Is This When Ariana Grande Will Finally Drop Her 2017 'Dangerous Woman Tour' Dates?

Is This When Ariana Grande Will Finally Drop Her 2017 ‘Dangerous Woman Tour’ Dates?

Ariana Grande’s fans are getting seriously excited that the star could be dropping her much-anticipated 2017 “Dangerous Woman Tour” dates within the next few days.

Ariana’s most dedicated followers flocked to social media to speculate that Grande’s official tour information could be released as early as September 9 after a mysterious hint from Live Nation Spain.

The speculation began after Live Nation Spain coyly tweeted out on September 5, “On Friday we’ll announce new tour. Follow us on Instagram! We will announce it there first,” which got Ariana’s fans seriously excited that the site could be revealing the Spanish leg of Grande’s upcoming “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

“Live Nation is announcing a new World Tour this Friday. I swear to god if it’s Ariana’s,” Grande fan @osnapitzari_FL tweeted out following the tease, while @gabbo99 wrote on the social media site, “Live Nation España said that on Friday they will release tour dates of an international artist. Maybe it’s Ariana?”

Is This When Ariana Grande Will Finally Drop Her 2017 'Dangerous Woman Tour' Dates?
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Grande fan @osnapitzkarly also got in on the tour date speculation, writing, “Live Nation is announcing a tour of an international artist on Friday what if it’s Ariana OMG.”

Notably, Ariana has yet to officially confirm that her tour will be heading to Spain, although update account @DWTourUpdates recently revealed that Grande has already confirmed that her tour dates will include shows in the U.S., as well as international stops in the U.K. and a number of other countries, including Japan.

Ariana has also yet to comment on the speculation suggesting her highly anticipated “Dangerous Women Tour” dates will finally be released as early as September 9, although the big tour tease does come just days after Grande promised excited fans that she would be revealing her tour schedule before the summer is over.

Despite previously revealing that she was hoping to release the “Dangerous Woman Tour” dates before the end of August, Ariana backtracked on her remarks in a Snapchat post on August 30 amid reports claiming her upcoming tour could have been delayed.

“Babes, I have been working endlessly to get these dates to you,” Grande said of her upcoming tour on Snapchat according to Teen Vogue, clarifying that the all-important dates “are coming before the end of the summer.”

“Just need a little more time,” Grande continued in the message. “You know how seriously I take what I say to you all so I had to apologize since there’s only 2 days left in August and we are still finalising the routing.”

But while fans will have to wait until September 9 to see if Grande does finally drop her all-important tour dates, Ariana has been dropping more than a few hints when it comes to what fans can expect from her hitting the road for the “Dangerous Woman Tour.”

Grande dropped a number of set list hints on Twitter last month, appearing to tell fans that she was working on which of her catalog of hits she would be performing when she hits the road next year.

Is This When Ariana Grande Will Finally Drop Her 2017 'Dangerous Woman Tour' Dates?
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Ariana replied, “of course,” when asked by an excited fan if she has big plans to perform the Dangerous Woman track, “Thinking Bout You,” before teasing that she’ll be shaking things up when it comes to the “Dangerous Woman Tour” set list by mixing up some of her newest hits.

“Omg yes,” Grande replied after a fan tweeted her to ask if the song “Knew Better” would be on the “Dangerous Woman Tour” set list, adding, “[I] want to extend her for the tour.”

The tweet came just weeks after Grande first hinted at the all-important tour dates, tweeting on July 7, “Working on these tour dates for you, babes…”

Do you think Ariana Grande will be dropping her “Dangerous Woman Tour” dates this week?

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