UFO attacks ISIS video

UFO Videos Depict Attacks On ISIS: Have Aliens Joined The World’s War Against The Extremists?

Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) videos have surfaced on YouTube that purport to show attacks on ISIS positions by hovering and flying objects that appear to fire at or bomb areas that the militants control. Conspiracy theorists have latched onto the videos, suggesting they are proof that aliens are attacking ISIS to protect what is theirs — that is, ancient edifices like the pyramids and the Great Sphinx that many UFO enthusiasts believe were either built by or were constructed with the aid of aliens. But is that actually the case? Have aliens decided to fight ISIS?

The Daily Star reported last week that quite a few videos have emerged on YouTube supposedly depicting several UFO attacks being made against ISIS troops and military positions throughout the Middle East. One UFO video, entitled “UFO attacks Isil Isis Base,” shows what appears to be some sort of dark disc-shaped craft moving in and hovering. After a few brief flashes (suggestive of machine gun fire or rockets being launched), the earth below the craft erupts in dirt and smoke, obscuring the UFO and everything on the ground.

Another video, entitled “ISIS fighters attacked by UFO fleet in IRAQ!!! Oct 2014 2014,” purportedly shows two UFOs (apparently different craft, given the clip’s title) firing on ISIS positions inside a city. The UFOs in the video resemble the stereotypical flying saucer-shaped crafts made famous by Hollywood and the earliest encounter reports during the 1940s and 1950s.

Still another video, “Mysterious UFO Blast from Outer Space Appears Ovar ISIS Stronghold,” claims to have captured a strange light over Turkey prior to what looks to be a massive mid-air explosion. The narrator reports that it seemed to be an attack on an ISIS stronghold.

As often happens with videos of a controversial nature, the content is hotly debated. There are those who agree that aliens are aligned with the rest of the world in its ongoing fight with ISIS, the self-proclaimed Islamic caliphate that rose to power and control large areas of Iraq and Syria. There are those who find the UFO videos nothing short of fakery. And there are those who, regardless of their stance on the validity of UFOs, question the idea of aliens taking sides in a human war.

In commenting on the “UFO attacks Isil Isis Base” video in answer to another’s question as to whether or not the video was “real,” Oi Mate! lamented, “This one is CGI. It’s cool. But a drone and hellfire was doing this. Plus it taints the real UFO cases. To my knowledge the beings don’t want us to fight. All the [sic] want is simple. Look after our planet, ourselves. And learn to tap into your spirituality. Then we can move into the next phase of human kind.”

Oi Mate! went on to say that energy corporations and elitists hide the alternative energies that would free humans to better themselves.

“It’s all about enslaving us, controlling us, distracting us!” he wrote. “And money. We would be the laughing stock of the universe to be honest. A type 1 civilisation would be laughing.”

YouTube user Robert Escoburr wrote, per Daily Star, concerning another video.

“Most people assume that they only work side-by-side with the Americans. But the truth is they have alliances with several other countries – including Iraq.”

“I think they just like watching humanity at war,” he continued. “It’s a reality show to them so they like to even the odds by providing advanced technology to any country.”

To get a professional perspective, Daily Star reached out to Nick Pope, the former British Ministry of Defense employee who investigated UFO reports for three years for the government. He was notably skeptical of the videos (although he admitted he believed alien life was possible).

“On the basis of my government work on UFOs I remain open-minded about the possibilities, but when the UFO community get excited about videos like this they do themselves no favours.”

Pope noted one video specifically, referring to the aforementioned clip wherein a UFO bombing is claimed to be bombing an ISIS base camp.

“Somebody has taken a film of a series of large explosions in Afghanistan and inserted a UFO using CGI. This video has been doing the rounds since 2014 and was previously said to be a UFO attacking a Taliban camp.”

Daily Star also spoke with Dr. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer for the SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) Institute, who found the idea of aliens intervening in human affairs unlikely.

“Why would beings who would be far beyond us technologically – after all, they’ve come here – have the slightest interest in our pedestrian problems-of-the-moment, such as terrorism?”

Conspiracy theorists also believe that aliens have been monitoring the International Space Station, as Inquisitr has previously reported. There are various theories as to why intelligent beings might do this, including simply keeping a lookout on the progress of human space exploration. These theories are also enthusiastically debated (as are the authenticity of the monitoring UFOs themselves.)

So, is there any hint of truth in the claims of aliens taking a military stance against ISIS? Although most would agree that aliens inclined to intervene in the conflict would likely choose to eradicate the Islamic State, the UFO video “evidence” attesting to such a state of affairs seems to be wanting.

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