Animal shelter worker comforts rescued dog

Watch Rescued Dog And Animal Shelter Worker Caught Up In Sweetest Moment [Video]

A sweet and touching scene was recently caught on camera of an animal shelter worker cuddled up to Prissy, a rescued dog, on the floor of her kennel.

Prissy was rescued from living outside on a concrete slab in the hot Tennessee sun, and she was taken to the Conway Area Humane Society. She had been abandoned without a friend in the world until she was found and taken to the New Hampshire animal shelter where the rescued dog has now found out exactly what it means to be loved.

After her rescue, Prissy needed to be spayed. Following her operation on Friday, the dog was very tired, so Debra Cameron, the shelter manager of the Conway Area Humane Society, decided to sneak up on her enclosure to take a little video footage of the rescued dog wagging her tail in her sleep, which she apparently usually does.

Instead, what she found was a very touching and heartwarming scene. There was her colleague, Chrissy Ireland, curled up on the floor next to Prissy, giving her plenty of love, comfort and attention. Ireland, in turn, got a surprise when she was caught out in the touching moment.

When posting the video to their Facebook page, Cameron wrote, “Moments like this are a regular sight at the shelter, however, catching them on camera is rare. The staff usually run when a camera comes out! Sorry, Chrissy, I had to show it.”

Since the video of Prissy the rescued dog with helper Ireland was posted on July 16, it has received more than 62,000 views.

As the video says, the Conway Area Humane Society is not just the local “pound,” for the staff “this is not just a job,” and “these are not just animals.” The staff working at the Conway Animal Humane Society say they are committed to the human-animal bond, protecting animals when they are threatened by “violence, disaster or medical emergency.” They also respect the bond between humans and animals when broken by death.

The video, posted to the animal shelter’s Facebook page, goes to prove that for many of their workers, helping pets in need is not just a job, it is a true calling.

As we can read on the Conway Area Humane Society website, Chrissy works as the shelter’s behavior and enrichment trainer and also the kennel supervisor. She says in her bio, “I am honored and proud to get to know all these animals as they come through the door and eventually into new wonderful homes.”

Prissy, the rescued dog, is no doubt equally honored to have met Ireland.

Many people might believe that animal shelters are the worst place for an animal to land up in, but thanks to the warm and open hearts of animal shelter workers like Ireland and Cameron, there is lots of hope too.

The Dodo spoke to Cameron about the incident, and she said, “We offer a safe, loving environment.”

“So many animal lovers are stuck on the idea that all shelters are sad places and that anyone who surrenders an animal has done an awful thing, but that is far from the truth for many wonderful shelters throughout the country.”

“They are staffed by experienced, caring, compassionate people who go above and beyond to make sure the animals in their care lived enriched, happy, healthy lives in the shelter until a new home can be found,” Cameron concluded.

After viewing that beautifully touching scene in the video above, it certainly gives animal lovers hope for the future of abandoned dogs and cats. Anyone who is interested in helping or adopting needy pets can visit their local animal shelter.

[Photo via Facebook video]