PS3 Slim confirmed for worldwide September launch, priced at $299

[UPDATE: First official press pics!]

It looks like hotly-tipped rumor has become fact.

Just minutes ago, Sony super-confirmed what we all expected: that a slimmer version of the company’s PlayStation 3 would be hitting stores worldwide in the first week of September. Woo! 1UP snapped a picture of the announcement being made at Germany’s GamesCom convention. It’s a bit blurry, but know this: it’s a PS3, and it is slim.

It will not be known as the PS3 Slim, however. Despite being 33% smaller and 36% lighter than its older brother, the new console won’t have any new functionality, and will simply be known as a PS3. Does this mean the old model is to be phased out? That seems likely. Whether you go with the Slim or Phat Ps3, both are the same price right now – 299 Euros, $299 USD, or 29,980 yen.


[Via 1UP]