Vicki Gunvalson’s Injury RHOC

Vicki Gunvalson’s Injury: Will She Give Update On Neck Injury On ‘RHOC’ Reunion?

Vicki Gunvalson decided it would be fun to go to Glamis with her Real Housewives of Orange County stars on last week’s episode, as she wanted to bond with both Tamra Judge and Heather Dubrow. It’s no secret that she’s been on the outs since last year, when her co-stars assumed that she knew something about Brooks Ayers’ cancer lies, hinting that she may have lied on his behalf. While Vicki claims she’s innocent, her co-stars are questioning whether they really want her back in their lives.

But a serious dune buggy crash really brought the ladies close together. Gunvalson was airlifted to a Palm Springs hospital with a serious neck injury. Vicki revealed that she couldn’t feel anything and felt paralyzed. Now, fans are curious how she’s doing and whether she’ll open up about her injury during the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

According to a new Instagram post, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she’s ready to film the reunion, and it sounds like she’s doing quite well considering how serious her injury was. For a moment, she was completely numb and couldn’t feel when Heather Dubrow was scratching her skin. But Gunvalson was quickly released from the hospital, and one can imagine it was temporary pain, bruising, and scratches she suffered.

“Getting ready for the reunion. #Gonnabegood,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed on Instagram, sharing a picture of herself with Kelly Dodd in Beverly Hills, dining at Lisa Vanderpump’s PUMP restaurant.

“I just remember sand flying in my face, loud crunching of metal and all of us screaming and then I had immediate pain in my back and neck. I felt it was happening in slow motion, and thought we were never going to stop rolling,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote about her injuries on her Bravo blog for the show, adding, “I think of the accident and how fortunate and blessed that none of us died. Looking back now almost four months later, it was THE scariest time in my life.”


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It is possible that Gunvalson will give an update on her health after the accident. It sounds like the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies are gearing up to film the reunion special this week, and it sounds like Gunvalson and Kelly Dodd are still close friends, as Kelly was in the picture that Vicki shared on Instagram, as she was getting ready for the reunion special. And it sounds like viewers still have mixed opinions about Dodd, who hasn’t exactly acted like a lady on this season of the show.

“Remember that you make yourself look like a bigger ass when you react with a sharp tongue. Yes there’s a lot to disagree about, but the ratings will be just as good with an intelligent response Kelly. And no one believes that your a hooker so stop beating that horse,” one person wrote to Vicki Gunvalson on Instagram, while another added, “How much can we wager that Kelly absolutely loses it?”

But it sounds like many of Vicki Gunvalson’s followers really want Kelly gone from the show, especially since she has been so rude and lost control a few times.

“Kelly is disgusting, nobody should have to be in her company and listen to her trash mouth,” one person pointed out about Dodd on Vicki’s Instagram, while another added, “Kelly obviously has some serious issues. For someone to react the way she does something else is going on here. Vicki latches on but really should be helping her!”

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson still hanging out with Kelly? Do you think she will give viewers an update on her injuries and her health at the reunion special?

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