Fans unearth Noam Dar racist tweets from years ago

WWE News: Fans Unearth Four-Year-Old Racist Tweets From CWC Competitor Noam Dar, Will It Hurt Him With WWE?

The WWE Cruiserweight Classic has been a very fun event for the company. We’ve seen some amazing matches with a number of the best cruiserweights in the world from Kota Ibushi and Zack Sabre Jr. to veterans like Tajiri and The Brian Kendrick. However, others have managed to stand out in the tournament as well such as Noam Dar, who has been very impressive. The cool thing is that he is so young that most feel he’ll only get better.

Dar is 23-years-old, but he entered the CWC at 22 years of age. This made him the youngest wrestler in the entire tournament, but his youth has certainly not stopped him, as he has been one of the best to see. However, an issue has arisen for the young grappler that could hurt his future with WWE. Apparently, Noam Dar put up some racist tweets, according to Ringside News, which fans were able to find.

A Twitter user going by the name of @chvrlottesweb has been posting screenshots of racist tweets dating back as far as March of 2012.

The tweet shared from the user said, “I stand corrected, it was my girlfriend, I’m still gonna sexually abuse my little brother. #itsalrightonafridaynight.”

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The tweet was apparently deleted shortly after it was posted, but obviously not before someone saved it. This was also out of context, so it is impossible to know what Noam Dar was going on about. Clearly, this was grabbed out of a conversation with another user on Twitter, so it is tough to know if this was taken out of context. Either way, it is clearly not the best of tweets to be putting out. Dar would have been 18 at the time of this posting.

He would go on to tweet about the 2012 Olympics later that year, this time by the age of 19.

He posted, “If you didn’t shout ‘and fried rice!’ At your tv screen when the China team came out, your a racist. #olympicceremony.”

This tweet was also deleted by Noam Dar. Another tweet, this one from 2013, referenced black people.

He tweeted, “Hey how funny would it be if people used the ‘my ni**a’ song on vines?”

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This would also go on to be deleted by Noam Dar. All of these tweets were posted and deleted when he was 20-years-old and younger, so some may chalk this up to youthful stupidity. Regardless, they are clearly terrible tweets that never should have been posted. The real worry for Noam Dar is that he is currently signed to a WWE contract, as he was added to the WWE RAW brand for their new cruiserweight division along with a number of other impressive wrestlers from the CWC.

Could this cost him his WWE career? Some would say that it is simply because WWE does not have a high tolerance for racial or sexist tweets. They also do not care for those who have been involved in sexual assault, and you could assume he may have been involved in something due to his first tweet. The real wonder in all of this is that if he deleted them, they should be gone from the web. That’s the whole idea of deleting something.

It seems that the person who found these tweets certainly does not care for Noam Dar and has clearly followed him for quite some time. Wrestlers often develop enemies in their line of work simply because of the fact that they may anger another wrestler or a random fan may not get the kind of attention they want from a talent. There are a variety of reasons this could happen outside of the wrestling world too, and it could all be personal. While Dar clearly was in the wrong, someone seems to be trying to kill his career before it gets started.

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