Ariana Grande alive and blonde

Ariana Grande Still ‘Alive,’ But Coughing And Blonde

Ariana Grande has dyed her hair blonde and appears to have caught a cold, according to Us Magazine. The “Dangerous Woman” singer shared a series of social media posts in which she showed her dramatically different look and shared with her fans that she was still “alive.”

The 22-year-old pop star took a short break before her Dangerous Woman world tour stop in France and shared photos of her new look via social media. In one of her recent videos, Ariana Grande is seen fooling around with Snapchat’s animation filters.

June 7: Ariana via Snapchat.

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But Ariana Grande’s fans immediately noticed that she dyed her hair blonde and that she looks stunning! Now her fans cannot wait to see that new look during her next performance in Paris.

Ariana Grande also shared how she had spent the day preparing to leave for Paris. The “Focus” singer played with her dog outdoors, flipped her newly-dyed locks, and listened to Beyoncé’s latest hit album, Lemonade, before hitting the road.

But before she left her house, Ariana Grande pulled her newly-dyed hair back into her favorite high ponytail. Without the ponytail and with blonde hair, even her most dedicated fans would probably not recognize her at the airport.

Earlier today, Ariana Grande greeted fans at Haneda Airport in Japan, again showing off her newly colored hair but without the high ponytail this time.

However, it’s nothing new that Ariana Grande changes her hair color. During her Nickelodeon days, the singer started out as a redhead. And in November of last year, Grande wore a platinum-blonde wig in the music video to her hit “Focus.”

In fact, it was Ariana Grande’s grandmother Marjorie “Nonna” Grande who inspired the “Dangerous Woman” singer to wear her ponytail in platinum-blonde color. In her interview with ET Online, Grande revealed that she loves her Nonna’s white hair.

“I actually was sitting opposite my Nonna and I was like, ‘Nonna, I love your white hair. It’s so beautiful.'”

Ariana Grande has allegedly responded to Big Sean’s negative reference to the “Love Me Harder” singer, according to RTT News. Just recently, Big Sean allegedly included a diss in his verse on Kanye West’s “Cruel Winter” track, and Grande had some harsh things to say about it.

According to an anonymous source, Ariana Grande thinks it’s “lame” that Big Sean decided to bring up “this old BS.”

In Big Sean’s alleged diss, the rapper says he has “subtracted the negative energy” from his life, which was interpreted by the media as a reference to Ariana Grande. But according to the same source, Grande thinks Big Sean is “the one being negative, not her.”

In fact, this reference to her makes Ariana Grande feel like she is “winning,” because Big Sean is the one singing about her, not the other way around, the source revealed. Grande and Big Sean dated in the period between 2014 and 2015 and had a rather ugly breakup.

In other news, Ariana Grande’s fans from Ireland were fooled by a Dutch schoolgirl who appears to be Grande’s doppelganger, according to the Daily Mail. The whole prank was set up by a doppelganger website that looks for people who bear a striking resemblance to celebrities.

The 15-year-old girl named Joelle from the Netherlands was put on a plane to Dublin to pull off the elaborate prank and fool Ariana Grande’s fans. When the girl arrived in the city, the fans couldn’t tell the difference between the real pop star and Joelle.

Joelle revealed that she was very nervous but at the same time excited about impersonating Ariana Grande. And when Joelle got out of a limo outside the Shelbourne Hotel, the paparazzi started taking snaps of the girl while fans received her like the real world famous pop star.

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