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Amish Beard Cutting Group Convicted Of Hate Crimes

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The Amish Beard cutting trial is over, and Samuel Mullet Sr. and his 15 followers have been convicted of hate crimes.

The NY Times reports that Mullet Sr. and his followers were convicted following five attacks on rival Amish groups. Mullet Sr. did not participate in the beard cutting attacks, but he did plan and encourage his followers to get revenge on rival Amish groups.

According to CBS, Mullet, his four children, and the 11 other members of the Amish sect could face 10 years or more in prison for conspiracy, evidence tampering, and obstruction of justice.

Mullet Sr. seemed to think that his group could operate outside the laws of the United States. After his arrest, Mullet said:

“You have your laws on the road and the town – if somebody doesn’t obey them, you punish them. But I’m not allowed to punish the church people?”

The Denver Post reports that the attacks resulted in hate crime charges since they were all religiously motivated. Mullet Sr. orchestrated the attacks as a way to punish other Amish groups for criticizing his rule.

During the trial, several of the victims gave their accounts of the attacks. One bishop said that he was dragged out of his farmhouse by five men one night. They then proceeded to cut his chest length beard to just an inch below his chin. A woman said that her hair was cut by her sons and a daughter who had joined Mullet’s sect.

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3 Responses to “Amish Beard Cutting Group Convicted Of Hate Crimes”

  1. Christopher Koulouris

    Ultimately what makes this case particularly perverse is how one would normally expect an individual or a group of individuals completely unrelated to the clan to inflict such humiliation and degradation and not someone from within the dominion who would understand the importance of what was been done to individuals stripped of their hair and beards. Perhaps on some level one can wonder if Mullet wasn’t so much punishing those within his own clan as he claims but administering a kind of self disgust and self loathing at the set of beliefs that he had now turned on its head…?

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