'Little Women LA' Cheating Scandal: Briana Renee Learns Of Matt Grundhoffer Text Messages To Trans Model

‘Little Women LA’ Cheating Scandal: Briana Renee Learns Of Matt Grundhoffer Text Messages To Trans Model

Briana Renee and her cheating husband Matt Grundhoffer are back together as Season 4 of Little Women LA gets ready to premiere on Lifetime. It has just been revealed by Radar Online that the troubled couple will be facing some of their biggest challenges in the upcoming episodes because the trans model who is accused of sexting with Matt is reportedly going to be featured during a shocking tell-all when the reality TV show returns.

The last season ended with Briana and Matt’s Ride or Die special where the Little Women LA star confronted her cheating husband for sending inappropriate text messages to multiple people during her pregnancy with their new son Maverick. During the emotional two-part special, Briana kicked Matt out of the house and told him that they needed to separate for a while. Angry and upset, Matt asked if Briana was leaving him, and he told him that she really just needed some space.

It looks like Briana Renee got enough space and ended up taking Matt Grundhoffer back but did he really change his ways? As Matt tries to prove to Briana that he won’t mess up their marriage again, the reality TV couple get to watch Matt’s past catch up again when Little Women LA comes back.

Trans model Plastic Martyr is reportedly appearing on the show to tell what she knows about Matt Grundhoffer and some very inappropriate text messages that were shared between them. Radar Online revealed that a scene was shot between Plastic and Little Women LA star Christy McGinity Gibel. The pair is said to discuss Matt’s indiscretions in front of the camera in a clip that will likely air on the Lifetime reality show during Season 4.

“Plastic Martyr told Christy that Matt sent her naked photos and sick messages over Instagram,” the source told Radar. “She said she’s worried about Briana and doesn’t think Matt should be allowed around their children.”

The report goes on to claim that a rep for Little Women LA confirmed that Plastic Martyr did actually film for the Lifetime show and that she’ll be back again to do more filming. Apparently, all of the women in the cast know that Matt had been sexting with the trans model and that storyline has been added to the upcoming season to further boost the drama of Matt and Briana’s marital problems.

Considering the reality show is filming now, it’s safe to assume that the birth of Brianna Renee’s newborn son Maverick will also be a part of Season 4, so at least there will be some tender moments. Not to mention that Elena Gant also gave birth two twin sons so there is baby fever pretty much guaranteed for Season 4 of Little Women LA.

The segment with Plastic Martyr and Christy is said to be airing during Episode 5 and Brianna Renee can’t be happy about it. With a brand new baby boy while still trying to get over Matt’s sexting scandal, watching it all play out on the Lifetime reality show won’t be easy.

Will Briana Renee and Matt Grundhoffer’s marriage survive the sexting scandal all over again? Season 4 of Little Women LA begins on Wednesday, June 13, on Lifetime. Be sure to tune in and let us know what you think will happen in the comments section below.

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