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’18 Again’ Sex Gel Claims To Make Women Feel Like A Virgin Again

Ads for the 18 Again sex gel boast the beauty aid can make women once again feel like a virgin. The supposed wonder product was created by an Indian pharmaceutical company and is not yet available in the United States. The vaginal tightening gel claims to mold aging lady parts back into a youthful condition and enhance a sense of empowerment for females around the globe.

The YouTube advertisement for 18 Again borrows some phrases from Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” hit tune as a sultry Indian woman entices a handsome man out onto the dance floor. According to product details listed on the company’s website, the creamy elixir also helps mask foul odors, reduces the involuntary escape of urine, wards off infections and serves as a natural lubrication agent, the New York Daily News reports.

Virginal restoration claims are not enticing everyone to hop online and buy a case of the gel while singing a few bars of the Madonna song, and wistfully recalling their youth. Opponents to the female empowerment slogan sounded off on Twitter, lambasting the company for creating yet more insecurities for women in the over 30 age bracket.

18 Again ingredients include pomegranate, aloe vera, punica granatum, alum, gold, woodfordia floribunda, almonds and Vitamin E. Women unsure if they are in need of an age-defying cream for their lady parts can simply review the how to tell if you have a loose vagina FAQ section before whipping out their credit card.

The vaginal rejuvenation cream for sells for approximately 2430 Indian rupees, or about $45 per jar.