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Who Is The RNC’s Mystery Speaker? [Speculation]

Who is the GOP's mystery speaker?

There’s a “to be announced” guest speaker scheduled in an oddly primo spot Thursday night, leading the political blogosphere to speculate as to who this mystery speaker could be. Donald Trump is out, so who will set the table for Marco Rubio and Mitt Romney’s appearance at the RNC?

According to the National Review, Thursday’s uber-secret mystery speaker can only be one person: former Alaskan governor and one-time VP running mate Sarah Palin. “The more you think about the idea, the more it makes sense,” writes Jim Geraghty. “Whatever controversy and intense reactions Sarah Palin may bring to whatever she does, if there is one thing we know she does exceptionally well, it is give convention speeches!”

The idea of Sarah Palin being the RNC’s mystery speaker might send a shiver up some GOP legs, but it’s probably more likely to send a shiver down the spines of everyone else.

More horrifying ideas from HotAir: Among those not currently scheduled to speak, Governor Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Fred Thompson, and Michele Bachmann could fill the mystery speaker role, but parading failed presidential candidates as some kind of game-changing speaker so profound that their presence must be kept secret frankly sounds like a horrible idea. They also suggest Rush Limbaugh, because, “well, he does live and work in Florida …” but that probably wouldn’t make the impact the GOP is looking for right now either.

Additionally, Allahpundit reported that Sarah Palin isn’t even available, so chances of her filling the “mystery speaker” role are slim.

The best suggestions as to the identity of the mystery speaker come from the Daily Caller. Though a few of them seem appropriately silly (Tim Tebow, anyone?) some of them could fill that game-changer role that the GOP needs from a mystery speaker. Colin Powell has the resume and could help sway Independents. Nancy Reagan would bring Conservative calls for a revived Reagan-esque economy full-circle, Clint Eastwood would just be freakin’ awesome, and Joe Lieberman has the Independent appeal (even though he is a bit silly, the dude is honest).

Who do you think the GOP’s mystery guest speaker could be?

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7 Responses to “Who Is The RNC’s Mystery Speaker? [Speculation]”

  1. Anonymous

    The Mystery Speaker is………Dr. Laura Schlessinger! Rally the unified Republicans in a campaign of hate.
    against the GAY citizens!

  2. Brian Rewers

    No it is going to be Bill Clinton! He like's Paul Ryan's budget and what waves this would send through the Socialist's I mean Democratic's!

  3. Roger Prettyboy Protz

    It will be The Queen of The Tea Party, Sarah Palin. Then the whole country will be exposed to the Democrat's blinding hatred, their anti-science positions, searing sexism, blatant prejudice, insane anger against someone who refused to kill her imperfect child, and rage against someone who didn't go on welfare and collect food stamps, like much of the mooches in the the Democrat base.

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