  17. Bill Williams

    As a native SF and left years ago I say keep this cheeit up and people like Obama will still be president.

  18. Randy Thompson

    it's illegal everywhere else , screwed up government and political agendas. show some sexy women nude that are not gay and I'll join the party.

  19. Anonymous

    Good lord! Is his last name actually Weiner? What a dick head!

  20. Mark Anthony

    When all else fails, say you want to protect the children. That will always make the most stupid idea, the most popular idea. (How could you NOT know there would be nudity at an event like Breakers, in San Fran?)

  21. Mark A. Raborn

    I keep hoping the 'big one' hits and knocks that hell-hole off the continent. America would be a better place without that fag-haven clinging to its shores.

  22. Anonymous

    Well, I can't account for their motivations – I happen to like clothing.
    But first, nudity isn't "adult" if it isn't sexual.
    Second, if it isn't sexual, we shouldn't care if children or families see it.
    Third, something being disgusting isn't a good reason to ban it – I'm really grossed out by bad acne but it would offensive for me to try to pass a law making those people cover it up.
    If it's really a nuisance, then they should just ban it in that one central square.

  23. Anonymous

    I'm not sure why tourists and children shouldn't be allowed to see naked people. I doubt they'd think twice about it if it weren't for adult insecurities rubbing off on them. Personally, I agree that it's nice to have areas where there isn't nudity – because it's uncomfortable for people like myself who have grown up to value a little modesty – but I don't pretend that it's anything more than my cultural upbringing that makes it uncomfortable.

  24. Chris Halvorsen

    As a native Californian, and someone with some common Sense, I just have to say the ban is a stupid ass Idea. San Francisco is the Amsterdam of the USA. It's where one goes and see's alot of different people, and you're able to do what ever you want that's within legal bounds. I've seen a few nudeists when I visited San Francisco for the first time, even had a chat with one. I'll admit it felt a little awkward sitting with an older nude guy, but nothing bad happened. He didn't try to come on to me or get me to do something I didn't want to do. As far as I'm concirned, just let them be.

  25. Don Will

    These freaks have taken a beautiful city and made it a joke. What the hell is wrong with these people? You people that support this are sick. I thought alll you nuit job naked libs were suppose to be "green"? You're all worthless pieces of trash. This is your contribution to mankind? Why don't you all just die please.

  26. Elie Eun Pak

    I love SF because people are so creative and open minded. I have hard time convincing my kids nudity isn't anything bad.. we are born naked and will die naked. Who created cloths? we are the only species that wears clothes and covers our face up with Burka. Is this really what god intended? why are we sexualizing nudity? it's natural and beautiful! tribes in amazon are not going to stop and jack xxx because he saw a naked body.. come on!

  27. Sherman Martin

    I see nothing wrong with people wanting to be nude as long as they are clean lol. If they have no laws stating that it isn't allowed than they should just post up some signs saying so. Visitors should be informed that is is legal and they may see nudist. Just cause you are insecure doesn't mean it shouldn't be allowed. That is a big problem in todays world. People are taught to believe things are disgusting or wierd because it isn't mainstream.

  28. Don Will

    You, friend, are a total whack job. This great American ciity is being held hostage by a group of people that have other redeeming qualities. I used to live there, when it wasn't overrun by nut jobs. There shouldn't be ANY public nudity. If you have kids, I'm calling child protective services. You're sick. You deserve that once great city. I hope you contract disentary where some old, crab infested naked queen sat on a park bench.

  29. James August

    If you don't like it, don't go there. That is what I'm doing, not going there. San Fran use to be a tourist town. Less and Less tourist going, less and less money to fund their life style.

  30. Anonymous

    Am I the only one who is amused that the Wiener ordnance would ban wieners in public?

  31. Anonymous

    I don't live there, so my opinion doesn't really count. The locals should get the local laws they want… But if it were my city, I would like there to be some neighborhoods where I go, knowing I didn't have to look at nudity if I didn't want to. Not the whole city, just neighborhoods, like when restaurants used to have smoking and non-smoking sections. That doesn't seem like too much to ask.

  32. Hannah Cohen

    Obviously you have never been to Russia. Girls strop in bars, wear see through shirts to work, and walk in stores naked to do shopping. I saw a drunken nude lady stumble into a grocery and search her naked hips where she should have had pockets for non existent money. The ladies working the register just wanted her to get out of the way so they could ring up others. Russia is like a XXX Wild West on heroin.

  33. Pat Tirrill

    … wouldn't mind public nudity if only there were something nice to look at instead of a buncha ugly middle-aged men…

  34. Chris Hoff

    Nudity is great if you are under 20. Not nearly so great at 50 as evidenced by the guy in the picture. I don't let my grandkids see me walk around naked and I sure would not want to subject them to seeing others doing such a thing in public.

  35. Louis Bussolati Jr

    consider the location , San Francisco…. So what's new? they say is a mater of different cultural upbiringing. I say, running around nekked in public shows a lack of cultural upbringing, and disrespect for others. But wht dcan you expect form people who support nancy pelosi hmmmm?

  36. Bob Brothers

    Just a bunch of wack jobs who get off doing something that is typically "illegal" If they can buck the system they will. If it was legal they wouldn't give two shits about it. They would find something else to protest about… Where's the Island?

  37. Eric Mathis

    Judi your spelling is disgusting. Anyways you want to clean something up? How about you clean up parts of the Tenderloin? So when I walk down the street with my kid, we don't have to see some homeless guy drinking himself into a stupor. Then when we walk back by four hours later we don't see a stream of piss from his pants to the gutter because he is to drunk to move. How about cleaning up all the people who sleep in the doorways. Public nudity, as long as it is kept to the Castro who cares. If that is they way they want to live their life then fine, just don't try and impose their beliefs on me. People are more concerned with their kids seeing nudity than they are with their kid seeing violence. Then people wonder why the children of today are so violent.

  38. Lawrence Beal

    How in the world did it ever become legal in the first place! I would not want my children or grandchildren to witness this. Reason to stay our of SF, so sad for such a beautiful city.

  39. Anonymous

    If God wanted us to be naked we would have been born that way…………………………….. Never mind!

  40. Britton Cope

    LOL, just had to reply. Are you seriously threatening legal action over a remark on the internet? Haven't been here long, have you? So first of all, you are an idiot. Second of all, she has a fair point, even if it's mostly hyperbolic. The point is, not allowing public nudity does NOT stop you from making quality films in your city. At all. To say such a thing is the height of ignorance. An enjoyable film does not NEED public nudity. In fact, in most films that have nudity in them it does nothing to actually enhance the scene or the dialogue. Rather it's either there for shock factor or as something that could easily be taken out and not make a major difference in the scene. If you seriously think nudity is what makes the movie/scene then you really are not much of a great filmmaker at all.

  41. Britton Cope

    Why are you bringing religion into this? I happen to agree with banning it and I'm an atheist. I think people should be allowed to decide for themselves how to handle teaching their children about nudity and sexuality and not have it forced on them in public places where there is no reason to expect it.

  42. Michael Hickey

    If hot chicks walk around naked, no problem, but it seems the people who walk around naked……really shouldn't be walking around naked.

  43. Britton Cope

    Yeah, because a baby being born with no choice of being naked surrounded only by people who are either there for their job and thus know the circumstances or family and friends who understand the situation is the same as someone wanting to take their children to a public place with no expectation or warning of nudity and being forced to stomach the image of ten wrinkled 70-year-old penises…Use your brain.

  44. Anonymous

    Stinking reprobates deserve castration as they are nothing but scum.

  45. Anonymous

    Most places in the United States have laws against publid nudity. Why should California or San Francisco be any different?

  46. Loki Darksong

    I didn't know that there even was a law allowing public nudity in the first place. Hell, leave it alone and work on things that are actually a problem.

  47. Anonymous

    its about TIME. why is it the only ones naked are the ones that SHOULD wear clothes? U_G_L_Y……ITs really stupid and gross, and totally self indulgent….Good fro Mr Wiener….

  48. Britton Cope

    Wait, so you are allowed to force people to stomach nudity but these people aren't allowed to force people not be nude in public? So you're a hypocrite.

  49. Mark A. Raborn

    George Walter Laird III — you know why we have laws against nudity? One reason is because being nude in public is less civilized–kind of like apes. Apes don't mind sniffing around other apes' butts, but humans are (supposedly) more refined beings. That is, most people are. Another reason: how can one trust someone who enjoys being around other naked people, particularly of the same sex? To say that 'it's natural' is like saying "I crapped in your oatmeal, it's natural, so it's Ok." Their judgement is weak, so their opinions, prejudices and elaborations are considered with a weak, tainted mind that thinks it's ok to be nude in public even if the rest of the world doesn't want to be around nude people in public.

  50. William Snodgrass

    You must NOT be Christian since we Christians know bodies were designed by God. So they aren't immoral. Of couse you might believe God is immoral…so that is your issue and you need to take it up with God. Nudity is natural. I really don't like it in such situations as described….but not an issue on the beach or festivals. Day to day….in the city….just igonore it. Stop educating children about hating their bodies.

  51. Mark A. Raborn

    It's not "uptight," it's called civilized. You and your ilk are too busy trying to return your species to the 'ape' mentality….and you're succeeding.

  52. Anonymous

    Put your clothes on. Why do people have to look at your ugly body? If you want to go naked , do it at home. Don't gros s people out, that's just disgusting!

  53. James E Blunt

    hey the only reason I believe they are doing this they need money this thing has been going on for years now they want to pass a law against it we are wearing cloths becaus of sin committed by ADAM back in the beginng in the GARDEN of EDEN.

  54. Sonny Cabrales

    The Wiener from New York has a Wiener twin in the Bay Area?

  55. DeWitt Randy

    Nudity never should have been allowed in the public arena. Not only is it gross, insensitive, and disrespectful. Its unsanitary. Naked people setting the butts on public seats and benches where people might place their hands and children often lay their heads is a very serious public health risk. Plus do we really want to encourage perverts and sexual predators?

  56. Anonymous

    Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. —Jude 1:7

  57. John P E Curtin

    Instead of San Francisco caving in to the prurience infected, pornography infected dangerous and morbidly unhealthy unreality that infects most of the rest of America in issues related to this issue it should be the rest of America that realizes it can learn something from San Francisco. Reading this made me like San Francisco a little bit. Usually San Francisco has been for a long time one of the cities on my strong dislike list mainly because of the morbidly unhealthy 'liberal' attitudes that dominate there. But now I understand that San Francisco accepts strongly the very conservative practice of not condemning people for having bodies. After all having a body is a very conservative attribute of Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

  58. Anonymous

    I live in the Castro and have for the past 12 years of my life. I have no issues with nudity on beaches where it is clearly posted, but these guys are just sensationalists. They are trying to impose their view on the views of others and that is not how social change occurs. These guys need to go. Look at the sewer hole Castro street has become for Merchants with rampant retail turnover, declining tax revenue and people leaving the neighborhood. Restore the neighborhood for all people…not just the disenfranchised old queers who feel they are "making a statement." Go home girls…the party is about to be over. From one queer to another…your time has come.

  59. Anonymous

    Harley you are an idiot! Only in America is there an issue with nudity. Children wouldnt think any thing of some one nude if not for ass holes like you putting bad thoughts in there minds. Think about it. Oh do not quote the Bible you suck at it.

  60. Anonymous

    God forbid children should see a man or woman's pee-pee! —Oh, you idiots, GROW UP!

  61. Yasir Ilyas

    No problems with nudity here. I must add one thing, I wonder would this person have any problem if there were more nude females than nude males! :)

  62. Scamuel Jones

    Is Scott Wiener related to Anthony Wiener? Perhaps he could follow Anthony's example instead and put photos of his wiener on telephone photos and send them to the ladies instead of banning nudity in public! He could also consult withBrett Favre about photo techniques since Favre has much experinece in this area! LMAO!

  63. Anonymous

    Kelly, shut it!! Judging by that retarded response you gave, it's obvious you know little to jack shit about California or its people, especially SF!! And as far as your "morals" are concerned, not everyone's morals are exactly like yours, so get over yourself.

  64. Denise Arruda

    William Snodgrass Shut the phuck up!!!! Oh and dont forget woman,native american indians you all ripped from from our souls you phucking a—–holes.

  65. Denise Arruda

    It is called being DECENT!!!!!!!Especially when kids are around,no one wants to see 2 naked men with their asses up in the air invitin other men in public!!! Yeah its a free country but man come on at the beach at Fort Funston!!! Arggghhhhhh

  66. Daniel Ruxin

    If we were meant to wear clothes we would have been born wearing them.

  67. Denise Arruda

    Eric mathis why dont you go run for office and do something!!Why dont you go clean up the Tendorloin.Why dont you DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!ASSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!Better to hide right

  68. Denise Arruda

    Because females dont walk around naked at Fort Funston,only have seen male men in the last 10 years doing that.Woman have more vagina than that!!!!

  69. Denise Arruda

    Mark go suck a roll of 35m!!!And you look like an idiot in your pic!!!

  70. Jeremy Deeken

    FOOL: One who goes to a nudist camp or area of nudist congregation with an anticipation of sexual arousal.

  71. Anonymous

    Any adult with self respect would not expose their genitals in front of children. In most states that is considered a crime!

  72. Harry Shapiro

    I am not a believer in bible prophecies, etc. but on the off chance there comes such an event as an Apocalypse, I sure do hope ground zero is The City By The Bay.

  73. Anonymous

    SF is sooo perverted. let the gays and liberals have that stupid city. they need a gay only down to help get all the riff-raff off the streets of good towns.

  74. Anonymous

    I am all for attractive people being nude, but all others should be banned…

  75. Edi Martinović

    People who want to keep their children or themselves away from nudity shouldn't move to a place where nudity is accepted. I don't like murder, so I won't move to a place where it's common. I don't like fish, so I don't live in a place where it's unavoidable. This is a very simple concept! But that seems to be one of very few areas where nudity is acceptable and people becoming angry and demanding that everybody cover up are trying to change the people around them to suit their own tastes, which is actually quite horrible.

  76. Joe S Hill

    While nudity may be okay for those, who don't see any wrong doing here-it is still pretty disgusting, nor should.
    it ever be allowed! don't people have any shame anymore? you want to practice nudity, go to a nudist colony,
    or better yet, do that behind closed doors-but when you are naked in the public-it doesn't show much self respect,
    and the offender should be appropreitely fined-or jailed! so please peple, let's come to our senses, and behaive like.
    decent folks, and leave this foolishness where it belongs-in private!

  77. Mark Thompson

    hahaha @ the fact the guy wanting to ban it is called weiner …:P

  78. Keith Woodard

    what is the big deal with kids seeing nudity? i loved being nude as a kid, and had no concept of "modesty" until i was taught it. really, tho what is the big deal

  79. Stan Durinski

    Wiener is commenting on nudity lol…c'mon…I really do not care to see naked people walking around out in the open without first being warned. It's not right man…why? Because some people are God awful ugly naked. Take that stuff to private areas where it belongs man…seriously.

  80. Zing Om

    we create perversions in children when we cover up body parts(an itch to see underneath). Children SHOULD be exposed to nudity. Right now we are by default teaching them that there is something wrong and "lewd" with the natural human body. We need to evolve beyond this foolish immaturity!

  81. Melissa Spray

    I've honestly never really understood why we americans are so uptight about nudity. It's an ordinary human body, nothing to be ashamed of, or about. It's not a sexual object except in sexual situations. In any culture without a nudity taboo, you don't see people being ashamed of their bodies, nor do you see them walking around obviously aroused. It's ordinary, commonplace, not worth noting. The same in any place there nudity is common. It's only in our supposedly free country that the naked human form is so continuously sexualized and denigrated. Is a sense of shame about your own body really healthy? Is this shame really something you want to pass on to your children? Do you really want your little girl/boy to feel ashamed of their own body? Because that is what you are teaching them with this kind of law.

    Also, many of those commenting here seem to be hung up on the attractiveness of the people choosing to go about in the nude. To those who commented thusly, I have to ask…How can you be so shallow? If you REALLY find the nude human body so offensive, then comment on that, not on whether or not a person is "middle aged", "old", or unattractive. I suppose it just shows how youth biased our culture is that being "middle aged" is somehow a term of disgust.

  82. Zing Om

    you think there is something immoral about the natural human body? how blasphemous of u to pervert Gods creation!

  83. Zing Om

    are u serious? Children SHOULD BE exposed to nudity……its how God created them. There is nothing immoral or "lewd" about the human body. By calling it that you are blaspheming gods creation!

  84. Steven DuVall

    Shame on those of you who are judging! Don't go to SF or CA for that matter if you have a problem! Stop ramming your bible and your religion down our throats! Personal freedom = freedom of and FROM religion.

  85. Tina Wilson

    I have only one rule about nudity… everyone is allowed to be naked but me.

  86. James Groover

    Step further back into your prudish middle ages people, ban nudity and take a more reverent look at yourself. This constant ignorant banning and prolific squelching of humanity is as close to stupid as censorship can get. People are familiar with nudity, in some way we see it everyday. If it were made mundane and commonplace and was seen in television and daily life more, then I would assume it would be normalized. Then the only real problems you would have would be true perverts who as dysfunctionally abusing the laws.

  87. Lawrence Beal

    you raise your shildren your way, I will raiise my children mine. But since you brought it up, how many cities do you see people riun around nude down town? None. So i guess my way is the correct way.

  88. Leslieg Peck

    you know, I simply have no desire to see people walking around on the street naked. if I want to be visually assaulted by nudity, I know how to go about doing that. I shouldn't have to see it by just walking down the street.

  89. Denis Renaud

    Yes, total moral collapse. They have no modesty because they have no morals. Next they will be shitting in the street and claiming that it is natural. When you have no morals you have no perspective on how your behavior effects others… is also called narcissism.

  90. Kathy Hall Anderson

    Thank you Harley. I was in SF a few years ago visiting and did not run across people walking around nude. Thank God! I cannot imagine if I had a child with me. Why can't they stick to their nude beaches and stay away from tourist. Most of them are probably a bunch of perverts anyways. Who else walks around in the nude……I'm just sayin…..

  91. Barbara Ann

    I'm sorry.
    Don't try to justify the nudity.
    It's not polite and it's not sanitary….. and who wants to look at all your junk hanging out anyway?
    Cover it up!
    Adam ate the apple……. now you're stuck with the consequences!

  92. Charles Presley

    iam from cleveland ohio;now living in florida;but I see nothing wrong with going around nude in public; its sad to think that we as a people are so rapped up on wearing of clothing; I run around my place all the time naked;always have too;i think it should be legal to go nude if one chooses too.i mean today all u got to do is turn your tv's on or put a movies on and its there what's the big deal.its your big clothing stores and stuffed shirts that are forcing u to be free with your own selfs;its time we as a people stand up for our rights too.charles presley of tavares, fl.

  93. Cedric Martin

    Or don't understand their Bibles because Christ was cruicified or killed for those of you who don't knowwhat that means, naked to humiliate him as was the spitting on his face and the crown of thorns put on his head and then hit on so the thorns dug into his head as was the severe beating he endured with pieces of metal on the ends of the whip to tear the flesh off his back

  94. Anonymous

    The liberal capital of the world should just ban fu/dge pa/ckers.

  95. Anonymous

    You mean the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile could be banned? OH NO!

  96. Cedric Martin

    Read a medical description of what was done to christ. They Tell u he died of a broken heart after all The HUMILIATION and torture he re ieved he still loved mankind so much he died from a broken heart for each and everyone of us so he as the perfect sacrifice could pay the price required for our sins so we wouldn't have to!!

  97. Anonymous

    If God meant for us to naked we would have been born that way :)

  98. Hal Martin

    No Naked People Over 50! The sight of your wizzened, shriveled old carcasses flapping in the California wind is repellant to any right thinking person!

  99. Gloria White

    I wouldn't mind seeing a select few nude males. Hee hee heee

  100. Diana McNaughton Flores

    GOD , "HIMSELF" Clothed Adam and EVE in the Garden of EDen, no other people around. That SHOULD tell you something. Some things are "Private" and should remain that way.
    What you "Do" in the Privacy of your home is up to person. When it has to do with other people, it should be "banned"

  101. William Snodgrass

    Wasn't proselytizing (you brought up valid points angry bitter person (Denise). As a gay man who is nudist I have found that in the U.S. Culture that when people generally bring up "morals", like Kelly did in his original post, that they are Christians…..who have been killing my people for thousands of years along with what they have done to women and the Native Americans. Perhaps Kelly is a judgmental moral setting atheist? Y

  102. Sheryl Schrager

    Nudity is fine, but it is kinda sad that the cute tiny public plaza is effectively off limits for the rest of us. I wouldn't want to sit in a chair where a nude person has been sitting – there are some legit public health and sanitation concerns.

  103. Peggy WhoDat Pond

    I'm all for select nude beaches but see no reason why people with exhibisionist issues should be flopping their junk everywhere and it should be banned at restraunts coffee shops etc for practical purposes as no one should have to play match the pube that flies in your food or coffee to the persons body when trying to get them to pay for the meal they gave ruined.

  104. Paula Qualls Gurley

    I don't think walking down a public street nude is a constitutional right. Wearing clothes is required around the world. What about the people who live there and also those who earn their livelihood there? Let them decide. If nudity is allowed, post signs to inform people so that they can choose whether or not to expose their children and themselves to what them might find offensive.

  105. Cassy Cuellar

    Steven, I thought you believed in God and were religious.

  106. Ken Robinson

    Uhm ok let me get this straight … More people are doing something that is legal so one guy wants to outlaw what the majority is fine with.

  107. Laura Eiffert

    and one of perverts thing is to flash.. its gross.. keep that thing tucked away.. ewe no thanks.. and your so right.. not sanitary at all..

  108. Laura Eiffert

    I get what your saying .. however I dont teach my kids nudity is ok in public.. for example In my home I breast feed freely .. I still try to show a lil modesty for the sake of my 10yr old.. lol..

  109. Chester Crozier

    is his name pronounced weener or whiner – sounds like he is whining because he has a small weener.

  110. Chester Crozier

    is his name pronounced weener or whiner – sounds like he is whining because he has a small weener.

  111. Patty Malpass

    I am strictly a nudist @ home. I am not sure I would go out in public as such though. No, I am pretty sure I wouldn't want to see MOST naked bodies on the street. It does shock me that it is allowed in Sf but to each his own. Our society has become so focused on SEX that it has let go of the basics in life. I am comfortable in my birthday suit…but I think there are very few others who would be.

  112. Keiichi Suzuki

    I respectfully disagree Calvin. I think it is rude for people to expose themselves in public. San Francisco became a great, dynamic, socially forward, progressive, cultured, city, long before people thought it was ok sitting around naked. These people don't represent the tolerence, and fair mindedness, that I love about SF. They remind me of the selfish, extremism of the Midwest, but on the Liberal side. Too much is too much. There has to be a balance between what they are trying to express, and what the public doesn't find offensive.

  113. Keiichi Suzuki

    I totally agree about the plastic bag thing though. Total bullsshit. I don't mind requiring businesses to provide compostable or recycleable bags but I don't see why they need to "tax" the public.

  114. Codie Paul

    Being nude on your private property is one thing. Being nude in public is a whole other thing. I'm not a nudist so I don't think I agree with them. I mean I think it's ok to be nude in a place where no one can see, but only then. As much as, I have an appreciate for the female form, nudity is nudity and it shouldn't be out there for everyone to see.

  115. Angela Smith

    Wearing clothes is not required around the world. There are many places that it is legally acceptable to be nude in public. That doesn't mean I would walk around nude, but it is an interesting thought!! Lol.

  116. Peggy WhoDat Pond

    LOL didn't know this was gonna appear on my page but oh well and I am far from a prude but really no one wants ti turn a corner and run in to that unexpectedly.

  117. Codie Paul

    And I'm sure people complain about nude females, as well as nude males. Probably not as much, though. Most males if not all males might like seeing a nude female outside or in public but it shouldn't be. But I'm sure most females, probably not, as many as males, enjoy seeing a nude male in the same situation. But I think nudity was meant to be private and should stay that way.

  118. Peggy WhoDat Pond

    Also isn't it ironic that the man wears shoes sock and hat but no pants ughhh who wants to walk around with lysol cleansing wipes I mean germs are bad enough when one is clothed, hence my cold which I am keeping confined to my domain and not exposing to others.

  119. Patty Mendoza

    Another law? For that? Why the people tha spends time and money doing these laws. Start really working for the comunity. I dont think it is necessary

  120. Paula Qualls Gurley

    There are places where nudity is allowed and places where it is not. Asking people to wear clothes is not just a "prudish American custom".

  121. Paula Qualls Gurley

    Susan Lunn Unfortunately, common sense is not all that common………look around!

  122. Debi Mardis

    There is something wrong with a person that thinks they have to walk around with their body parts exposed. They have no other way to get noticed, so they bare all just to shock. On top of that, it is very ugly looking and If I looked like that, I would want to cover up!

  123. Pamela Bunting Lewis

    When my own daughter was believed missing when we had not heard from her in 37 days, the San Francisco police went to her home to see if she was okay. In not finding her in three tries, I was told to come out and file a missing person report! My worst of fears and nightmares! The Delaware Mobile Crisis Unit came to my front door offering support, and out I flew. Panic, upset, fear of tagging her toe in a morgue somewhere. The worst fear of my life.

    When I got to the Airport, she answered her phone. I was relieved beyond belief, and also upset as to why we had not heard anything. She moved from the east coast to San Francisco against my wishes and better judgement. And she took up with a man who was most disrespectful to put is mildly. Alcohol became an issue.

    What followed was just as bad! A restraining order for Mother's Day and then the judge ruled FIVE years! She was "taking my worry away for FIVE YEARS!" I was worried over my daughter. All I could think of was Natalie Holloway and the long search to her, what her family believes is her death, and the continued crimes of Vandersloot the killer!

    So, just more of San Francisco to me. Such a beautiful city on the surface but the underbelly of the devil underneath! My parents went to San Francisco for the wedding trip. Loved it and never returned. They knew it would always be a one time special event for them and they wanted to keep it that way. As I recall, my parents went to an artistic restaruant where a woman was sitting to be painted. My Dad was an artist. My Mother was not so sure about that. She had just gotten married to him. Late 60's. A second marriage for her and a first for my Dad. Gran and Papa. Both sick and dying in Delaware missing their grandaughter. I needed her help and so much evil has occured since. SO much!

    So, nudes walking about, sitting in cafes, in theater productions and in sittings at artistic restaurants are the norm for San Francisco. Glad that I did not encounter this too on my trips out there to see my only child. Things grew worse. Attitudes, anti-parent, anti-country, anti-life. What is is with San Francisco? Guess if we must have nudity walking about that is the place for it. Just like all gambling should have stayed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    There is artistic beauty in nudity if handled property and in a professional manner. Theater, fine, just stay the heck on that stage and away from me. I might catch something. And the banners were flying out there last I came to visit, AIDS IS AN EPIDEMIC! That is what the banners flying on Market Street said. So, nudity, is it safe? Can anyone catch anything? Is it really necessary" And who are they who need to expose themselves, and why? Sounds like illness to me and like pornography. I am Christian.

    Next WORLD PEACE DAY is December 21, 2012 when we light up OUR world for world peace. Would love for the nudists to join the peace movement. Something else to do. A better project for your minds and bodies. Peace! Pam. October 6th, 2012 Pamela Bunting Lewis.

  124. James Wendell Chenault

    Typical California remarks…. Just went there for the first time a month ago. Loved the state, very pretty, people were very nice BUT I am thankful that I didn't see anything like that, young, old or whatever.

  125. Terry King

    A civilized society can still allow its citizens freedom. In America we're so ashamed of nudity in public but are so sexually depraved in private. It's interesting how with all of our laws here in America, we have more heinous sex crimes than any other industrialized nation. @IMTerrenceKing

  126. Tom Gene Stark

    I look at this way.. We weren't born with clothing on.. If Someone wants to walk around nude they should be able too. If god wanted us to have clothing on when we are born then we would have it on. We don't so leave people alone that want to be in the buff. Come on people when are you going to stand up to the governments and tell them to BUTT THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES..

  127. David McCullough

    I personally would not walk around in my birthday suit because I have some consideration and compassion for the rest of mankind, that they would be spared the trauma of seeing me butt-naked! Other than that, I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. We all came into this world this way. If people that are wrapped tighter than an Amish girl dressing for her first date don't want to see it, then they aren't required to be around it….just don't go to SF.

  128. Melinda Rolfe

    I would definitely find that disgusting! Apparently these guys have no idea that they would look much better in clothes. Thank goodness that kind of thing does not happen here!

  129. Anonymous

    If it is rampant it would seem the citizens do not mind, so why infringe on what is socially accepted in that area? It seems like one of those laws to just mess with people, and make the politician seem like he is doing something.

  130. Christine Davis

    If you don't like the grumpy old men running around naked, then just don't look at them. Maybe a sign should be posted. What is wrong with a kid seeing the natural body? If our youth can accept their bodies and love themselves for what they are, maybe we wouldn't have so many bad cases of anorexia/Depression generated by insecurities. Why do we wear clothing? Simple, we wear clothes as a sign of social status, mood, "individuality", and as a means to hide our vulnerabilities and flaws. From both perspectives, it is understandable as to why one would clothe themselves vs public nudity. I just think it is wrong to ban something as individual as nudity just because it turned some heads.

  131. Lisa Burr

    i didn't realize SF could do this! lol even sexy people need a little bit of clothing.

  132. Shanna Lea

    I remember being naked in public was ok for parades and street faires. It's great to be able to have this freedom of expression. There is nothing wrong with being naked and some feel comfortable to do it all the time in the Castro. However there are some who ate peeving and take it to far to have a 'hey check out my dong' motive. If its to pick up other men or to try amd shock doesn't matter as long as their not playing with their junk too in public. Perhaps have certain naked zones as they do on the beaches so one is forewarned that nakedness could occur.

  133. Anonymous

    Public nudity in San Francisco or anywhere else should be banned and punishable. Could be a good source of revenue for the city through fines. Who wants to see naked men and women? Only perverts and homos (gays, homosexuals, queers). Yeah, I know it's mainly in the Castro district, but think of the children who live there instead of yourselves for a change. Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!

  134. Anonymous

    I figure if you look good nude or at least you think you do, more power to you! We are all wired the same basically, and of course some will look better than others but to each his/her own! The U.S. is one of the only countries shy of the human body though.

  135. Renee Rose

    This is mostly happening in the Castro (a mostly gay male neighborhood). I don't hang out there. I'm all for freedom to be topless, but it seems very unhygienic to run around without your drawers on.

  136. David Meyers

    What does Jesus' crucifixion have to do with this issue? If Jesus died naked on the cross, it wasn't because he had taken his garments off first (unlike those perverts inn SF)–no, they were stripped from him. Clothing is synonymous with being in a civilized society. We are human beings and wearing clothes is what separates us from the apes and others in the animal kingdom.

  137. David Meyers

    And why is it that the majority of the pictures of this sort of thing are those of hippy-dippy types whose wrinkly old bodies would be better off covered up? Very ugly, gross.

  138. David Turcotte

    A kid could have allot of fun with a BB gun in that city. Yea go ahead and give a thumb down…like I really give a chit.

  139. David Meyers

    Hal Martin — No, I think you were right the first time; 50 is bad enough, 60 is just too hideous for words.

  140. Alan Rogers

    Agreed. I like having that freedom available, too. It's one of the things that makes SF truly unique. I think you are spot on, Shanna, that some seem to be using the opportunity with ulterior motives and that needs to be stamped out but I don't want to see them prohibit the option of public nudity across the board. The news reports about this included interviews with people who said they were fine with the nudity until the dozen or so that frequented a downtown plaza started wearing "unusual body jewelry" and it got to be a bit much. Your suggestion of certain areas where it is accepted strikes me as a good compromise. I can see how people driving down Market or tourist families just trying to enjoy Fisherman's Wharf might not expect or appreciate seeing a naked guy sitting there.

  141. Mike Flores

    I was in New Zealand on business a few weeks back and was very surprised by two rugby teams playing a game of rugby TOTALLY nude. But what surprised me the most were the people who came down to this local park to watch this game of naked rugby. Moms, dads, grandmothers & fathers, and they all brought their children to see this naked game. Children from all age groups and both genders were having a fun time watching the naked men playing rugby, and everyone of them having a great time and even having their pictures taken with the naked rugby players.
    Some parents had the naked men holding their kids while they took their photos together.

    I showed the photos I took of this naked rugby game to my wife, friends & co-workers and there was a universal response from all of them, which was:…."You would never see this anywhere in puritanical America!"

  142. David Meyers

    Clothing is synonymous with civilization. We were obviously meant to walk on foot; it is the natural thing to do, but we have gone beyond that. Unlike animals, we humans devised ways of getting from point A to point B, by boat, cars and planes. Being naked is natural, but being so in public does not go so well in a civilized society.

  143. Larry Sorey

    I love how all these 'know it alls' want to tell other people how to live.If you don't want to see it then stay away.Keep your children out of sight.It's none of your darn business.Do you not have any other things to do except put your two bits in on something that doesn't concern you.Just because you live here in this great country doesn't give you the right to put your values on others.If you don't like it, then move.It's that simple.How would you like other people telling you how to live and what to wear or not to wear or how to raise your kids.I don't think you would like that any more than the people that your complaining about.

  144. Anonymous

    While they're at it, they should start banning dogs from the Castro because it is nearly impossible to walk up 18th Street without coming upon pile after pile of dog poo. The nudity might not matter so much but you can't look up since you're having to watch where each step to avoid said poo and come face or eyes to someone's genitalia. I, for the most part, have no idea what most of these people look like except for sagging skin, pot bellies and very droopy testicles. It would help if people in that neighborhood would start cleaning up after their dogs and we could walk past someone and be able to look in his/her face because we're looking up and not down.

    But really, let's face it (pun intended) this is truly all about exhibitionism because, as we clearly know, the weather is much too cold to run around with out a coat. I mean, where are their mothers!

  145. Jeff Johnson

    NO it is disgusting and wrong. Ever been to a nude beach? The beautiful women ARE NOT there! Its the disgusting perverts and old flabby men. I cannot think of one reason for this. I do NOT want to see disgusting old men and fat flabby women running around naked. but hey, they can't conceal a weapon! Idiotic state, no guns but nude perverted drug users are OK. Ever wonder why there are so many more killings and murders and crazies running around shooting people-here it is!

  146. Anonymous

    I say keep it the way it is. We should not be ashamed to not wear clothes. Most of us have been brought up to think, aka (brainwashed) into thinking it is wrong but in reality nudity is natural. We should have a choice on whether or not we want to wear clothing without getting "punished" for it.

  147. Jeremy Minton

    WOW! I had no idea public nudity was legal anywhere in the US.

  148. Brandon Gurley

    Yeah… Clothing is commonplace…. But how does that make it mandatory? Yes, it makes sense to wear clothes. Especially in winter. But by telling someone they HAVE to do something, like wear clothes, impedes on their freedom. You don't wanna see it? Fine. Don't look. Don't want your kids to see? Teach them not to look. It's not anyone else's responsibility to affect your kids. Don't get me wrong… It has a lot of implications… If a dude helicopters his tally whacker in front of my daughter, I'd consider that an assault on my daughter and I'd kick his ass, but just walking down the street? That's not sexual so I really don't care.

  149. Karl Beranek

    as far as i, m concened what people do is their own business and now it seems that they want to take more of our 1st amendments rights away as long as the nudity is tastfully done there should be no problem with it.

  150. Gary Ramsey

    nudity is not natural…what IS natural is the instincts to cover your body to protect it from the element sand unwanted obvservation and who wants to sit in the chair after you have had your nasty bare ass there? The perfect way to spread disease.

  151. Ted Seitz

    Good luck on enforcement. The "nude" man in the picture is wearing clothes: a hat, 2 socks, 2 shoes, and a bracelet.

  152. Anonymous

    Sorry but most of these people who are living in San Fran are not Christians or anything close to moral. Many of them are not even natives (meaning the original families from Victorian Age days). They are nothing but pagans, barbarians, communists/atheists, and heathens who would gladly sacrifice Christians and civilized people (including virgins and children/babies) over their bon-fire alters!

  153. Ado Christian

    When in public a certain amount of decorum is expected from all. If someone has the obsessive compulsion to run around butt naked, their activity ought be confined to areas set aside for that type of perverse public behavior.

  154. Ted Seitz

    Reading through the comments, I thought it would be a public service to remind everybody: these posts are NOT anonymous. Your name is published. You might want to watch the language and rudeness. Supposing your kid, your best friend, your boss, your employee, or your mother reads the garbage you write?

  155. Stephen V. Hermann

    I think it should remain legal to be nude in public, but not in restaurants.

  156. Mike Duffy

    Just too funny. Can't believe this is so common in SF. I guess the cops will have to give skip other crimes to pay attention this. "Book him Danno!"

  157. Anonymous

    I can't help but notice it's never some hottie 20 something but always some old scruffy nasty guy whose days of getting attention with his clothes on are probably long passed him. No one in their right mind walks nude in to a public area where nudity is not the norm unless they want to make a statement or be noticed. I went to Wilbur Hot Springs once and after hours of feeling uncomfortable in my shorts (everyone was nude), I took all my clothes off. That was the norm there so I actually felt comfortable. Having set that, I am more concerned about the fact that allowing this simply isn't hygienic. If there are no ordinances governing said nudity, then there are no rules what so ever. I shouldn't have to carry a can of lysol, latex gloves, and a nasty rag just because I want to sit down in public. And my partner and I don't want to have to explain the creepy old naked guy to our way to smart for her age 3 year old….

  158. Anonymous

    There is an old saying that goes "your freedom ends where someone else's nose begins". This is not a question about the nature of the human body or whether it is gross or not or natural or not to be unclothed in a public place. That question is irrelevant. This is also not a question about what the tribes in Africa do. The tribes in Africa also engage in female genital mutilation and attempt to rid themselves of AIDS by sleeping with virgins (some, not all, obviously), so if that's our standard then we have larger problems. The question is, are you offending another person by your behavior? Does it interfere with their individual rights to not have a CHOICE to look at your naked self or not? I mean, come on people. There comes a point where you have to at least TRY to stop being completely, totally self-obsessed and self-absorbed and try to think about someone else and not just what "feels good to you". Not to mention that the reasons for feeling compelled to engage in public nudity that rests outside of social normative standards are rarely psychologically uncomplicated. Do whatever you want in your own home. Do whatever you want on a public nude beach. We cannot allow ourselves to devolve into this level of social baseness. If you're fascinated with a prehistoric lifestyle, go right ahead and move somewhere that that is still the standard but I prefer living with running water, toilets, agriculture and advanced social customs and manners.

  159. Jose F Medeiros

    All I can say is, it's about time that such a law was passed and more so enforced, but it saddens me that people would not have the decency to do this in private, such as a private nude beach. Didn't their mothers teach them any manners or courtesy to others.

  160. Anonymous

    I have always understood that San Fransico has an average temp that dooes not go higher thatn 80 degrees. It sounds to me like one would need to wear clothes just to keep warm. Here in Texas there are other reasons to keep your clothes on. The sunburn you can get from having too much exposed skin is terrible. Very, very painful

  161. Khristiaan Parker

    Naked is awesome! People continue to belive the bodies given to them are shameful well that's your issue…stop forcing people into your beliefs cause I know I love having a body and being naked is natural. That's all nudism is just without clothes not acting like some perv. I never personally wont be naked outside of my home but if others want to do so and there is no legal matters let them express themselves. Oppression is a very ugly thing.

  162. Anonymous

    So where are ll the naked women in SF? Look to me the nudists are mostly gay men.

  163. Anonymous

    The 'Castro district' is the term for Gay area. Why don't they just say "The problem seems more inherent to gays"?

  164. Anonymous

    For all those who think it's "normal" or "okay" or it's "how we are born". No one cares about your insecurities. You feel the need to show the world how uninhibited you are in order to validate what is only YOUR opinion. In fact your a moron that gets no a** so you need to drop your pants because you can't convince a hot babe to pull em down for you… Stay home and watch gay porn! and leave the rest of normal humanity alone, especially kids. There are enough atrocities in the world they see daily.

  165. Anonymous

    I was just in SF for 4 days(had`nt been there for 7 years)I saw many who were nude wandering around. It did`nt bother me, I found it to be very brave of them to do so. I think that the push to ban it is definitely coming from people who are ashamed of their own bodies and obsessed with nudity in general. I am sure you are the same people who get changed in the bathroom instead of in front of your spouse, you are same lot who were outraged that Janet Jacksons tit was exposed during Halftime at the Superbowl.

  166. Anonymous

    As a practicing naturist and witch who worships 'skyclad,' the way the gods created me, I find it perverse that our natural state draws so much controversy and negative stereotyping. It begins by teaching children false values and placing stigma in their consciousness. Shame on our SINFUL society!

  167. Nathaniel Augustine

    Naked is GOOD – What is wrong with you PRUDES.
    There is nothing wrong with being naked. We are born into this world naked and this is how nature intended us to be. We put on clothes to keep us warm and to keep the elements from causing us sun-burn or other damage to our skin, hair, eyes, etc. Nature made up naked and that how it should be.
    The only restriction that that I would suggest is that people use discretion and not allow themselves to be dirty or overly fat. Young people who are well-groomed and clean should always be allowed to wear their birthday suits everywhere. Old wrinkled people and fat hairy people should be restricted to certain places like nudist colonies if they want to uncover. Otherwise, Naked is BEAUTIFUL.

  168. Anonymous

    nobody wants to see disgusting idiots running around naked. they should ban them from being naked and if they are naked, we should have the right to kick them right in the balls.

  169. Nathaniel Augustine

    Newsflash – Adam and Eve were not real people – They are characters in ancient folklore. Americans need to grow up and get in touch with reality. There is nothing wrong with being in the buff.

  170. Jennifer Ward

    Why is it that most people who want to walk around naked should never, ever take their clothes off…….even in the shower? Now if Jake Gyllanhall, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, etc… want to around nude that would be alright with me! :)

  171. Nathaniel Augustine

    The "Wiener” Ordinance – Toooooo Funny!
    Never let delusional religious freaks get a foot-hold on anything. They will destroy this nation with THEIR religious views based on ancient twisted DOGMA.

  172. Anonymous

    Not sure why it is a big issue, it is usually so chilly in SF that there is very little to see. Emphasis on LITTLE.

  173. Rodney Turcotte

    I Didn't know that . I worked at A nudest park about 10 yrs ago but you had to be in the pool area if you wanted to sun bath in the nude and it had a fence around it ….

  174. Sally Orr

    A nice tall glass of ice water thrown at a strategic part of the male body could be an excellent deterrent to SF Nudity….to protect the children of course!

  175. Anonymous

    So freedom of nudity was okay until people started to take advantage of it? Like the right to free speech. It's okay until a certain elected official doesn't like it. I think this Mayor is wasting a lot of the tax payers money to tell you the truth.

  176. Sally Orr

    Or….we could throw away all sense of decency, and while attending to our daily business in our communities, drop to the sidewalk, or parking lot, which ever you prefer, and "do each other like a couple of dog's in heat"……in order to show the world "we're not ashamed of our bodies in any sexually repressed way"!!!!!

  177. Jack R Day

    Ok. Guess I didn't get the memo. Didn't even know SF had previously allowed complete public nudity. Now for the boring legal stuff. NY state had a similar law against female toplessness and it was ruled unconstitutional by The 's NY highest court. Currently, The USA Supreme court has ruled "mere nudity alone" without accompanying prurient(lewd).

  178. Jack R Day

    The only isssueis allowing nudity on a person's private property.What about kids? How do you sell a house next to a person who takes the garbage , mows the lawn, does maintenance work?

  179. Jack R Day

    Likely, The ACLU will file first for injunctive relief(temporary ban the law) while the court argues about constitutional issues. Don't know if they would start in state court or federal court.

  180. Anonymous

    Simple solution. Make areas where nudity is off limits, and post warnings where nudity is allowed. People can then decide for themselves if they want to be subjected to nudity or not.

  181. Charles Presley

    david meyers;to each his/her own I say;i would not wont to see u naked either.but insults is not what were here for now is it? people have the right to choose to be naked if this is what they wont to do;providing they are not hurting others in the prosess..i have always been one who thinks nudity is a natural part of life; yes there are some who disagrees with me and others on this matter, but we all are intitled to our own opinions in life.bulling others on thier views is childish and wrong.if u can't say anything nice keep it shut!

  182. Robert Haight

    you do not NEED to be nude to enjoy the beer, food, driving a car. It is partly there for you protection of essentials. It is also partly there to prevent spread of disease from your dirty ass on a chair. In addition as a man, I do not want to see your boner poping either. We have 2 kids and it is something they should not have to see to grow up to feel "comfortable" with. I do not mind a nude beach, they are clearly marked. It is one second from a lewd act if you touch/feel yourself.

  183. James Johnston

    it's exhibitionism and I don't know why people who don't choose to put up with exhibitionist should have to. it's a question of modesty. something conspicuously laking in the people who say 'HEY IT'S JUST GOOD OLD FASHIONED NUDITY". also the exhibitionism and nudity doesn't allways involve consenting parties, when not all the parties involved are consenting or consenting adults for that matter it IS considered lewd. I'm suprised some people don't have the manners to understand that.

  184. Anonymous

    Seems like my initial comment was censored/deleted; freedom of expression? I will reiterate that society dictates morality, and we here in the good ole USA have an overall unhealthy attitude towards what the gods gave us naturally. We raise our children with stigmas attached as 'moral values.'
    In other parts of the world where nudity is accepted and even preferred, you will find that sex crimes and strip bars and pornography are NOT as prevalent as they are here at home.
    Hopefully, as we evolve, we will lose our fear and disdain of the human body and its natural beauty!

  185. Anonymous

    I'm certain I don't want to see 99% of the population nude and I'm not opposed too nudity per se, just fat and ugly nudity.

  186. Michael Berry

    Interesting how this same line of San Franciscan reasoning is agrued within the porn industry. The porn industry says there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to sex or the naked human body. However, what they will never admit to is their perversion to sex and all the porn applications against Gods command. What happens to the human mind when you work in the porn industry for too many years? Just take a look at ALL the porn stars who died and how they died. Eighty percent from suicide! Once Satan has your mind he'll tell you everything is OK, (except worshiping Yeshua) including being nude in front of a stranger who is 5 years old.

  187. Sandy Shoop

    Let those who want to expose themselves and feel free, do it in groups where they can appreciate each other, and not cause unnecessary feelings of disgust in those who do not wish to see their tits and wangers. Same with cigarettes.. smoke with other smokers, and not where you are going to contaminate the air of those who choose to keep their lungs free and allergies down. I believe in freedom for all, but those who like and do the same things should keep to their own kind….

  188. Anonymous

    I think before we as readers can truely assess what this really means, we need more pictures of women, instead of an old dude. come on….

  189. James Lueckenhoff

    well, that picture is enough to not want to see what is going on—-sort of a self censure. I think is should be banned because in all truth, the human body as beautiful as it is, can become quite ugly out of the proper environment—like anything beautiful, out of place it becomes disrespectul. like an animal out of its environment, it is deemed a pest. within its environment it is beautiful in what it is meant to do.

  190. Vivian L Benjamin

    and mitt's a liar,and GOD don't like it.get your fact's strieght.but JESUS still love you..

  191. Anonymous

    Its SF, CA not conservative town. For a conservative time, visit/move to conservative town. Were you not aware of SF? Did you not read/research anything about SF? This is not anything new. The irony is hilarious; people out of state/non-local talk a bunch of crap about how California is full of "fruits and nuts" yet you take the time & money to plan a trip or move here expecting the damn brady bunch. Your bad. As far as I'm concerned, this law would just be to keep the tourists and their $$$ coming in. People BEEN hanging out nude in SF, its only an issue in 2012.

  192. Richard Spadoni

    It's not an issue of morality or any other religious connotation. It's against established social mores to appear naked in public unless it's in an area specifically designed for that behavior. While the human body is a beautiful thing…on some people. (at 265 lbs and 61 years old, you really don't want to see mine, I don't even like looking at it), but our society since the days of the nomadic cultures has imposed certain social rules on its members. Even aborigine cultures wear loincloths to cover up the sex organs, male and female. Bare breasts in many cultures are very common, but in reality, they aren't sexual organs.

    As in everything else in our society, minority rights must give in to majority rule. People who enjoy being nude in public are a minority, and in a democratic society, must obey laws made by the majority. Sorry, right or wrong, fair or unfair, that's the way it is.

  193. Kathleen Newman

    To those of you saying it's an affront against God to have any problem with seeing naked men old enough to be grandfathers: first of all, in the Bible, once Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge and KNEW they were naked, they covered themselves. I DO think it's a naturally shocking thing to see someone nude unexpectedly, i.e. in public places. Nudity should be kept to the bedroom. It should be something private, and as such, it means more to the person you love. Walking down the streets showing your junk to women half your age, teenage girls, and children is nothing short of perverted and morally, ethically, completely WRONG.

  194. Judy Fowler

    I am glad it is out in the open… I had SF as one of my bucket places to see… Who wants to see old dudes walking around without clothes… Guess I will go somewhere else… Thanks for the heads up…

  195. Esther Johnson

    It's about time! And it always seems to be old farts who like doing this more than anyone else!

  196. Anonymous

    I wouldn't want to be walking around with my 6 yr old daughter, when some dirty old man has a boner..

  197. Jacob Levine

    This has got to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen. Why, oh why have people migrated to this wonderful city to do what they couldn't do in their own states…Please support banning this disgrace.Its hard enough to describe what's happening in this area to our grandchildren, then to now explain why someone elects to walk around completely naked… (written by his wife Cheryl).

  198. Scarsdale Diet

    Why does everything have to be such a big issue or ordeal? People the real truth behind this is perversion. Period, end of story. Nothing natural (which is just the excuse to do it). Common sense would dictate that this is wrong.

  199. Henry Young

    Everybody is suppose to keep their clothes on, except for behind closed doors.

  200. Anonymous

    Many parts of SF are just freak show anyway. It's lost its charm and, like aged actresses trying to get attention, the public nudity is just one more attempt to attract people.

  201. John McIlrath

    I for one am all for such a ban. There need to be standards of decency, not only because making nudity so common is a disrespectful use of the bodies God gave us, but because such attitudes invariably lead to even greater problems. Consider that sexual extremes were one of the noted precursors of Rome's downfall. Given that our society has so many of those same precursors, we must fight them wherever and however we can if we do not wish to collapse as well.

  202. Danny Lee Brehm

    i meant new i was born nude. thats what i was talking about. and by the way, colds are known as acute naso pharengytis. a common virus. not caused from anything but exposure to the virus that your body has not acquired an immunity to. the more common viruses you are exposed to the more your body will be able to fight the viruses it is exposed to. check

  203. Anonymous

    We're all born naked and TAUGHT to be embarassed by it. Maybe the teachings should change. And I find it funny that a guy named Weiner would pass a law against weiners….

  204. Kyle Brenner

    Lord have mercy, the indecency of some people! Cover yourselves, heathen! If we were meant to be naked we would have been born that way!

  205. Karmah Chameleon

    *The Huffington Post reports that Wiener decided to introduce the legislation because of the rampant nudity in the Castro District* The name is ironic, isn't it?

  206. Anonymous

    If you feel the need to be nude on the streets you are a jackass. Since humans are pretty much a bunch of horny toads please spare me the BS about it not being sexual because its always sexual. Sleeping awake or basically breathing people are always thinking sex. It is uncomfortabe so don't tell anyone that you feel free or are one with nature as your just a blowhard I am progressive and open, but if I am at a Sub shop and your nekkid I'm going to tell you to put something on our you will be wearing my food, even hot chics because I don't need the stress.

  207. Anonymous

    Do people like to see others drunk. No. On drugs? No. Do people like nudity? Only in their homes. Do people like people who smoke? No. You can do both in private or go to a swinger's club or home. Get real. Do other cities have to have anti-nudity laws? I guess we need to start checking and adding them.

  208. Marsha Hayes Walker

    It's high time public nudity is banned. It's offensive to far more people than who like it. Nudity has a time and place, But Market/Castro is NOT the place, or anywhere in public, even Bay to Breakers or the Folsom Street Fair.

  209. Joseph Paul Rea

    being from portland and an occasianal nudist, I believe its a human right to be nude anyware…you cant make people put on animal or synthetic products because you feel there's to many people showing that they are born this way..

  210. Vickie Kelley

    I have not visited SF since I heard this was happening in and I know several families that have taken this city off their go to list. These nasty looking grown middle aged men flapping about in public – please get over yourself! You are NOT attractive to anyone but your own egocentric self!

  211. Anonymous

    I bet the people who want to ban nudity love to watch the various documentaries that show native peoples without clothes.

  212. Mildred Fox

    Wow I did know know they even allowed it. What a bunch of perverts.

  213. Anthony Merante

    I saw this one night last February when I was in SF for a job. I couldnt believe they were outside at 9pm butt naked. I told everyone at the shoot the next morning and before I could say anything, they said "let me guess, you saw naked people? That is nothing new with SF" I was shocked.

  214. Wolff Bachner

    personally, I don't care what anyone does but I really would prefer Nudity was not allowed in restaurants.Eating naked in a fine dining establishment seems a bit over the top to me.

  215. Eric Adams

    I wouldnt mind the nudity thing in public… if the law only allowed Hooter Girls to be the ones to go nudie… just say'n

  216. Bambi Puspos

    Was it just a coincidence that the person who wants to impose a ban on public nudity was named Wiener? :)) In my area, the only person I will see wandering around in the nude are mentally inept.

  217. Chelle Marie Solis

    I HOPE that the nudity gets banned! Just because they can doesnt mean they have to. I am unable to bring my niece and nephew to that area because there is always some old man out there with his balls hanging out! I support the LGBT commmunity and I'm an SF native so its not about being conservative or close-minded. It's about being considerate. Maybe not everyone wants to see your dick and balls and buttcrack! It's just unnecessary. Seriously. Put it away.

  218. Thomas L Cassidy

    In the cases where I have had occasion to observe people when they were nude and when they were clothed, I have noticed that most folks look a damn sight better with their clothes on.

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