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Sony Working With Bethesda To Save ‘Skyrim Dawnguard’ DLC For PS3

Sony Sends Team To Assist Bathesda on Dawnguard DLC

The ongoing saga over the fate of Skyrim: Dawnguard for the PS3 is back in the news. Sony announced they are dispatching a team to assist the game’s developer, Bethesda Softworks, with the troubled expansion for the hugely popular Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. The release of Dawnguard DLC (down-loadable content) for the PS3 has been plagued with development issues, and there were fears it might be cancelled altogether.

Dawnguard was released for the Xbox 360 over a month ago and more recently for the PC. Owners of the PlayStation 3 continue to wait impatiently for more down-loadable content, while users of the Xbox 360 celebrated last week’s release of the new Hearthfire expansion for Skyrim. Meanwhile, no date for the release of Dawnguard or Hearthfire is available for unhappy PlayStation fans.

Sony VP Adam Boyes told reporters his company would be sending some of its top PS3 support specialists to work hand in hand with the Bethesda development team. Boyes said:

“Everyone involved is trying their best to get this stuff working. We work with all of our partners to try and solve their problems. We have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda—and with all of our partners—to work with them to solve any sort of issues they have along the way. Of course, I always want everything to work always for everyone. I can’t promise any kind of resolution or timeline but can say that everyone involved is trying their best to get this stuff working.”

No one at Bethesda or Sony is giving any hint of what may be causing the problems for the PlayStation 3. Some industry insiders speculate the same lag bug that bedeviled the initial release of Skyrim may have struck again, but the developers are not responding to questions. Bethesda will only say they are adamant that Dawnguard for the PS3 will not be released until all the performance issues have been worked out. In the interim, one can only wonder how many more PS3 owners may be thinking about an Xbox 360 for Christmas.

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57 Responses to “Sony Working With Bethesda To Save ‘Skyrim Dawnguard’ DLC For PS3”

  1. Givingtwo Cents

    Bethesda has been employing Microsofts programmer and the result was bugs and giltches with updates after updates just to get the game to run correctly, just like their Windows 400+ updates just to get Windows to run correctly. Employing Sonys programmers is the best thing Bethesda could do. Now the game will run smoothly on the PS3, better graphics, better understanding, more knowledgeable than the inferior xbox running on an old Celeron chip.

  2. Dave Lewington

    What a joke starting to think that buying a PS3 was a big mistake after all…… :/

  3. Sara Krueger Walch

    way to go sony! I love my ps3, Bethesda seems to be the one at fault why give sony a hard time, they shouldn't have to hold there hand.

  4. Jordan Davis

    dont blame the ps3 for thier companys pathedic faculity not including sony of course. the people who made borderlands made it for all consals without issuues and few bugs. makes besida look bad LMFAO

  5. Mack French

    This should have been done from the get go to get whatever problems they have to fix it from November of last year! And in my opinion the PS3 is better. I got both systems and for some reason 70%-80% of Xbox games crashes especially sports games while PS3 games only 15%-20% of PS3 games crashes. I play every type of game out there and Xbox always gave me more problems. But just my experience and my opinion.

  6. Mack French

    But realize that Xbox Skyrim is not perfect too. I got both systems and Skyrim on both and they both have bugs in them. But Xbox games crashes more than PS3. Don't blame Sony blame Bethesda for their lack of respect for the PS3 owners. Remember Bethesda kisses Microsoft ass. Think about this why Ubisoft and Bioware including EA barely have any problems making games and in some cases prefer to make games for the PS3 than Bethesda?

  7. Ajene Richardson

    I'm not blaming anybody for anything, and to be honest I couldn't care less about all this drama that's going on with Dawnguard, Bethesda, and Sony. It's like a soap opera. If the dlc comes out I'm going to buy it for a fact because I'm an avid gamer and I like new content, but I'm not going to sit here and piss&moan over an add on. Everyone knows Bethesda is sucky when it comes to PS3, this is common knowledge. In the mean time, I'll be playing just about every other game that's better than Skyrim.

  8. Mack French

    I feel ya! I don't care and never cared because this wasn't the first time Bethesda did this to Sony. I was just saying be careful about spending money on the Xbox cause it crashes way more than the PS3.

  9. Daniel Williams

    I've been paying attention to this story for a friend who lives too far out to get internet, he must call once or twice a day to ask about it.

  10. Idamarie Wetere

    it's been out almost 3 months you moron and if you wish to report news its normly best to do so when the news is fresh and new not repeat same crap others have bleeted for over 2 months all people want is a date of when we can have it too it's not to much to ask and as for tools thinking of downgradeing to a xbox your only doing what xbox wants cause there next console 720 is just as week as piss unit as the 360.

  11. Idamarie Wetere

    and wtf should ps3 owners have to waight for it to work properly load os shit it glitches like fuck I'm told on xbox and them fuckers got it any way.

  12. Mack French

    Well from my experiences on playing on both it does to me. But like I said from experience and my opinion that what it does for me. You might have more luck with it that I do but for me the PS3 played better for me.

  13. Mack French

    I disagree with you. PS3 plays alot better than Xbox. I played alot of games on both consoles and the same games as well and the PS3 ran alot better and you don't even want to go there about playing movies cause PS3 hands down out shines on that department. Example I played Mass Effect series on both and the Xbox version for some reason freezes from time to time on Xbox and the PS3 version never froze on me. Just my experience and my opinion.

  14. Daniel Williams

    I know, but it was either buy Skyrim for something I had or build a new PC to play it. I didn't feel like spending $500 at the moment. Though I do plan to build a new rig.

  15. Daniel Williams

    Congratulations, you're one of a lucky few, every console gamer I know personally has a far better gaming experience with multi-platform titles on the 360.

  16. Dylan Carpinelli

    I play PS3 95% of the time, but now I'm considering converting… Screw PS3, and screw xBox even more! PC ALL THE WAY!

  17. Red Martinez

    Why would I waste money on a shit-box more importantly why wait 30 days to start saying there's a problem. Bethesda is lazy.

  18. Anonymous

    I don't care about 360 being better or PS3 being better and really its not a matter of that its a matter of Bethesda dropping the ball or in my cause never even catching it to begin with if your going to make DLC for a game that is played on PS3 360 and PC then have it held back from 2 of 3 systems so one system can have it first you should have atleast made sure ever bug was fixed on all systems granted PC users have mods so they can have way more fun even without dawnguard and for the really good ones could just mod it into the game but they still had to wait on it just like PS3 users only difference is we waiting longer it's just to me a matter of principal you should work hard on all the systems or not even release the DLC cause it's not fair to the people who can play it yet this is just my view but I think its a good one people who cares what system you use we are all Gamers everyone who posted a comment here is a gamer be it PS3 360 or PC being that we all desver to have fun and not have to get pissy over a DLC right? bottom line to me Bethesda screwed up and should have thought this one out better before releasing it on anything at all.

  19. Presttyn Jordan

    no one is changing to x box we will just buy Border Lands and never buy Bethesda games ever again :(

  20. Chris De Bonte

    I would love to see more of the very well known bugs fixed as well. I'd rather not have to start over on the game right now as I had already spent several hours playing it.

  21. Anonymous

    Only reason I bought the ps3 was for Call of Duty games, played online with my brother in law, nephews, then Skyrim came out and my pc is busted or else I'd have went with that version, console releases hardly do games like this justice. PC all the way!

  22. Shann Miles

    I used to have an account for Skyrim on the Xbox but the account got deleted, and PS3 is way better than Xbox, BUT WHY MUST THE BUGS STOP THE DRAGONBORN!

  23. Eric Askew

    Ya know… I'm an avid fan of Skyrim, and I think Bethesda has put out some great stuff. I'm not one of those hardcore gaming nerds, but I've lost a whole lot of faith with these guys. I respect the fact that they want it to be bug free, but it's a little irritating knowing that they just released ANOTHER dlc for Xbox, while us PS3 users are getting the shaft.

  24. Simon Montgomery

    just watchining videos of dawnguard on youtube looks amazing so please please bethesda get it sorted if you have a full team workin on it i dont see why the problem isnt solved by now it been a month maybe more its about time we ps3 owners got it we have waited long enough

  25. Rachel Elizabeth

    I will be buying an xbox eventually and get my skyrim and all of its awesome dlc.. Tired of waiting for ps3 to resolve its issues on my favorite game!

  26. Austin Napier

    I'm tired of waiting… maybe I will get an X-Box for Christmas. Just for Skyrim… maybe, if I'm going to have it anyways, Halo. I'm a PlayStatoin loyalist, but this is rediculous. ALL I play is Skyrim, and for this to happen makes me lose a lot of faith in Sony and PS3, not to mention Bethesda. I've been with PlayStation for a long time, spent a lot of money on their products, and then some more on other Sony items, because I believed they could equal or top any other company in the things they make. I guess Mircrosoft proved me wrong. You win this round, Gates.

  27. Christina Rae Cowan

    Screw crap box. This dawnguard problem has nothing to do with the fact it's a PS3. It's a problem with Bethseda and their incompetent employees. All this makes me want to do is throw away the game and never buy one on theirs again. I have has a crap box before and I sure as hell won't go back to their bull system. Just boycott Bethseda.

  28. Christina Rae Cowan

    Btw, my crapbox only lasted about 4 months before the red ring of death. Why would I want to go back to that? PS (all of them) never gives me such bad problems.

  29. Kyle Morrison

    If the DLC we're good enough for me to give a shit, I would give a shit.

  30. Alexander Barron

    No! That's some real bull s**t I'm not gonna buy an Xbox 360 I'm just not gonna buy another Bethesda game ever again. You know, this isn't the first time its happened. It also happened to fallout if you all can remember I'm just sick of Bethesda ripping me off of 60 dollars there are better games out there.

  31. Quinton Coutch

    typical bethesda. I'm still waiting on a patch to fix the lag issues for new vegas that will never come. how bout u guys stop releasing games that r broken and fucking get the game right in the 1st place. I wish any other game company had designed skyrim and the whole fallout series, cuz then even if there were bugs THEY'D B FIXED ALREADY

  32. Alexander Barron

    Right on Im glade somebody agrees with me the problem with Bethesda is that they think there so big that the thoughts of two paying customers don't matter to them

  33. Kyle Vincent

    Skyrim is a great game, bethesda, one of the best game creators. They are using the crappy tech of ps3 and xbox to create this game, and if you really want a good experience with this, go get a fucking god dam pc!

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