Norland College Gets First Manny

First ‘Manny’ Admitted To Top UK Nanny College

A British teenager has become the first “manny” to be admitted to England’s most prestigious nanny college. Michael Kenny, 18, is the first man to be admitted to a degree program at Norland College in Bath, England.

The college has been around for 120 years, but Kenny will be the school’s first manny, the only male in a class of 49 students, reports ABC News.

Kenny, along with his fellow students, will earn a Bachelors degree in early childhood studies. The teenager stated of his reason for going to Norland that that:

“I have always wanted to work with children and Norland has the best reputation in the country, if not the world, for studying childcare.”

As for the fact that he is the only man in his class (well, in the school, actually) “doesn’t bother [him] at all.” Kenny decided to apply to Norland College after he spent time working with disabled children in Uganda.

The teen called the prestigious nanny school to make sure they would accept an application from a male student, before he applied.

The Telegraph notes that, since Michael Kenny can’t exactly wear the standard uniform of a beige dress, he will wear a specially commissioned uniform that includes a tweed jacket, cream shirt, beige trousers, and a matching tie. While he has been teased by friends for wanting to be a manny the teen stated:

“I wanted to work with children because I can understand young people a lot better. I find them a lot easier to get on with. I think I would like to be a nanny for a few years, because it is the whole reason you go through training. But after that I would like to do a PGCE and become a nursery teacher or work in a prep school.”

As for his fellow students, the girls at the school have been very welcoming, making sure that he is doing okay. While one other male student has attended Norland College, Kenny is the first to study for a degree. And Liz Hunt, principal of Norland, hopes that more will follow the teenager’s example. Hunt stated:

“I wish more would apply. It has always been a female-dominated profession but the more men accepted into the caring professions the better, as far as I’m concerned. They are already accepted in the teaching profession.”

For Michael Kenny, studying to be a manny could command a salary of up to £50,000 after graduation.