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Japan’s Underwater Crop Circle Was Made By A Tiny Pufferfish

underwater crop circle

The mystery behind an underwater crop circle in Japan has been solved.

Underwater photographer Yoji Ookata spotted a strangely beautiful structure off the coast of the southern Japanese island of Anami Oshima. According to Geekosystem, the strange formation, dubbed the mystery circle, could not be explained by Ookata or the camera crew.

So what built it? Underwater aliens? An ancient sea creature?

It turns out that the strange circle was created by an ordinary pufferfish.

According to Japanese broadcaster NHK the decorative circle was created by a single male pufferfish. Researchers believe that the pufferfish was trying to attract a mate. In addition to the decorative ridges, the pufferfish also placed small pebbles and shells around the circle.

But the underwater circle is more than just a sweet pufferfish bachelor pad. In addition to its mate attracting duties, the circle has another function. Kozmedia reports that female pufferfish will lay its eggs on the circle and the decorative edges will protect the eggs from the ocean currents. The small shells and rocks may also provide the small fish with food.

Here’s a video about Japan’s underwater crop circles.

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8 Responses to “Japan’s Underwater Crop Circle Was Made By A Tiny Pufferfish”

  1. Anonymous

    The lies and bullshit give me a break a fucking fish did that LMAO so easy to lie and cover up something then it is to just tell the truth.

  2. Anonymous

    that's one EXTREMELY talented puffer fish….rrriigghhttt….anything you say.

  3. Jason Kiang

    So we're supposed to believe that a pufferfish made this perfectly shaped eccentric circle? The media is really insulting our intelligence at this point.

  4. William Lower

    So would you have them tell us they don, t know? When the little green people are standing next to you the Government will have another good one for us. They already know a lot more than they are telling! Why is it so hard to understand?

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