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Lottery Winner Who Continued Taking Welfare Benefits Found Dead

lottery winner food stamps Amanda Clayton

Amanda Clayton, who won Michigan’s Make Me Rich! game show in 2011, died of a possible drug overdose Saturday.

Police found Clayton dead around 9 am at her home in Ecorse, Sgt. Cornelius Herring said. No further details were released.

Clayton become the subject of national attention after a local news outlet learned that she continued to take welfare benefits after winning $1 million from the game show in September 2011. She said she still needed the help and was entitled to the payments.

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette charged Clayton with felony welfare fraud. She pleaded no contest to the charges and was sentenced to nine months probation in July. She was also ordered to repay $5,500 in food and medical assistance.

Michigan state law requires that anyone with changes in income who are enrolled in assistance programs report the changes within 10 days. Clayton had been on food assistance for two years, from 2010 to 2012. She had a job for four months in 2011, but did not report the change to the state.

Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law requiring lottery officials to inform Human Services about new winners in April.

In August, four people were charged with felonious assault outside of Clayton’s home. The fight, which involved a knife, toy gun, and baseball bat, began as a disagreement over grass clippings between Clayton and her neighbor’s yards.

Other Michigan lottery winners have also had trouble with the law. Freddie Young from Detroit was sentenced to 20 to 35 years in prison for killing his daughter’s landlord. The 64-year old, who won $1.57 million in February 2011, was convicted on second-degree murder and felony firearm charges in August.

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131 Responses to “Lottery Winner Who Continued Taking Welfare Benefits Found Dead”

  1. Clarence Zimmerman

    And she used her welfare money to buy the lottery ticket instead of food.Maybe she starved to Death!

  2. Logan Clay Smith

    Money is the answer to all problems…not exhibiting morals, character or kindness to others. I wonder why she died…they never addressed that issue.

  3. Melinda Denise McCoy

    WOW! I guess karma does exist! So sad though! I wonder what happened to her?

  4. Christy McIe


  5. Pat Bassler

    Take a chill pill! 10 years from now thanks to the news her kids will know about it. Don't you think YOUR post is just YOUR opinion? If you don't want opinions given, don't give them yourself. BTW, IT ISN'T NECESSARY TO SHOUT!!!! besides, all you're doing is hitting the keys harder. No one can hear you.

  6. Lizbeth Smock

    WTF? Still collecting food stamps? She still entitled? GMAFB! She only had to pay back $5500.00 from a 1M winning.

  7. Erricka Perkins

    She probably had to pay back what she accepted after winning the money

  8. Amy Aucoin Byrd

    I've heard that the guy who invented the lottery also cursed it. Wouldn't surprise me since alot of the winners end up with more problems than they started with. As for this particular story…you have got to be freaking kidding me! And the writer of this story did nothing to explain why or how the woman died–terrible writer. Oh and 1 more thing…I can't believe people commenting are bringing up politics…where does a woman have to hide to get away from this sham of an election? The whole darn thing is an absolute joke that makes me embarrassed for my own country.

  9. Larry R. King

    I am with Joanna on this one. If Mitt has 40% support and represents 1%, 39% are stupid.

  10. Terrica Mccloud

    that's what happens when you make lottery winners names public. they have the celeberity but not the protection. it's best if they are and remain unknown. they can live their lives without the stalkers and murderers chasing them. the system has a better way of dealing with fraud they didn't have to take her through this and maybe it would not have ended in her death.

  11. Terrica Mccloud

    curses aren't real it's not the money its what you do with it there are plenty of lottery winners who are having wonderful lives from the choices they made in life. and the fact that these people's names and images are made public, i think , are part of the problem. no one helps the lottery winners when they are suddenly millionaires and no one advises them on what to do with that money or how to realistically spend it so that they don't wind up broke and depressed. also they have no protection from attackers or stalkers, just a lot of publicity that makes them an overnight celebrity and destroys friendships and family relationships because the friends and family feel they are owed money from winners. all of that leads up to the problems that lottery winners have. there needs to be more protection and privacy for winners. ijs

  12. Terrica Mccloud

    sorry you can't use welfare money to buy lottery tickets you are very ignorant.

  13. Amy Aucoin Byrd

    Call it a curse…call it bad luck…call it poor guidance…regardless, I'm a fairly intelligent person when it comes to money, and I wouldn't want to win the lottery….too risky. Nothing in life is free.

  14. Shayna Vitolla Phillips

    I agree. Most of the time when somebody gets a large sum of money everyone starts putting their hands out expecting money. If you've never had much money it is hard to handle…kind of like a kid getting handed a years worth of snacks and goodies all at once and being expected to do the right thing…Ive found that to much money can be just as stressful as too little just my opinion

  15. Tom Riglin

    Cash assistance "welfare" is a check you cash and spend it on beer drugs lottery tickets hooker or whatever you want. So who is ignorant?

  16. Elisha Grant

    You can always choose to keep your winning private. Your name doesn't have to be made public. You do have a choice.

  17. Eric Ferguson

    Mitt represents 100% as does Obama. This lady obviously follows a Liberal lifestyle so would be closer related to what Obama wants, not Romney. Yes Mitt would be fueled by stories like this because it is what he is fighting against in Congress. This woman was convicted of a crime and rightfully so. Obama want't everyone on the government dole, and if anything shows what that is like the story of this woman winning Millions and still thinking she is entitled to Welfare, because she "technically" doesn't have any income.

  18. Eric Ferguson

    Just because she states something opposite of the truth does not mean she is retarded. If she had a mental block that made her slower to think that would make her retarded. She may be ignorant, but we have to stop with the vile rhetoric, it gets us nowhere. Just like her calling a man intelligent enough to make millions of dollars and be president of the Olympic committee and CEO an idiot. So you are just as bad as her. Doesn't make you look to intelligent if you can't say constructive things without being destructive. It is like building a house of cards in a hurricane.

  19. Clarence Zimmerman

    Not as ignorant as you if you believe this. Whose money did she buy them with then ?? Since he is giving you a free phone you don't need the money for that anymore !!!!

  20. Christy McIe

    actually no!!! It comes on a card these days!! NOW WHOS IGNORANT?? PEOPLE KILL ME!! AND THIS IS THE WORLD WE LIVE IN!!

  21. Christy McIe


  22. Valerie McLaughlin

    I for one sleep at night. I am not doing the judging, I don't have to. She did something wrong. it was plain and simple immorally wrong.. you know how many people who are out there that need it but can't get it because they fall through loopholes.. perhaps you should think about that before you speak

  23. Valerie McLaughlin

    I for one sleep at night. I am not doing the judging, I don't have to. She did something wrong. it was plain and simple~immorally wrong.. you know how many people who are out there that need assistance but can't get it because they fall through loopholes.. maybe she could have played it forward and helped people instead of stealing, we would be having a whole different discussion ___ perhaps you should think about that before you speak.

  24. Christy McIe

    i understand she did wrong and that there are people who need it a hell of alot more trust me!! However it really isnt our place to cast judgement upon her …seems like her judgement day has come!!! Seems like everyone in our country is doing something wrong these days!! Thats my opion!!! And I just think people should be keeping it it in mind that her children may read this one day and it is not there fault what there parents did or do!! Thats all I am saing!!

  25. Valerie McLaughlin

    I am not judging her by saying Karma gets You.. Consequences…there are consequences to everything we do..this is the lesson I try to teach my children. As for her children, it is too bad that they won't have their mother but these were the consequences of the choices she made — there is no changing that. The children may learn a valuable lesson from it know the old saying "everything happens for a reason."

  26. Lilly G Verret

    mitt romney just wants more wars ugh this country is gonna go to hell no matter what i still think ron paul should of at least have a chance but our government don't want him to talk 'WHY' because he spoke the truth and was the only one that actually made sense and not like this fakers that just want to kiss ass and then when they win nothing happens but our people suffer

  27. Eric Ferguson

    I don't know of anyone who actually wants wars. They are not helping Obama out and didn't help Bush out, so I doubt that Romney wants them. As far as Ron Paul goes, I like a lot of what he says,but He is either naive or ignorant if he thinks that Muslim extremists will stop attacking us if we stop meddling in their backyards. We are allies with Israel and they hat Jews and Christians. we are seen as a Christian nation by a lot of Countries and Muslim Jihadists call us Little Satan. 911 would have happened regardless of our presence in the Middle East.

  28. Mark Losben

    Very simplistic: Karma's a bitch, What goes around comes around, etc. It's all nonsense. Sure, it makes you feel better to believe that because then you get the feeling that there's some justice in the world…….but there isn't. How about when really bad things happen to good people and vice versa. What do you say then? You can't say nothing! Wise up, people.

  29. Mark Losben

    Very simplistic: Karma's a bitch, What goes around comes around, etc. It's all nonsense. Sure, it makes you feel better to believe that because then you get the feeling that there's some justice in the world…….but there isn't. How about when really bad things happen to good people and vice versa. What do you say then? You can't say nothing! Wise up, people.

  30. Mark Losben

    A welfare recipient has the same right (as anyone else) to call anyone ignorant. And no, I have never been on welfare or received ANYTHING for free from the government.

  31. Mark Losben

    A welfare recipient has the same right (as anyone else) to call anyone ignorant. And no, I have never been on welfare or received ANYTHING for free from the government.

  32. Mark Losben

    Terrica, you seem to be the only one on this thread who is making any sense.

  33. Clarence Zimmerman

    And you don't think that Communist Muslim Obama is not an idiot well then you must be one too !!

  34. Clarence Zimmerman

    Larry R. King If anyone is an idiot it must be you agreeing with Joanna!Believe this when I say Mitt Romney has more of the votes than the biased polls will show you and will be your next President and a REAL Commander in Chief of the US Military !!Just wait a couple more days and see !!

  35. Lilly G Verret

    i think obama is just in for the fame not to save this country so hes an bigger idiot than romney

  36. Lilly G Verret

    yeah and we will c a bunch of wars and our troops leaving again because thats what romney is all about ugh warmonger

  37. Clarence Zimmerman

    Terrica all I have to say is an old addage.Seek and yee shall find !!If a lottery winner wants to do g
    ood with the money all they have to do is ask or look it up .Those that fail probably would have failed anyway !!

  38. Dusty Thompson

    Yes the Welfare Class has always supported the GOP… Seriously, thats your argument, really??? Joanna you're officially a complete idiot and a perfect example of a Democrat Party member. Useless idiots never change.

  39. Dusty Thompson

    Lilly G Verret After 3.5 years of Obama selectively killing people (innocents and Americans included) with his drones on his Hitlist its OK. But in your delusional World Romney is the warmonger? Gawd youre an idiot. Liberalism is a dangerous Mental Disorder. Go crawl back into your affirmative action, liberal, social justice based freak show… Youre inexperienced and ignorant foolish child and when you grow up you will realize how dumb you really are… Then again when youre that dumb maybe not.

  40. Terrica Mccloud

    sorry cash assistance is not a check it is on a welfare card and the law won't allow cash assistance to be used for any thing but house hold use and there has to be a record to prove that it is needed and was used for that purpose.

  41. Terrica Mccloud

    Ilse Dujmovic also you don't have to be a recipient of welfare to know the law neither do you have to be dumb to be ignorant it simply means thinking you know something you don't

  42. Terrica Mccloud

    Tom Riglin sorry cash assistance is not a check it is on a welfare card and the law won't allow cash assistance to be used for any thing but house hold use and there has to be a record to prove that it is needed and was used for that purpose.

  43. Terrica Mccloud

    Amy Aucoin Byrd ok i get you and i understand your point good point. :)

  44. Terrica Mccloud

    not in most states you don't. and in the few you do you have to get brokers and lawyers to make your name and winning private.

  45. Terrica Mccloud

    clarence i agree to a point some would have failed anyway but others need a bit of help that is a lot of money at one tie. sometimes having too much of a good thing can have bad results

  46. Terrica Mccloud

    Clarence Zimmerman sometimes its not that easy you don't always know who to trust and having a lot of money sometimes means you're setting yourself up for people to try ot attack you and hurt you even if you are looking for help everyone in this world is not out to help you and everyone is not who they say they are. it's just easier to present winners with people who can help them up front.

  47. Lisa Emons Hansen

    some of you people need to grow up . john and your one of them. that could of been your sister . so wtf . shut your mouth no one deserves to die like that

  48. Terrica Mccloud

    Clarence Zimmerman remember she's a lottery winner she can buy whatever she wants and just because she's on welfare doesn't mean she doesn't work.

  49. Anita Brokaw

    I agree and besides they did't give her a chance to make good on the money she won even if she continued to collect food stamps,did'nt mean she did'nt deserve to eat/look's like to me malnutrition was part of the cause/this is sad not only that /she won the lottory enough money to now provide for herself a lot of benifits come from lottery proceeds/she might have not really needed the food stamps /she was now independent/finacially /this is an shame/maybe she wanted to make good on her burden to goverment /maybe she really did need help and the food stamps was all that she had to still feel like she had a chance if only it was enough/you can't buy lotto with food stamps maybe somebody wanted to buy durgs or beer and she took a dollar and bought a tiket and had no idea she was going to win/that could make the difference in being on food stamps like that is the worst thing in the world to do/what a shame this poor women should have had more protection for her life/regardless of the lottory or food stamps/all that publiscity was not what she needed at all/ these people should be ashmed of themselve's

  50. Anita Brokaw

    Valerie McLaughlin /she won the lottery no one knows if they are going to win/ she took a chance a chance the would have changed her life/because she still recieved food stamps does not mean she did not deserve to eat/did she even have a chance to spend any of the money I'm quite sure with a littlle assistance she would have made good on her burden to government/we are talking food stamps and this is America and if I'm not mistaken she is an American and one thing we do do is feed those who are hungry and not only that/I feel the poor woman has suffering enough /listening to some of these comments is very disheartening when this is Our Country/ people have come along way /and to have to be subjected on these meritt's in my opinion is unAmerican. Maybe we should redefine Assistance then to protect ourselve's from this type of misjudgement's in the future. God bless her!!!!!

  51. Christy McIe

    You people should be ashamed of your self!! She was someones granddaughter, daughter, mother ect……. and there is not one perfect man or woman on this earth!! Jesuse, is the only one!! and he and our father will do our judgen!!! THANKYOU!!!

  52. Anita Brokaw

    I think more like hunger/you might not belive it but there are numbers of us folk's that don't even know how to cook/imange that /maybe she would have did better pan handling at burger king drive through/better yet maybe the gabage can/and not told anybody and ended up dead any way/that is a lot of money /people are not very kind now day/the women needed help/no one gave a dam before she won and wth what difference did it make if she was on food stamps/she took a chance and won the lottory/is there a law against that/if it is then I think they should end the lottory but not food stamps/maybe she had to sell her body for money and then brought the ticket/maybe some john brought if for her/something is not sounding right here/no one was there with her when see played that ticket /to me that would say no one was tther to guide her/ we are all aware of the problem's when it come's to money/and no one knew what dream's this woman had for herself or her family/if winning the lottory was a way to that dream she still had no way of knowing she was going to win/I think her money should be used to investagate what really happened to her/because this is looking real ugly. she looked very hungery to me/being on food stamps is not against the law regardless in my opinion nor is being hungry or playing the lottory/this is a disgrace/what is a lottory winning welfare recipient any way?

  53. Valerie McLaughlin

    People.. come on down off the soap box.. all I said was Karma gets You.. didn't say she was right, wrong or indifferent. honestly, I could care less. the fact is Karma gets You!.

  54. Lisa Mediak

    If she was addicted to a drug, then that's considered a disease, just like cancer. Sometimes "choosing" to do drugs is less of a "choice" than some people might think.

  55. Valerie McLaughlin

    and yes, Jesus will be the judge.and he will forgive her. so stop your worrying.

  56. Lisa Mediak

    I don't know if the laws have changed recently, but as of four to six years ago, you didn't have to provide any proof of what you spent the money on, at least not in NY.

  57. Valerie McLaughlin

    and Anita Brokow. what are you talking about because she received food stamps she didn't deserve to eat." because she still recieved food stamps does not mean she did not deserve to eat." I don't even know what that means!!!

    She collected assistance after winning..okay.. do the math.. she should not have needed assistance to eat. She should have stopped collecting.. I have seen many people ROB, and I mean rob the system not needing what they were getting from the Government because they were lazy and felt that it was beneath them to take a job at a low-paying job. and noooooooooooooooo I am not saying she did this but she should have stopped collecting…

  58. Lisa Mediak

    Are you telling me you've NEVER lied, cheated, stolen or broken the law in any other way that could negatively affect others? Even speeding could end up in an accident that causes serous injury to someone else, so take care about casting stones until you walk in someone else's shoes.

  59. Lisa Mediak

    If she was addicted, she didn't "forget." She had a DISEASE, God help her. May the first "perfect" mother here please step forward. We ALL make mistakes and bad choices at one time or another. It's called LIFE!

  60. Lisa Mediak

    Perhaps you should think about if you EVER made a mistake/bad choice in your life before? I don't know ANYONE who's perfect, and I know a LOT of REALLY good people, but none who are without fault, including myself, then or now. Do you really have the right to cast the first stone? I HIGHLY doubt it!

  61. Christy McIe

    ladie noone was only just pointing out you but but you know what you got a guilty con?? so be it personally I think your a real BITCH!!!! A DESCRACE TO AMERICANS!! THATS JUST MY OPINION!!!

  62. Valerie McLaughlin

    lol.. okay you are entitled to your opinion just as I am.. but a "descrace to Americans" omgosh.. that's good!!! you are a disgrace to the school system in America. just sayin' :)

  63. Lisa Mediak

    And yes, by saying that karma gets you, you basically ARE saying that she did something wrong…correct?

  64. Christy McIe


  65. Christy McIe

    Lisa Mediak Yes thats what she said ..however I think it was a rude comment to make along with alot of others on here , but they cant help it that there ignorant!!! I belive that you should know someones storie before making a judgement but I guess thats my opion , idk….I just think that this is a sad story!!

  66. Manny Perez-Capon

    When you have never had anything and you come into sudden money, results such as these come up very easily. I feel no pitty for any dope user or dope seller.

  67. Valerie McLaughlin

    tisk..tisk…tisk.. actually I am a very happy conscious clear woman that really has more important things to do with her time that responding to you.. so thank you for not wasting any more your time on me.

  68. Kathy Clark

    People on welfare buy lottery tickets all the time. I work at a store where they do and can.

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