Sean Smith, Eve Online Player, Killed In Libyan Embassy Attack

Sean Smith, Victim Of Libyan Embassy Attack, Mourned By Online Gaming World

Sean Smith, the U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer who died with Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens during the attack on the United States Embassy in Libya, is being mourned by the online gaming world. When he was not engaged in his difficult work in the war torn nation of Libya, Sean spent his free moments as a devoted player of EVE Online, the intergalactic MMO of space combat, diplomacy and political intrigue.

While President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke fondly of Sean Smith at the memorial ceremony at Andrews Air Force Base, gamers the world over paid tribute to Sean, who played EVE Online with the handle of “Vile Rat.” Smith’s EVE Online character was remembered by players as a tough diplomat and spy. Sean was a member of the Goonswarm Alliance, a major faction in the game.

Sean was actually chatting online with EVE Online players when the attack started on the Libyan embassy. As protesters surged over the walls, Sean told them he would be back later, “assuming we don’t die tonight.”

Dr. Erlendur Thorsteinsson, the game’s software director, recalled meeting Sean and his family at several EVE Online conventions. Sean and his wife Heather would attend the conventions when his work for the Foreign Service permitted. Sean was also a member of the player-elected government (The Council of Stellar Management) that held in-person meetings in Iceland.

EVE Online is played by a dedicated community of 400,000 players who engage in corporate espionage and backroom deals to seek every advantage over other players. The science fiction role playing game is quite complicated and features some of the most outstanding graphics in the online gaming world.

Ned Coker, publicist for the game’s developer, CCP Games, told the Daily News that Smith was “a true force” in the EVE Online community.

A Screenshot From EVE Online