why calvin harris justin bieber and nick jonas have the best abs

Why Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, And Nick Jonas Have The Best Abs

Calvin Harris seems to be able to read the minds of his countless fans. Aside from telling his faithful followers that all is well after the road accident that he was involved in on May 20, he didn’t forget to post a photo of himself on Instagram showing his exemplary abs. There was no mention in the post if his girlfriend of over one year, Taylor Swift has approved of his posting, which has been reported by People.

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Nonetheless, the Calvin Harris gesture is a welcome one as the male abs have emerged as a towering symbol of health and vitality. In recent years, this part of the human anatomy has steadily increased in value, and in fact has now become the defacto currency for landing a movie role or any other lucrative assignment in the entertainment industry.

Justin Bieber, Calvin Harris, and Nick Jonas have made it to the list of male Hollywood celebrities with the best abs. And from the looks of it, BFFs Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift know how to pick their men. While Selena is no longer with Justin, Taylor and Calvin are still very much an item. And chances are, Calvin Harris can only continue to solidify his position in the Swift household by keeping those abs in place in addition to, say, being a great kisser.

As Zac Efron shows, great abs are not easy to come by. After all, it takes at least a thousand pushups per day just to maintain the damn thing. It’s easy to cheat by using one of those vibrating, pulsating abdominal ab straps or even resorting to steroids. However, aside from the fact that there are side effects associated with taking that route, cheating totally defeats the purpose of having killer abs.

This is because having well-toned abs is supposed to be the result of hard work, discipline, and a very healthy lifestyle. Cheating, on the other hand, connotes laziness and going around the intent to stay healthy. Hollywood women are not exempt from this principle. What do these celebrities have in common: Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Gwen Stefani, and Gisele Bündchen? Yes, they all have well-toned abs to their advantage, according to Vogue as follows.

“Of course, for athletes and supermodels, like Serena Williams and Gisele Bündchen, a chiseled stomach is not only a job requirement but also a reminder that strength is beauty, and well worth the work.”

Indeed, exquisite abs have become the gold standard in Hollywood for both sexes. Calvin Harris, for one, has been singled out by Emporio Armani and by Taylor Swift. Justin Bieber has millions of fans not only because he sings and dances well, but because he looks perfect in his Calvin Klein underwear. And Nick Jonas has been the toast of LGBT communities around the world for some time now for his washboard abs.

Nick Jonas’ abs are not even of the sought after six-pack variety, but a torso uniquely his own and one that never seems to go loose under any circumstances. On the other hand, those of Calvin Harris and Bieber are truly lean and mean. Admittedly, Zac Efron and The Rock’s abs are still the top of the heap. However, they are so perfect as to look artificial at times.

Like steak, Efron’s abs are too well done. The more he increases their definition, the more they look much too wide for his height of five feet and six inches. What this conclusively shows is that a little sophistication or subtlety is required when it comes to abdominal management. And this is why women will be more tempted to tinker with abs belonging to Calvin Harris, Justin Bieber, and Nick Jonas.

Indeed, it’s a lot of work to have killer abs. But as Calvin, Justin and Nick have demonstrated, there is a method to the madness. Harris, Bieber, and Jonas stand out as beacons of perfect health and the active lifestyle minus the act of going overboard. And it seems that subtlety in this aspect is the way to go, as evidenced by all the attention that these guys are getting, these days, from both sexes. So the lesson for everyone? Abs are better-kept medium rare, not well done.

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