Kate Middleton: Using Fashion To Bridge Foreign Relationships One Designer At A Time, Her Favorites

Kate Middleton is a stunner on the regular thanks to her naturally flawless complexion, beaming smile, and flowing locks. To complement all of this natural allure, the Duchess knows how to pull an outfit together. Kate seems to effortlessly highlight her features and traits with the best of the best in designer fashions.

What might you find if you happened across the Duchess’ wardrobe, you ask? There would be a plethora of ensembles and accessories, likely, by all of her favorite designers, including Alexander McQueen and LK Bennett.

Although Duchess Kate uses her impeccable sense of style and spot-on fashion choices to look her best while in the public eye, her exquisite taste is also used to assist in bridging alliances between nations and to pay respect to the cultures attached to those destinations she arrives at for royal tours.

The Duchess of Cambridge made headlines when she reportedly sent a fashion team ahead of her to India, where she and Prince William enjoyed a spring tour. Her team relayed information back to her about trends in the nation and notable designers of the area whose pieces Middleton should don out of respect. Kate looked divine and had a gorgeous getup to suit every occasion.

When Middleton and Prince William embarked on a journey to Canada, to which the royal couple is set to return this fall, Duchess Kate donned a design by Canadian-born British designer Erdem Moralioglu. This all to state that the mother of two is always sure to use fashion as a means to look her best and put her best foot forward when interacting with individuals of other nations.

Her fashion selections are so respected and spot on that Kate has influenced the now coined “Kate Effect,” as the Guardian reminds. From her choice of shoe to what she inserts into her shoe to keep her feet from hurting, the Duchess sends all flying off the shelves the moment she is spotted wearing or said to be using a certain brand or product. One of her go-to design brands, Reiss, has admittedly experienced massive success since Kate Middleton has frequently been spotted in their pieces.

Founder David Reiss, spoke of the impact the Duchess has had on the brand.

“There is no question that Kate choosing to wear Reiss has impacted our brand. We have noticed a significant increase in terms of brand interest and awareness globally, strengthening existing markets and attracting attention in markets we are yet to enter.”

Likewise, the fashion brand Beulah has experienced a similar increase in sales and excitement over their items. Natasha Rufus Isaacs, co-founder of the brand spoke about how the Kate effect has effected them, as Marie Claire relays.

“I was so excited the first time I found out that the Duchess had chosen to wear one of our dresses. We were a relatively unknown and young label, and it definitely helped spread the word about us and the cause that we support.”

Kate Middleton always shines in whatever she dons, but it is a known fact that the young royal is not a total snob when it comes to what she wears and accessorizes with.

Yes, she often wears McQueen, Burberry, Jenny Peckham, and Jimmy Choos, but Kate also has been spotted wearing Zara and most recently, a $33 pair of Gap jeans. It is clear that Middleton loves quality, but also is partial to practicality and durability. She can step out in a dazzling Temperley London piece one day and then throw on a pair of bargain jeans and a faux crystal Zara necklace the next.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]