Kirk Douglas will be 100-years old this year, what's he been up to?

What Has Kirk Douglas Been Up To On His 100th Year Of Being Awesome?

The Inquisitr reported back in 2014 that an obituary on the death of Kirk Douglas was not a hoax, but rather a mistake made by the editors at People Magazine wherein an article drafted in preparation for his death, was accidentally published.

The report on this accident was published several days before his birthday, but this year on December 9, the legendary Kirk Douglas will finally be 100-years-old.

There have been plenty of moments in the past where the news of his death were incorrectly made but the now retired actor has taken all of these very well.

While Kirk Douglas has been known to be very specific and determined in his career, a powerful figure in the industry, he’s said to be very much the philanthropist and driven by helping others out, and some of these stories are well-known.

For instance, in an interview he did last year with the Associated Press, the legendary actor talks about two very popular moments in Hollywood history, those being his successful lifting of the black listing of many writers such as Dalton Trumbo and how he was able to make Spartacus.

This year, Trumbo, starring Bryan Cranston, was released, which tells the story of the writer Kirk Douglas helped make Spartacusbyreleasing him from the blacklist. The actor is portrayed by Dean O’Gorman.

The actor himself has not been in a film since the 2004 movie Illusion, wherein he plays a director at the end of his life.

Also, just because he’s retired and doesn’t make movies anymore doesn’t mean he can’t be out and about as The Daily Mail reported seeing the 99-year-old Kirk Douglas in Beverly Hills where he waved at cameras.

The article refers to his $50 million dollar donation to the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s retirement home and there’s even been some attempt to resurrect a debate via The Atlantic, which says that some close to the production of Spartacus, dispute Douglas’ claims that he broke the blacklist.

But this year, Kirk Douglas also put his home on the market, according to The Desert Sun for $3.45 million.

Last year, it was also reported from some sources that Kirk Douglas was trying to travel to see his 37-year-old grandson Cameron Douglas, who is currently serving time in a federal prison for dealing meth, as he feels that by the time he gets out — which is said to be in either 2017 – 18 — he might not be around to see him anymore.

Kirk Douglas wants to see his nephew Cameron Douglas before he dies.
FILE – In this April 7, 2003 file photo, actor Kirk Douglas, second from left, poses with his ex-wife Diana Douglas, second from right, their son Michael Douglas, right, and Michael’s son Cameron Douglas, left, at a special screening of the film “It Runs in the Family” in Los Angeles. All four actors are cast members in the film, which was produced by Michael Douglas. Diana Douglas, the first wife of Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael Douglas, died of cancer in Los Angeles. She was 92. [Image by Chris Pizzello / AP Photo]
Kirk Douglas’ family had apparently tried to talk him out of it, as he would not be in shape to make the trip. Thus far there is no information as to whether he had.

Certainly most people know Kirk Douglas from his infamous epic picture, but at the start of his career he cut his teeth on a few noir movies where he displayed a full array of emotions on the screen, which helped to propel him into success.

Such as a gritty Detective Story, where he plays a hardball kind of guy with a short fuse, roughing up perps, or another of the three movies he starred in that were released in the same year of 1951, Ace In The Hole.

In this scene Kirk Douglas plays a journalist who’s covering a story on a man who’s trapped under boulders inside of a cave, and he’s getting to know the man’s wife, who is taking the opportunity to leave the town.

This film appropriately catches the essence of Kirk Douglas and is now a favorite for many film fans.

It is also one of his favorites, and when he talked to the Huffington Post about the films he made and which ones he is proudest of.

There are moments in the film when his character is being abusive with his co-star, which he recalls in the article.

In one scene I am supposed to choke her. Before the cameras rolled, I told Jan to let me know if I was being too rough. When she turned blue and went limp, I released her. “Why didn’t you stop me?!” I demanded when she came to. “I couldn’t,” she rasped, “because you were choking me.”

Kirk Douglas has also been known to blog a lot through his MySpace account but usually through Huffington Post, where he’s talked about the presidential candidates and even recently, Nancy Reagan’s passing.

Even though he’s been retired for over ten-years from the movie business, Kirk Douglas turning 100 in December makes 2016 his year.

[Image by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP Photo]