Woody Smith: Caffeine Murderer And Death Of Drag Queen ‘Kitty Litter’ Focus Of ID’s ‘How Not To Kill Your Husband’

The story of Amanda Hornsby Smith, a wife who was killed by her estranged husband, Woody Smith, will be presented on Saturday’s How Not To Kill Your Husband. Under the title “Deadly Addictions,” the Investigation Discovery (ID) show will dramatize the tragic death of a wife and mother who is found strangled in her bed and will examine the role caffeine and energy drinks played in the killing.

In addition to the Amanda Smith, Woody Smith story, you’ll also see the case of Georgia drag queen Kitty Litter, aka Samuel Collins, who was murdered in her home by her lover, Frank Davis Bowles. How Not To Kill Your Husband, “Deadly Addictions,” will tell three stories in three segments. Only two of the stories are discussed here.

Woody Smith in prison for the murder of Amanda Hornsby Smith. [Image via Kentucky Dept. of Corrections]
Caffeine Made Him Commit Murder, He Says

In May 2009, 911 operators dispatched police to a home in Kentucky, where they found the body of a young female identified as 28-year-old Amanda Hornsby Smith. Amanda’s estranged husband, 33-year-old Woody Smith, told investigators that he and Amanda made love and then fell asleep before he woke up to find her dead. He reasoned the only explanation for her death was that an intruder had come into the home while he was sleeping. Police found no evidence of an intruder, and the body was fully clothed, indicating that she had not engaged in sex immediately before her death. The autopsy performed also found that the victim had been strangled with an extension cord.

Woody Smith eventually confessed to the killing but stated that he couldn’t remember any of the details since he was high on caffeine, diet pills, and energy drinks at the time. Authorities say that Woody Smith planned the murder when Amanda Hornsby Smith began having a sexual affair with her much younger co-worker, David. Woody Smith’s attorneys tried to use the caffeine induced-insanity defense at trial, according to Daily Mail. In 2010, Woody Smith was sentenced to life in prison.

Drag Queen Murder: Kitty Litter

Another segment of How Not To Kill Your Husband recounts the case of 60-year-old Kitty Litter, a well-known drag queen whose real name was Samuel Collins. Kitty was an amazing onstage personality. Anyone who knew Kitty Litter described her as a kind and loving person with a fiery disposition. Performing onstage since 1972 all over the United States, Kitty dazzled audiences with her flamboyant outfits and dramatic presence. But her light dimmed in October 2014, when she was found dead in her home in Marietta, Georgia, according to AJC.

Frank Davis Bowles in prison for the murder of drag queen, Kitty Litter. [Image via Georgia Dept. of Corrections]

Detectives say that she had argued with her longtime boyfriend, Frank Davis Bowles, over how to prepare a dinner. Instead of working it out, 59-year-old Frank Davis Bowles shot her to death. It wasn’t the kind of ending that anyone who knew Frank would expect, since he was not a bad person, according to New York Daily News.

“Frank, you are not a bad guy but you did a very bad thing, a thing that cannot be taken back or changed. And because of this bad thing we buried our brother.”

An autopsy report showed that Kitty Litter (Samuel Collins) was shot multiple times and then transported to a wooded area. Frank Davis Bowles was found several days later passed out in a vehicle in Tennessee. He was sentenced to life in prison, according to KMOV.

How Not To Kill Your Husband reenacts true-story murders that have taken place all over the world and mainly focuses on domestic violence between couples. In many episodes, the real names have been changed.

You can watch the Woody Smith, Amanda Hornsby Smith murder and the case of Kitty Litter on How Not To Kill Your Husband this Saturday at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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