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New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Game Coming To Wii U In 2014

New Zelda title coming out 2014

The biggest The Legend of Zelda game ever is being planned for the Wii U, WiiUDaily reports. Nintendo has also assembled its biggest development team ever, led by Eiji Aonuma, who has been working on the game since late 2010.

The new Zelda title, which doesn’t have an official subtitle yet, was originally supposed to be released next year in order to compete with new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but Nintendo quickly abandoned that goal. WiiUDaily’s source, who has not been named, says that since the game is the biggest project Nintendo has ever done, a Q3 2013 release was unrealistic. The source also said:

“It’s a 4-year development cycle with a new console, new technology, new engine etc. It’ll end up being the most expensive game they’ve made to date. It’s a huge investment for them [Nintendo] in money and manpower, this is Rockstar/GTA territory.”

The new game will have roughly the same number of dungeons as previous Zelda game, but some will be broken up into three parts that “will literally take hours to complete.” One dungeon will be an entire forest, and will be even larger than the massive Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time. It will also have side quests and mini-games, as well as as hours of orchestral music.

Unfortunately, the new Zelda game will not have online multiplayer, but it will have online features, such as allowing players to leave hints to help each other through dungeons. The game will have the same visual style as the latest title, Skyward Sword, only in full HD. The insider also said the visuals that were shown at 2011’s E3 were just a tech demo, and that it was made by a different team with an older engine.

Are you excited for a new The Legend of Zelda game for the Wii U?

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26 Responses to “New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ Game Coming To Wii U In 2014”

  1. Kristian Digernes Fløtre

    "Unfortunately, the new Zelda game will not have online multiplayer"

    Who the fuck wants zelda as a mutliplayer game? Why not just focus on the goddamn gameplay in single player like they did in the old days.

  2. Tayla Holman

    I personally don’t, but there are actually a lot of Zelda fans that want to see online multiplayer features. You’d be surprised; it’s an idea that’s been floating around for awhile now.

  3. Ethan Shimanek

    hours and hours spent in one temple? ain't nobody got time for that!

  4. Matthew Richard Spohr

    i heartily disagree. if i can enjoy this game for more than 3 days and not get super frustrated with things, i'll play the heck out of it!!!

  5. Sean Horan

    "Unfortunately, the new Zelda game will not have online multiplayer…" who the hell is asking for that?

  6. Shane Stines

    I was just asking myself the same thing, why is it that some people believe games can only be great with multiplayer?

  7. Jessica Dargie

    So I just got done reading this, and after the first two paragraphs, I almost jizzed my pants. I CANT WAIT FOR THIS GAME! I WILL BUY THE WII U JUST FOR THIS GAME I SWEAR TO GOD!

  8. LEslie GArcia

    Wow Amazing, I can't wait, but the Graphics in Twilight Princess semmed better than the graphics in Skyward Sword..My opinion but I can't wait to see Link In new Dongeons

  9. Penny Lewis

    As long as they keep originality and fix the problem I had with SS, I am fine. I enjoyed every Zelda game, but that one and ST were… Boring. I care not for multiplayer content, as long as they keep Zelda Zelda, I'm fine. I don't think Nintendo is stupid, and if they are making this their biggest project, then my hopes are high and I might just get a WiiU to play the game with when it comes out. I'm excited to see it!

  10. Devon Ray Kite

    "Unfortunately, the new Zelda game will not have online multiplayer." Ok wow, the only game that had multiplayer even related to zelda was four swords. Why is that unfortunate? Honestly almost all zelda games would be ruined if you added a feature such as this. I swear some of these articles are writing by ignorant call of duty people who haven't even played this grand series.

  11. Angela Reitan

    I had a friend who worked at Nintendo. He said he played the first dungeon when it was in its first prototype phase and the dungeons are gorgeous and clever. Apparently they look like things you'd actually expect to exist, not just random giant dangerous rooms that make no sense. And they're fully interactive. You don't even realize you've entered one until it is too late to turn back.

  12. John Ellis

    cant lie though it would honestly be cool if they had some sort of leaderboard to who beat thngs the fastest(minigames, bosses, temples, the story, etc…)

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