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Actress Raped In Hudson River Park Shares Story Of Her Attack

actress raped in hudson river park

New York City, NY – A traumatized actress from Tribeca shared her rape story, noting how she looked into directly into the man’s eyes and begged him repeatedly to stop. The unidentified woman pleaded with her attacker and asked him how he could rape her, asking if he had a sister and a mother. The convicted felon reportedly stated her during the rape that his mother and sister were dead and told her to shut up.

The 21-year-old actress escaped from the registered sex offender about 30 minutes into the rape attack, and ran screaming naked through the Hudson River Park. Alleged attacker Jonathan Stewart was later arrested in lower Manhattan near the park, according to New York Daily News.

The young Tribeca woman stated during the interview that she was sitting along the Hudson River Park around 5 am on Saturday, in a reflective mood. The 25-year-old alleged rapist approached her as she was sitting on a bench. Jonathan Stewart was reportedly released from prison in 2011 and is a Level III sex offender. The New York City actress maintains her attacker sat down next to her and started a conversation about her iPhone, according to the Daily Mail.

Sensing danger after noticing his bloodshot red eyes, she got up and started to walk out of the lower Manhattan park. She reports she as then dragged into some bushes where she was choked, beaten, and ultimately raped.

After managing to free herself from the attacker, she ran screaming until she encountered two Parks Department officers and told them about the physical attack. The officers immediately put out a description of the man on their handheld radios. Stewart was picked up a short time later by NYPD policemen and arrested on rape charges. The accused attacker finished serving a seven-year sentence in 2011 for robbing and assaulting another woman.

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9 Responses to “Actress Raped In Hudson River Park Shares Story Of Her Attack”

  1. Anonymous

    he's a boon whitey made him rape..he will get a free obama phone.

  2. Carlton Colquitt

    A single, fit, attractive white woman alone on a bench by the Hudson at 5 a.m. Hmmmm…..Sorry, dear, but a modicum of common sense is called for on your part.

  3. Elizabeth Maxima

    What does being single, fit, or attractive have to do with ANY of this? Furthermore, why are you even bringing this up? What is the relevance of your comment, exactly? To make her feel bad for being attacked? Why should she be shamed? Why are you going out of your way to make this kind of blaming statement after reading this entire story? What is so wrong with you, buddy? If your wife or daughter was raped, would you go over the list of things they should have done differently? You make me SICK.

  4. Elizabeth Maxima

    Good question. Why do some men still insist on raping? Why isn't that being asked?

  5. Payam Larijani

    where are all the gun nuts when you need them? I think we need cameras instead of guns! If they had cameras on every bench and some guard watching the feed from all the camears, they would have noticed one lady sitting by herself at 5am.
    let's use our 21st century technology and get rid of the obsolete 18th century junk guns we still seem to think is the best way to stay safe..
    why didn't she use her iphone to call 911 the moment that she felt the dude was being weird or when she saw the blood shot eyes?

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