Flying saucer UFO stuck in Martian soil

Crashed Flying Saucer UFO Spotted On Martian Hill Proves Mars Was Visited By Advanced Alien Species, Conspiracy Theorists Claim [Video]

UFO hunters claim to have found yet another alien flying saucer UFO that may have crashed on the Martian surface thousands or perhaps millions of years ago.

The latest spectacular evidence — according to alien hunters — that intelligent and technologically advanced alien species visited the Red Planet in the past was spotted by the prolific UFO hunter Streetcap1 in a GigaPan image of rocky and rugged Martian surface uploaded by Neville Thompson on September 19, 2016.

Streetcap1 featured the GigaPan image in a YouTube presentation titled “Martian Hill Anomaly,” dated September 22, 2016 (see YouTube below).

According to Streetcap1, the anomalous object, perched atop a Martian hill, was not part of the natural environment being obviously artificially structured. The alien hunter claimed to have observed a row of windows on the side of the structure that proved it was an alien spacecraft that either crashed on the Martian hill or was parked and abandoned at the spot by alien visitors to the Red Planet.

“This looks a bit unusual. It doesn’t really fit in with the surrounding rocks,” Streetcap1 commented in the video description. “It is at the summit of the mountain and very far off, so if it is a rock then it must be massive. Also it looks like there are windows on it.”

UFO blogger Scott C. Waring also featured Streetcap1’s YouTube on his UFO Sightings Daily blog.

According to Waring, the object could be a flying saucer UFO that crashed on the Martian hill as it entered Martian atmosphere from space. The UFO hunter also granted that it could be a building situated purposefully on the Martian hill to give a better view of the surrounding terrain.

An alien flying saucer crashes on Mars
Alien flying saucer UFO lands on Mars [Image by SSSCCC/Shutterstock]

Waring’s suggestion that it may have been a sentry building or a watch-house rather than a crashed UFO disc appears to be supported by the observation that the structure — as shown in the GigaPan image — blends with its environment. That is, alien builders may have deliberately camouflaged the building against its surroundings.

“This disk on the surface of a hill on Mars was found by Streetcap1 this week,” Waring wrote. “It looks to be made of the same material as the surroundings, and could be a flying disk that has landed, or it could be a building built there on purpose to get a better view.”

Waring added some characteristically quaint observations of his own. He claimed to have spotted an alien figure kneeling “as if praying” in the same GigaPan image. He suggested, bizarrely, that it was a “male figure.”

Waring’s comments in the past about male-female sexual dimorphism in alien species suggest he believes that alien biology is similar to human. But in his latest comments he suggested that the “kneeling male figure,” about 4 to 6 centimeters tall, could be a statue “frozen in time… petrified by some monstrous weapon.”

“Above is the back of a kneeling person, probably praying or begging for their life, before being petrified with an alien weapon.”

An alien UFO flies over Mars surface
Aliens in UFOs visited the Red Planet in the past [Image by SSSCCC/Shutterstock]

An alien weapon that literally petrifies victims belongs to a different class of sophisticated weaponry than nuclear weapons that merely blast things to pieces.

According to Mars anomaly hunters, ancient Mars civilization, built by advanced humanoid beings, was wiped out millions of years go by technologically advanced hostile alien visitors. The hostile visitors, according to Mars anomaly hunters, detonated multiple thermonuclear weapons that wiped out life and advanced civilization on Mars.

This is not the first time that UFO hunters claim to have discovered an alien flying disc on the Martian surface. The Inquisitr reported that UFO hunters claimed a remarkable discovery on Mars in February 2015, purportedly remains of a crashed UFO disc.

According to UFO hunter Martian Archaeology, the mysterious flying saucer UFO was found half-buried in the ground where it crashed in the Candor Chasma region of Mars at Google Mars coordinates 6°25’40.89″S 76°53’48.65″W.

UFO hunters drew attention to a superficial trench that trailed the resting place of the allegedly crashed UFO (see video above). The trench suggested that the disc was flying low, close to the ground, when it crashed, plowed into the Martian surface, and came to rest half-buried in the soil.

Other researchers analyzed the image and presented a scaled 3-D reconstruction of the site that suggested the flying saucer was approaching the entrance to an underground base when it crashed.

“The scenario being constructed by Mars anomaly researchers is one where a flying saucer pilot approaches the entrance to an underground facility but loses control and crashes into the entrance causing partial damage and collapse of the structure,” The Inquisitr reported at the time. “The transverse markings on the ground that trail the flying saucer at its final resting position could be skid marks created as the pilot attempted to stop the flying saucer and prevent it from crashing into the entrance of the facility.”

UFO hunters also claimed in March 2015 to have discovered remains of a giant flying saucer UFO abandoned on rugged Martian terrain, presumably by alien visitors.

According to Mars anomaly hunter Mars Moon Space TV, the UFO, embedded in Martian soil, was discovered in the Aram Chaos region of Mars near the canyon Valles Marineris and Ares Vallis (see video below).

In his analysis of the video, Mars Moon Space TV’s Thomas Jensen argued that the image shows the object exhibited a metallic luster in sharp contrast with the surrounding Martian soil and environment. Its circular geometric design with sharp edges provides sufficient proof that it was an artificially constructed object (see video above).

Jensen estimated the dimensions of the alleged crashed UFO at 200-300 meters in diameter.

“Judging from the luster of the alleged metallic surface, we may imagine that it has not been there for very long,” alien hunters speculated at the time, according to the Inquisitr. “We may thus imagine a scenario where recent alien visitors were forced to abandon the spacecraft after it developed a mechanical or electrical fault. The crew of the ship might have put out an SOS after they were stranded on the planet, and a rescue craft was dispatched to evacuate them while the ship was left behind as non-salvageable.”

[Featured Image by SSSCCC/Shutterstock]