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Children In Shocking Australia Protest Bear ‘Behead All Those Who Insult The Prophet’ Signs

Sydney Islamic protest disturbs Australians

Violent protests have erupted in the Middle East over the offensive anti-Islamic film Innocence of Muslims in recent days, but demonstrations are no longer isolated to that region. Recent reports show that Muslim protests have been organized elsewhere, most notably in Sydney, Australia.

“Behead all those that insult the prophet,” read several signs held by men and even children at the Sydney protest. The demonstration at Hyde Park drew a massive crowd of Muslims who answered an alleged call by the Muslim Brotherhood to organize in such a capacity, ready to riot, and even incite further violence. According to ABC, a simple text message prompted the worldwide surge in demonstrations. It read: “We must defend the honour of our prophet, we must act now.”

According to the police superintendent, the protestors “came forearmed to cause damage.” Of 150 summoned officers, six were injured by the protestors. Eight protestors were arrested, and the mob eventually dispersed.

Once again, social media has played a key role in the international reporting of the events as they transpired. Twitter in particular was crucial to coverage of the Sydney Muslim protest, as hundreds of Australians expressed their disgust over the demonstration. Primarily responding to signs carried by men and children calling for the decapitation of those who “insult the prophet,” Aussies tweeted their reactions to the demonstration in real time.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on the riot as well: “The crowd carried signs saying ‘Behead all those who insult the prophet.’ Paramedics attended to several protesters suffering from the effects of tear gas.”

The protest in Sydney seems to have been rejected by many in the country, and for good reason. One spokesman for the protest said “We are here to rally in protest about what they have said about the Prophet Mohammed,” continuing, “We say that America should not play the role of supporting this movie,” which really only proves that disinformation is a global epidemic. Even a quick Google search would show that in no way has the US supported the offensive film, and that we’re even investigating its production.

I can tell you what else we don’t support: Violence and threats of violence against our own citizens.

More Twitter-specific coverage of the Muslim protest in Australia can be found at Twitchy. What do you think? Are these demonstrations pushing it?

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17 Responses to “Children In Shocking Australia Protest Bear ‘Behead All Those Who Insult The Prophet’ Signs”

  1. Thorne Kontos

    "Paramedics attended to several protesters suffering from the effects of tear gas.”.

    Now here is how it should read.

    "Paramedics were told to ready body bags as the Australian military told the crowd to disperse or lethal force would be authorized."

  2. Billy Jones

    I think death threats in this case should be clearly and easily prosecuted. It is not ok to kill or rape someone because they make fun of you or your belief system. For when the Flying Spaghetti Monster came down from the Italian Bistro in the the sky, he did transcribe on sauce on a very classy white plate words quite similar to these (spaghetti sauce smears, you know) "you shouldn't get your panties in a wad over what someone says. Don't be an idiot." R'amen!

  3. Anonymous

    Dear Australians I am so proud and thankful that your police and citizens stood up to these fanatical tyrants. Deport them. Do not let your country become destroyed you got to see their true colors in Hyde Park. They do not respect your children and never will. You must think of the future generations of Australians..your nieces, nephews etc. You may think you can have a civil discussion but they will slap your face in a second given the chance. These fanatical s will never assimilate into a western civilized society make no mistake about it. They flee their countries to have freedom but bring along the same stupid ideology that destroyed their countries with them. I heard one hypocrite talking about the freedom and right to protest….they would never be able to do that in their countries and they murder and torture Christan and people of other faiths. God bless you Australia may your leaders and citizens have the moral integrity to keep your country pure and free from tyrants and wicked wicked people.

  4. Sam Watkins

    This is an angry slogan, not a death threat. I can write "fuck the police", but I don't actually want to do it. I don't even feel that way, when I calm down. And, this shit placard is not representative of the protests. If we can learn anything from this, it is that most of the mass media are grossly ignorant, sensationalist, and grossly biased. They don't have a scientist for editor in chief, that's for sure.

  5. Sam Watkins

    or, are you saying that the military should have been involved? that would be outrageous and I would have to insult you in that case

  6. Sam Watkins

    "keep your country pure"; I think hitler tried to do that. I don't admire hitler, but he surely was more intelligent that you.

  7. Billy Jones

    yeah, he hated the jews and wanted to wipe them off the face of the earth….

    hmm, that sounds familiar too, doesn't it?

  8. Robert Moore

    Not "keep your country pure" but keep your children safe, Sam. Big difference. Islam will allow you to live in cultural slavery "dhimmitude" paying tribute tax to your new islamic state.

  9. Robert Moore

    Do more than that Tom. Get educated. Read book "they must be stopped" Gabriel /ex muslim lady. I know. Reading even one book is such a pain. My wife will watch re-runs of "survivor" before that happens.

  10. Tom Bailey

    I read a lot online . But ever sense I got a computer I have a hard time reading a book. I used to read a lot. I'm not sure what happen. I got this magic box that has taken all my time.

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