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Lana Del Rey GQ Shoot Criticized As Sexist

Lana del Rey GQ shoot 2

Lana Del Rey posing for a GQ shoot after being declared ‘Woman of the Year’ by the British magazine has triggered a fresh debate about objectification.

Though magazine shelves are rammed with images of exposed flesh (mostly female), this is more about context: while Del Rey was snapped nude for her cover, GQ‘s ‘Men of the Year’ – including Mad Men actor John Slattery and Brit stars Tinie Tempah, Robbie Williams and James Corden – appear fully suited and booted. In short, the men were given actual clothes for their respective covers, whereas Lana was asked to pose naked.

Although Lana found something to wear for the shots inside the magazine, the cover image has attracted plenty of criticism from numerous writers.

Jezebel writer Lindy West weighed into the debate early, labeling GQ‘s choice of covers as “internalized sexism” (West writes: “That’s how accustomed I am to women just being naked by default. I’m so used to it, I don’t even notice anymore! Of course the woman is naked – the woman is always naked.”), while Hipster Runoff noted how “Lana Del Rey finally hits rock bottom, forced to pose naked.”

Adding fuel to the objectification debate is a shot inside the magazine which appears to show Del Rey being groped, with a male model gripping her neck as his other hand cups her right breast. You can view the full set of pictures here and make your own mind up (though it seems obvious why the five different covers, pictured above, have caused offense – the contrast is stark).

What do you make of the outcry over Lana Del Rey’s GQ shoot?

[Images via GQ]

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6 Responses to “Lana Del Rey GQ Shoot Criticized As Sexist”

  1. Tim Carr

    Readers of a men's magazine prefer to see men clothed and women naked? Unbelievable!

  2. Jan Beining

    Why do the women always agree to take off their clothes, do they think someone else would if they don't? Would that be so bad?

  3. Cheski Granger

    In response to Jan- No, Lana was probably not physically forced to take her clothes off, but it seems the only way for a women to be recognised in the media is by doing so. In other words, a famous woman is asked to get naked or to get lost.
    And Tim, yes, not surprisingly some men like to look at naked women! But, this constant barrage of naked images can cause a warped impression that women are only there to be sexy, available and ALWAYS NAKED. Not to mention the message it tells women of how they should look, and that their worth must amount to the cover of a magazine.

    ALSO, Lana is not being awarded for her body, or her modelling- but for her music. Why are male musicians in trousers and the females starkers? Is a female musician the most boring thing ever? and no one would possible care to read her story unless she is pictured being groped by a man?

    This is very blatantly sexist.

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