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Kylie Jenner: Starlet Target Of Plastic Surgery Rumors & Fat-Freezing Lies

Not a day goes by when Kylie Jenner isn’t the center of plastic surgery rumors. The starlet has since debuted her new platinum blonde hair at New York Fashion Week, leading fans to accuse her of copying her half-sister Kim Kardashian and getting a boob job in time for the festivities.

According to a previous report via the Inquisitr, Kylie Jenner was accused of getting plastic surgery just weeks after she denied the boob job rumors. It wasn’t just the blonde hair that made Jenner looked noticeably different. It was the combination of her busty appearance and skintight clothing that made her look curvier than ever. However, Jenner has denied on Twitter that she’s had a boob job, claiming that her bigger bust is from “that time of the month.”

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Still, some fans on Twitter are still not entirely convinced, claims the report. In addition, Jenner’s tight white bodysuit she wore to New York Fashion Week made the boob job rumors swirl once again, reports Life & Style. Jenner has previously admitted that she wears a combination of duct tape and a Victoria’s Secret Bombshell bra to get her ample cleavage.

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Then, Jenner took to Snapchat to show off another one of her revealing outfits, reports the Daily Mail. In the series of provocative clips, Jenner is seen wearing a high-neck suede top that flashes some serious underboob.

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Kylie Jenner’s ever-changing features and cleavage sparked the rumors that she got breast implants, but Jenner has denied the plastic surgery rumors over the years, reports the Improper. Back in 2015, Jenner denied get lip enhancements and claimed that her lips and features changed dramatically because she was simply growing up. After nearly a year of speculation, Jenner finally admitted that she gets temporary lip fillers to perfect her pout, which has led her to successful sales of her ever-popular lip kits.


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While Jenner brushes off the plastic surgery and boob job rumors, she has found herself in the middle of a fight with a fat-freezing company. According to TMZ, Jenner is considering taking legal action against the company for deceiving prospective patients into believing she’s endorsing them. Jenner’s image was found on a billboard for

The company has fired back and claimed that the model, Cassandra, is not Kylie Jenner. She’s just a Latina and Indian model who just happens to look like the younger Jenner sister. Cassandra, who’s an aspiring model and singer, was hired on for her unique look and uncanny resemblance to Jenner, which takes this story to a whole other level of creepiness. The company told TMZ that they intend to keep the billboard up despite Jenner’s swift legal action.

“Contrary to suggestions in the media, the companies did not seek out Cassandra [the model on the billboard] based on any similarity in appearance to Ms. Jenner. […] As you have seen from the advertising, there is no attribution nor any visuals or words that in any way tend to confuse the public or take advantage of Ms. Jenner’s fame or success.”

“A review of the comments on the TMZ article posting reveal that an overwhelming majority of the commenting public believe that Ms. Jenner and Cassandra do not even look alike. Cassandra’s heritage is primarily Latina and Indian and does not even appear to share ancestry traits with Ms. Jenner.”

The company also stated that it has “no ill will” toward Jenner as a result of her proposed legal action, and says that the model only took on the job to build up her portfolio as a model within the industry. Cassandra finds Jenner’s work inspiring and is hoping to make her mark, as well.

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