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Kato Kaelin May Have Said O.J. Simpson Did Commit Murders

Kato Kaelin may have claimed O.J. did it

When O.J. Simpson‘s ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldman were murdered in 1994, the closest thing to a witness was Kato Kaelin, Simpson’s friend who was staying in the guest house at the time. Now Kaelin has said he believes O.J. was guilty. Kaelin became a minor celebrity during Simpson’s trial, and his testimony has varied over time.

Kaelin spoke out in an interview with the New York Post, claiming, it seems, to be sure of the former football legend’s guilt.

“The statute of limitations has now passed … so I can now say … yes, he did it,” Kaelin told the Post. He was later asked why he didn’t come forward sooner; he replied, “I was too scared. I was terrified.”

Despite the shock of that revelation, Kaelin seemed to backtrack in a following interview with TMZ.

“I would never say something like this,” he told TMZ, saying he had no idea where the quotes came from. In the New York Post story written by Cindy Adams, Kato also waxes poetic about his life after the trial, D-list movies, and brief talk show appearances.

“People hated me,” he said. “I’ve been spat upon. They threw gum in my coffee.”

Still though, it should be noted that Kaelin says he never gave that interview. He does believe O.J. Simpson (who by the way is serving time in prison for an unrelated crime) killed Brown and Goldman but stresses that he does not have first hand knowledge of the murders.

So Kato Kaelin may or may not have told the New York Post that O.J. committed the murders, but he definitely told TMZ that he didn’t say that. Got it?

Do you think Kato Kaelin knows more than he’s telling?

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14 Responses to “Kato Kaelin May Have Said O.J. Simpson Did Commit Murders”

  1. Elizabeth Liz Bell

    Oh what a bunch of bull.He "may" have said it? He is desperate.Give it a rest.. OJ Simpson might be many things in others opinions.But a cold blooded brutal killer he I'd not.Yes I'm probably one of a handful that stands behind my opinion.He didn't have enough time to do such,and be blood free.Then get on a plane.Oh good gosh!

  2. Elizabeth Liz Bell

    Pt2. And may say, the glove deal is a joke.OJ has athletic hands and arthritis! No way on that deal.Plus to try to say a deceased attorney ripped the insides of them? Look inside a pair of real leather gloves.My leather gloves have nothing to rip inside they are leather! He isn't a cold blooded killer to do such,especially to his children's mother.Remember he posted an reward!! Nobody took it serious.No bloody socks either.Everyone should be swell.He has been harassed to the max.When is the oldest son issue going to be addressed? OJ shouldn't be in jail now.He was set up by a scumbag.I would have wanted my personal items to.I know how it feels to be robbed.Wave the personal items in front of his face.l don't blame him.I would have got them to.Nobody was gunned down either.Give this man a break people.Kato needs a southern butt kicking! Iv been quite all these years. I'm sick of it.OJ is innocent,and free him from jail as well,plus give him! His personal items.Then go pester Charles Manson a while!

  3. Brotherap Brotherap

    Let's see those Juditha Brown phone records that allegedly back up that dubious stipulation that both the prosecution and defense agreed to enter of Nicole and her mom's last phone conversation. The stipulation acrimoniously entered during Simpson's trial alleging the Browns could drive between Brentwood (L.A) and Dana Point (O.C.) in approximately 45 minutes. They probably couldn't do it now on the same highway, and for sure couldn't do it then while HOV lane system was just starting construction in yr two. A usual 90+ minute drive was normal between the two locales but that put OJ in the limo to LAX when Nicole was still alive talking to her mom at approx. 11PM instead of 9:37PM as the stipulation alleges. Read PURSUIT OF EXHIBIT 35 in the OJ Simpson Murder Trial at amazon and dismiss this know nothing Kato Kaelin that dope fiend was out of it.

  4. Tara Ziehl Patenaude

    You sound like one of those sick women who become pen pals with death row inmates, then marry them to have conjugal visits like it some sort of thrill. OJ is no doubt guilty. He was pissed at Nicole, showed up at her house, she told him to leave, he assumed it was for a hookup, and he killed her, then Ron just happened to show up- wrong place, wrong time. Of course the glove didnt fit- it shrunk from being drenched in her blood. Ya, he was going to find her killer, put up a reward even- to make himself look not guilty. This was a rage killing, and he wouldnt be the first person to murder his wife. I say rage killing because he almost cut her head off!! Get therapy dear- this man is GUILTY!!!!

  5. Merci Alese

    Another sick dirt bag in this world….what the F&^%$ is wrong with people?

  6. Merci Alese

    Elizabeth are you nuts? Really, get a grip on reality. WOW again, WTF is wrong with people, get your heads out of the sand and get with GOD, quick. Elizabeth, my advice to you,,,,pray pray pray for the Lord to open your eyes and put your his hands over your mouth..

  7. Greg Dickerson

    Merci Alese She's beyond therapy at this point with, thoughts like like she is having. The only thing that would help her to she the truth is to have her live with him for a bit. Them she may see what evil looks like.

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