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Luke Bryan Performs At The ‘Today’ Show In NYC

Luke Bryan performed at the Today show in New York City.

Billboard reports that the morning rain did not stop the country superstar from thrilling fans at the Today plaza in Rockefellar Center.

The highlight of his performance at the free concert was Luke singing his latest single, “Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.”

Bryan’s show is part of the Toyota Summer Concert Series, which features popular musicians on Friday mornings in NYC for die-hard fans who line up as early as 5 a.m. just to see their favorite performers for free.

Luke Bryan had no trouble getting groggy fans livened up with his smile and country tunes.

Luke Bryan also performed “Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day,” which is his current single from his fifth album, Kill the Lights. The musician wrote the song to acknowledge his down-to-Earth roots.

“I own a hunting shop. I own an outdoor clothing company. My tour is sponsored by Cabela’s. But I think for some reason people get sidetracked in who I am and what my music is. All people really want to write about is me shaking my butt. That’s fine, too, but this is a big part of my life and a big part of my story.”

The Kill the Lights album has already given Bryan three previous singles. The album debuted at number one on Billboard, leading with the single, “Kick the Dust Up.” “Strip It Down” and “Home Alone Tonight” round out the singles from this album, with “Huntin,’ Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day” being his most recent hit.

Byran shared some laughs and smiles with Today show host Hoda Kotb playfully posing for a selfie to promote his appearance with the hashtag #LukeBryanTODAY on Twitter.

It’s clear Luke Bryan anticipated his New York City performance. The day before the early morning show, Luke took to Twitter to promote the free show.

Fans had a blast with Bryan even in the rain. Some shared pictures while waiting on line, holding posters, and others even celebrated special occasions while the country crooner sang to the crowd.

Performances at the Today show are a fan favorite for locals and those who travel to NYC just for the occasion. Besides the concert being free, it has built-in sightseeing with Rockefellar Center. It’s also a more candid performance than a formal venue.

It is not surprising that crowds are eager to line up early. Al Roker noted that the crowd gathered to see Luke Bryan was “huge.”

Bryan shared a humorous moment with fans while realizing he had left the tag on his shirt.

Others at the early morning concert enjoyed the opportunity to see Luke Bryan up close.

The singer charmed fans with his new songs and old hits while being playful and lively on such a rainy early morning. Perhaps the favorite moment for many fans was Luke Bryan taking selfies with them.

Luke Bryan released the Kill the Lights album last year.

The album features Luke Bryan’s collaborations with songwriters and producers to fuse hip-hop-inspired rhythms with upbeat country riffs. Commenting with Billboard about his unique combination of genres, Bryan feels the two are relatable to young people.

“There’s a reason why suburban white kids like rap music stuff, because it takes them to a place [they don’t know]. It’s almost like a learning experience for them, and I think this is what ‘Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day’ is going to be. Somebody living in the city, if they don’t know it, they want to learn more about it.”

As Entertainer of the Year, Bryan shares a combination of stripped down tunes and tracks with more elaborate productions on his Kill the Lights album.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]