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Oklahoma Mother Patricia Spann Arrested For Marrying Daughter, Not The First Time She’s Married A Biological Child

In a disturbing story out of Oklahoma, 43-year-old Patricia Spann has been arrested for allegedly being involved in an incestuous, same-sex marriage with her biological daughter. According to court records, Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her biological daughter, 25-year-old Misty Spann, have been legally (or illegally) married since March of this year, and their illegal nuptials reportedly took place in Comanche County.

Fox 13 Now reports that Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann was not a part of daughter/wife Misty’s life growing up. According to multiple accounts, Patricia Spann’s three children (daughter/wife Misty and two sons) were raised by their grandparent. Reportedly, Patricia Spann lost custody of her kids through the legal system, and reportedly custody was given to the children’s biological father’s mother at that time.

Local authorities discovered the alleged incestuous relationship last month. That was when the Oklahoma Department of Human Services became involved in investigating the family. Reportedly, state officials were concerned about minor children living in the home shared by Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her daughter/wife.

[Photo by Misty Spann/Facebook]
[Photo by Misty Spann/Facebook]
As The Lawton Constitution reports, local law enforcement issued warrants for the arrests of Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her biological daughter. The warrants for Patricia Spann and her daughter were each for one count of felony incest, punishable by up to 10 years in prison upon conviction.

According to the account of an investigator into the case of Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her alleged incestuous lesbian marriage to her biological daughter, Spann told authorities that she hadn’t had any contact with her biological children for years. During the time they were being raised by their grandmother, their mother Patricia Spann was not a part of their lives.

That all changed roughly two years ago. That’s when Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann was reunited with her biological daughter Misty, with whom she reportedly told investigators she immediately “hit it off.”

The wedding between Patricia Spann and her biological daughter allegedly took place on March 25 of this year, and according to the Oklahoma mother, she investigated the legality of marrying her own daughter before the two walked down the aisle. According to Patricia Spann, she thought that her marriage to her 25-year-old biological daughter was legal because Patricia’s name was “no longer listed on the birth certificate.”

Disturbingly, it has also reportedly been discovered that this isn’t the first time that Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann has formed an incestuous union with and married one of her biological children. Legal records and court documents clearly show that Patricia Spann previously married her eldest biological son, Jody Spann, Jr. That incestuous marriage was annulled in 2010.

Following the arrest warrants that were issued Friday, Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her wife (and biological daughter), Misty Spann, have both been arrested and booked into the Stephens County Jail. It is unknown whether or not the pair turned themselves in or were picked up by authorities.

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[Photo by Misty Spann/Facebook]
Authorities have stated that Patricia Spann never mentioned her previous incestuous marriage to her biological son when she was being interviewed about her current alleged incestuous marriage to her biological daughter.

It has also been reported that, despite Patricia Spann’s name no longer being listed on daughter Misty’s birth certificate, the pair were both fully aware that they were biologically related at the time that their incestuous marriage took place. Reportedly, Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her daughter/wife have considered annulling their union because of their biological relationship, but no annulment proceedings had been initiated when the felony incest warrant was issued, or by the time of the pair’s arrests.

Because Oklahoma mother Patricia Spann and her daughter were adults at the time that the alleged incest took place, they have both been charged with violating Oklahoma’s incest laws.

[Image via Stephens County Jail]