Haribo Maoam candies cause British uproar

A British father was shocked to find a kind of “lemon party” on his kids’ candy wrappers.

The Haribo Maoam sweets seem to feature some cartoon fruits in some compromising positions. Simon Simpkins, the outraged daddy in question, described the realization in an adorably understated British way:

‘The lemon and lime are locked in what appears to be a carnal encounter.

‘The lime, whom I assume to be the gentleman in this coupling, has a particularly lurid expression on his face.’

Of course, had the controversy occurred in the states, someone would have pointed out that with all that stubble, that lemon is clearly also a dude. Not only are these candies promoting citrus-sex to our children, but homosexual citrus-sex. This is serious business.


Personally, I think the cherry lime wrapper is much more depraved. Not only does it obviously depict a threesome, but Mr. Lime is drooling and the second cherry appears to be licking his foot. I won’t even speculate on what the lime is doing to the cherry with its tongue. I’d like to take this opportunity to posit that this is what happens when socialism gets into the candy. You have been officially warned.

[Source: Daily Mail]