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Jay Leno Returns To ‘The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’, Bashes Hillary, Bernie, And Trump [VIDEO]

Jay Leno returned to his old Tonight Show stomping grounds Wednesday night, taking over the monologue for an “injured” Jimmy Fallon. Fallon faked a hamstring injury a few minutes into his monologue, and Leno stepped in to save the day.

This isn’t the first time Jimmy and Jay have pulled off a tag-team monologue to get Leno some air time. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jay showed up in the monologue two other times to help Jimmy out.

Jay Leno poses for a selfie with 'Tonight Show' host Jimmy Fallon. Image via Jay Leno Official Facebook.
Jay Leno poses for a selfie with ‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon. Image via Jay Leno Official Facebook.

Jay’s monologue immediately took jabs at the current presidential race frontrunners, “According to the social security administration, the most popular baby names for 2016 are ‘Noah’ and ‘Emma’,” Leno quipped. “The least popular baby names? Donald and Hillary.”

From that point on Leno continued to use his sharp tongue to blast Clinton and Trump. Jay mocked Hillary for using the word “transparent” to describe herself and asked the audience if they were able to see “through her.” Leno then asked the audience how they were enjoying Donald Trump’s newest reality show, The Amazing Racist. The audience was boisterous in laughter and cheers as Leno turned his attention to Democratic first runner-up Bernie Sanders.

“As Jimmy said, Bernie Sanders is still not conceding. Bernie Sanders says he is still the most anti-fossil fuel of any of the candidates. Of course he is. That’s because he is the only candidate who is an actual fossil,” Leno remarked.

Jay seemed a little rusty at first, tripping over a few words here and there, but once Leno got going, even President Obama wasn’t safe from Jay’s criticism.

“President Obama doing well. His approval rating is at 51%. 51%,” Leno said before taking a comedic pause. “The other 49% are taxpayers.”

Leno used his talk about Obama to segue Fallon back in as the two made a list of one-liners that all started with the catchphrase, “The economy is so bad…”

Jay Leno was the host of The Tonight Show from 1992 to 2009 when he replaced a retiring Johnny Carson. Leno left the show to host Conan O’Brien and went on to start The Jay Leno Show, which would air the hour before Conan. The move confused many fans and resulted in Conan eventually being edged out and Jay returning to host The Tonight Show in 2010 until successor Jimmy Fallon took over in 2013.

Since leaving The Tonight Show for good, many had expected Jay to keep a low profile similar to the retirement of his mentor, Johnny Carson. Leno kept the public on their toes, however, by staying active in the entertainment industry.

Leno recently told Forbes magazine, “I ended the Tonight Show on a Thursday night, and on the Friday I had three gigs in Florida. I’m not one of those people that sits around.”

The 66-year-old Leno has indeed kept busy the past few years by returning to his standup comedy roots, performing in clubs and touring. Tickets for Jay’s live show are still available throughout the U.S. and Leno has reportedly performed in over 200 gigs a year since leaving The Tonight Show.

Jay Leno yucks it up with fellow comedian and car enthusiast Tim Allen. Image via Jay Leno Official Instagram.
Jay Leno yucks it up with fellow comedian and car enthusiast Tim Allen. Image via Jay Leno Official Instagram.

Besides stand up, according to People, Jay is also entering his second season with Jay Leno’s Garage, a show in which he interacts with celebrities and various cars. Jay is a well known car enthusiast. According to the LA Times, Leno owned more than 130 cars in 2014.

According to Forbes, in February 2016, Leno’s collection had grown to 267, and Jay estimates that his car collection is about 10 to 15 percent of his net worth.

See Jay Leno’s complete Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon monologue below:

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