‘K2’ Is The Next ‘Descendants Of The Sun,’ Branded As The Blockbuster

When South Korean drama Descendants of the Sun premiered in February this year, it received rave reviews. The K-drama boasted all the key qualities that every South Korean — and Asia as a whole — could relate to. It depicted the real-life functioning of military, an unusual romance between a soldier and a doctor, friendship with fellow comrades, patriotism, and peace treaties.

Starting today, K-drama K2, which will premiere every Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm Korean time. This drama appears to be something that fans of Descendants of the Sun will appreciate.

Just like Descendants of the Sun, K2 is high-budget. The trailer clearly shows that most advanced filming techniques have been used. For the first time, a South Korean drama will use time slice photography, like the one seen in Hollywood blockbuster Matrix.

Check out K2’s second trailer here

The chemistry between Kim Je-Ha and Ko An-Na in K2 is also worth mentioning. K2 director Kwak Jung-Hwan has pulled in a extremely talented crew to dole out the best of this high-budget drama.

From the initial teasers, it looks like the drama will shower fans with high-end action-packed scenes. According to Soompi, fight scenes were choreographed using the Russian combat martial art systema, the Korean self-defense martial art taekwondo, the Japanese martial art aikido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

During a recent press conference for tvN’s K2, Ji Chang Wook, shared his views about his role in playing the action hero.

Shedding light on the action scenes, Ji Chang Wook said, “I ended up suffering from myalgia in my neck. This is a piece that helped me firmly decide in my heart that I will not do an action drama ever again. We’re promoting the drama as bodyguard-action-genre, but I didn’t see it that way. The relationships in the drama are entertaining.”

He added, “The myalgia may have been because the weather was cold. I worked out incessantly. I practiced martial arts at an action school and also lifted weights to portray a manly role. This may be the hardest project I’ve been in.”

The drama, which has been shot at spectacular outdoor locales, offers cue of bomb blasts and car chase scenes. Ji, became a household name in 2010 playing the character of Dong-hae in the drama series Smile Again. It was recently reported that Ji became the highest paid actor for a tvN drama, beating actor Jeon Do Yeon in tvN’s Good Wife.”

Ji’s agency, Glorious Entertainment, released a statement, stating, “We do not want Ji’s fee to become an issue. In consideration of publication rights, tvN made the arrangement to give Ji a high pay due to his involvement in other projects in Japan and China,” according to a report by Soompi. The co-stars too seem to be getting along well.

Actress Song Yoon Ah showered Girls’ Generation’s YoonA with compliments at the press conference of their new tvN drama The K2.

“YoonA and I have a good relationship. I was a big fan of Girls’ Generation since the past. YoonA probably remembers, and I apologize but I’ve danced with Girls’ Generation when I was the MC of a film award years back. I practiced with them, and out of excitement, I even told the staff, ‘YoonA is so pretty. YoonA’s eyes are so bright like a deer.’ At the time, she was such a pretty, pure, clean girl, and the way she looked up and called me ‘Unnie’ made me fall in love,” Song Yoon Ah said, according to a report by All Kpop.

“I can still remember that face even after all these years. Seeing her on the set was welcoming and also different. In the drama, my filming with YoonA is short. From now on, there’ll be more filming, and I [for the drama character] have to trouble her. I hope YoonA understands that my mind is not really like that,” she added.

Considering the high budget, advanced technology and amazing cast K2 could very well be the next Descendants of the Sun.

[Featured Image Via YouTube Screen Grab]