Are Lupe Fiasco and Chief Keef at war?

Chief Keef Threatens Lupe Fiasco On Twitter, Lupe Responds

Rumors in the hip-hop world point to a growing feud between Chief Keef and Lupe Fiasco. A Twitter battle between the two started just today with Keef threatening Fiasco on several tweets regarding comments Fiasco had made about him recently.

A little background: Tensions in the Chicago rap scene are running higher than ever, partly over the events surrounding last night’s murder of local rapper JoJo, the reaction to his death on Twitter, and the increasingly violent culture of crime in the city this summer.

Last week, Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco was quoted as saying “Chief Keef scares me” in an interview with 92 Q Jams, referencing Chicago’s crime wave over the summer and what Lupe called “the culture that [Keef] represents.” Subsequently, Keef took to Twitter to respond to Fiasco’s comments, dissing and threatening him.

“Lupe fiasco a hoe a** n***a And wen I see him I’ma smack him like da lil b***h he is,” wrote Keef. Odd Future rapper Earl Sweatshirt jumped in, writing, “i feel you,” before Fiasco finally responded diplomatically.

“i love u lil bruh @ChiefKeef…i really really do from the bottom of my f***ing heart. I know that street s**t like the back of my hand,” Fiasco tweeted.

A short time ago, Keef updated his Twitter and said that his account had been hacked, though he didn’t specify which tweets were fraudulent. Tweets responding to his original have since been deleted but are still embedded here.

What do you think? Is the Chief Keef/Lupe Fiasco hip-hip feud just a big misunderstanding?