Kim Kardashian Fearful Of Amber Rose Raunchy Radio Show, Set To Expose Kanye West Sex Life?

Kim Kardashian reportedly fears being trashed on Amber Rose’s forthcoming radio show, it has been revealed.

According to Radar Online, Amber found out she will be the new host of Loveline, which tends to revolve around a lot of sex talk — something which the socialite seems to know a lot about.

Considering the fact that the show is mainly focused on love and intimacy, Kim Kardashian is supposedly worried that Amber is going to bring up her past experiences with Kanye and potentially namedrop the TV star in one of her segments.

The 35-year-old wants no part in being discussed on the radio show, and while she and Amber no longer have any ill feelings towards one another, Kim fears that the mother of one isn’t going to grant her wishes just because she doesn’t like the thought of finding herself talked about on a raunchy radio show.

“When Amber Rose started her VH1 talk show, she made a pact with Kim to not bring up Kanye at all,” the source told Radar Online, claiming that when Amber landed her show with the network, Kim allegedly reached out and kindly asked not to be discussed on the program.

According to the report, Amber agreed, assuring Kim and Kanye that they had nothing to worry about. Rose stated that she was not going to focus any of her attention on the couple, despite all the headlines she’s made revolving around the Hollywood duo, which more or less became the only reason people tuned in.

Amber can’t promise Kim anything, this time, because it’s her sex life that’s going to be talked about on the radio show, it’s quite literally the main topic at hand. And it just so happens that Kanye West is somebody she spent two years dating. Whichever way Kim looks at it, Kanye will definitely be mentioned, with the potential chance of Kardashian also finding herself name-dropped.

“But with Loveline, she’ll be talking about her sex life, and part of Amber’s sex life includes Kanye. Kim is just hoping that she is not going to be dishing X-rated secrets to Loveline’s millions of listeners,” the source concluded, making it known that Amber Rose is not going to tame her image to protect Kim or Kanye’s reputation in any way.

Her signing with the Loveline radio show comes just weeks after ABC confirmed Amber will be part of the forthcoming series of Dancing with the Stars, adding yet another job to her hectic schedule.

It’s unclear whether her VH1 talk show is being picked up for another series, but seeing that she has a great relationship with the show’s creator, Dr. Phil, it’s highly unlikely that Rose will be making her exit from the network so soon.

Amber Rose created endless headlines when she infamously claimed that her rapper ex-boyfriend probably misses her “fingers in the booty,” as TMZ reveals, after Kanye outrageously took digs at the socialite’s son, saying he wouldn’t exist if West had never given Rose the platform to branch out and start her own brand in Hollywood. In other words, he claims that without his influence, Amber would’ve never made it out of Philadelphia, where she famously worked at a full-time stripper.

[Photos by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]