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Meet Tardar Sauce, The Internet’s Favorite Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat Tadar Sauce

Think you’ve seen the most adorable cat videos the internet has to offer? Say hello to Tardar Sauce, the web’s favorite grumpy cat. In the latest feline-oriented video to make the rounds, viewers are introduced to a cat with a perpetual frown. Although it seems to be having the time of its life with its owner, the fuzzy creature’s face suggests otherwise. Then again, the poor little guy could be having a natural reaction to his most unfortunate name.

Tardar Sauce, or “Tard” for short, isn’t angry at the world. According to, this seemingly grumpy cat is actually a very happy and loving kitten. “Tardar has what looks kind of like an under bite. She looked unique, as did her brother, at birth, with a flat face, bubble eyes, and a short tail,” owner Tabatha Bundesen explained.

However, the grumpy cat’s owner did admit there might be other reasons the feline is a little testy. “Tardar is not as coordinated as a normal cat, so she is likely a little angry about that. I think she likes to be held and petted some times, but being the pet of a 10 year old could make anyone grumpy,” Bundesen admitted.

What kind of cat is Tardar Sauce, you ask? According to a helpful reader at Paw Nation, the grumpy cat is a Snowshoe Siamese. “Unfortunately, this one has some very bad genetic defects,” the visitor wrote. “The likely cause is inbreeding due to the small gene pool available for breeders. Do a Google search for this breed to see what they are supposed to look like. They are actually a stunningly beautiful cat. This one, of course, has his own kind of beauty!”

Although others have suggested that the internet’s favorite grumpy cat is nothing more than the work of a Photoshop artist with a sly sense of humor, Tardar Sauce’s owner Tabatha Bundesen assures the world that her pet is the real deal. To see the grumpy cat in action, take a look at the video embedded below.

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54 Responses to “Meet Tardar Sauce, The Internet’s Favorite Grumpy Cat”

  1. Anonymous

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  2. Camren Bernier-Tilley

    don't forget your local shelter has plenty of beautiful animals.

  3. Jacki Kottiath

    Tardar Sauce is not a Snowshoe Siamese. She's a Snowshoe. The Snowshoe and Siamese are two different breeds. Come on, guys, check your information.

  4. Jo-Ann George Klimowicz

    The cutest cat ever. I'm a little disappointed, I wanted to get one just like him but alas he's one of a kind! BTW Tarder sauce has a tumblr page!

  5. Jo-Ann George Klimowicz

    Oh and this cat looks just like Jeremy Renner…google it!

  6. Jacki Kottiath

    They're still not called Snowshoe Siamese. The Snowshoe is a recognized breed, not just longhaired Siamese. Also, after seeing Tard's mother and brother, I don't think she's either. Just a mixed-breed cat.

  7. Dana Seilhan

    I love cats and am owned by six rescues, but let's face it, there is no way people are ever going to take in all those cats. Some people are allergic, some people live places where pets are not allowed, some people have special life situations that prevent them owning pets, or cats in specific. It's not the existence of purebreds that causes all these mixed-breed cats to wind up in shelters. It's the failure of cat owners to spay or neuter pets they do not intend to deliberately breed. Actually quite the percentage of American cats are spayed or neutered, but it only takes a relative handful to create a population explosion.

    I hate to say it but either people need to step up and take all that money they've been donating to PETA and send it to actual pet shelters instead for the upkeep, or we need to see more euthanizing, if it really is a crisis that these fed and housed cats are in a shelter instead of in individual homes. You are never going to get them all homed and that is just the way it is.

  8. Sarah Whitlock

    Mark my words, someone is going to try to breed them like this. They're adorable, but… I suspect there are health problems with them that go along with so many breeding defects.

  9. Atom Manhattan

    …yeah that's probably why Matt said NICKNAMED. Pay the F attention, people. Jeeezus…

  10. Sandy Deland

    I thought the first time I saw this kitty that it was photoshopped. What a sad face, but so precious!

  11. Anonymous

    Oh for Pete's sake. What difference does it make what breed he is? He's cute and does funny antics. From the video he looks like he is very loving too. @dana you are correct and not correct about shelter cats. It's a cat. For the most part people don't care about cat breeds they care about cuteness and love ability. Also there are many many no kill shelters now and they will house them until they find forever homes. (these are the ones that get my support and donations). I choose to help animals live instead of helping them die. Now the question is why are animals turned into state run shelters being euthanized as soon as they come in, and aren't even given a chance to be adopted? There are also groups that you can help by becoming an animal foster parent. Where homeless pets are taken into a home until a permanent home is found. Dana I say we need to turn you into a shelter and see how you would like to be euthanized if you didn't find a home quickly.My cat is an adoption kitty. I thought I was just adopting a mixed breed cat. Come time to get his shots, the vet said he is a pure breed Norwegian Forest Cat. Didn't make one bit of difference to how much I love my boo. All cats are unique, so are all dogs. A pedigree does not ensure the animal will be a good pet. In fact due to inbreeding many animals that are pure breed are constantly sick. I am not saying they aren't taken care of so don't get your panties in a wad. I AM saying that their immune system is low, not the animals fault but it is expensive in ways beyond paying for the pedigree. Shelter animals all have blue ribbons for best of show, you can't beat them for love and companionship. Who cares if they have a pure breed diploma or not? Adopt a best friend, you will be glad you did!

  12. Kara Hill

    I think he's adorable! Cute kitty. People need to be nicer, every animal deserves some love.

  13. Cole Richardson

    Anyone else notice the swearing in the background of the video? That aside, I LOVE this cat. I don't care if it's a genetic defect, it's adorable. I have two mixed breed cats and they are wonderful companions. The only "purebreed" I like is the maine coon. All animals should be given a chance!

  14. Steve Mcvey

    I went to Texas in Sept, while I was there a stray kitten wandered into my fiancees yard, a tiny thing, doing that adorable walking sideways thing that kittens do. I named her Cinnaminson Socks and charged my wife to be with looking after her till I move out there next fall (or whenever the visa arrives). Turns out Cinna is a boy, those plums hadn't dropped! Now there's an angry cat! "Daddy? Why did you give me a girls name?" LOL I love him to bits though, can't wait to move out there and be with my lady and my cat x

  15. Ava Adams

    The owner is pretty rude to this cat, pestering it awake and petting it in ways she (tardar) clearly does NOT enjoy. If you're not going to love and respect your animals, don't have one! Plenty of other people would treat Tardar Sauce sweetly.

  16. Malinda Crouse

    I adore Maine Coons. Beautiful cats. The Rag Doll is my favorite though. But I pretty much love all cats, except hairless ones and they just creep me out. My son calls me the Crazy Cat Lady. :) I have my oldest cats paw prints tattooed on the back of my neck.

  17. Matt Smith

    Unfortunately its becoming common for people to breed cats just to get ones that have genetic defects.

  18. Christy Cook

    Her mother is a calico. She's not a purebred.

  19. Erin Elizabeth

    Ya I don't buy the Tardar sauce story. I think Tard was short for something else as they admit they let their related cats co mingle and don't know who the daddy was and it was a "tard" so sad.

  20. Lana A. Rosas

    Tardar is female people and stop speaking negatively of the owner, you don't even know her.

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