Brett Eidman attacked on stage following racist bit

Comedian Violently Attacked In The Middle Of Racist Bit [Video]

Well, he was asking for it. In the middle of a comedy routine that we’ll just diplomatically say “wasn’t too appealing to the Asian set,” comedian Brett Eidman was violently attacked by an Asian man for making improper and racist advances toward his girlfriend.

Eidman apparently took the violent attack as a sign to retire his racist Asian charicature, posting a bizarre lament on his Facebook page that read:

“Sometimes comedy really sucks. Rest in Peace Dom Fok. Thank you for being part of my set for so many years. I love doing this character, but it’s time to say goodbye. I was told many years ago by a couple of big time comedian friends that this was the kind of bit that could get me noticed. They were wrong. I also thought the stage was the only safe place to truly express myself. I was wrong. I will heal and regroup and hit the stage again soon. I’m just glad this ass wipe didn’t have a gun. Thank you and goodnight.”

His strange supporters are mourning the passing of “Dom Fok” as well, with one commenter lamenting, “Im sorry to see that this happened to you but retiring Dom Fuk is not the answer.” He followed up with another strange and racist comment, posting, “I took one for the team and it goes viral. Thank you, I think.”

“What team?” scoffs snark site Gawker. “The Springfied Supermacists? The Hatfield Haters? The Eugene Eugenicists?”

Furthermore, Gawker opines that the entire incident may have been staged. They point to multiple videos of the event posted online, and Eidman’s Twitter-happy coverage of the incident afterwards:

Eidman’s bit isn’t really even that funny. We agree with Gawker. What a stupid way to try and launch his career as a comedian. You can send words of support or harass Brett Eidman on his Facebook or his Twitter, but we caution you to ignore your emotional response to the video and just ignore the guy. He’s probably just in it for the attention.