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Drake Fears Dating Rihanna Could Ruin Their Friendship — Couple Better Off As Friends With Benefits

There’s no denying that Drake and Rihanna are a perfect match together, but the Canadian rapper seems to think otherwise.

According to reports, Drizzy has made it known that he would never date Rihanna again — not because she is an awful girlfriend, but more so of the fact that he wouldn’t want to lose the close friendship he has built with the Bajan beauty over the years.

The couple first began dating back in 2009, just months after the infamous Chris Brown incident. And at the time, Rihanna was very open to discussing how Drake actually helped her get through one of the darkest times in her life, saying that the “One Dance” hitmaker was extremely supportive, stressing that she couldn’t thank him enough.

The relationship soon fizzled, and since then, the twosome have been going back and forth as far as their romance is concerned. But Drake seems to think that being friends with benefits with Rihanna is much easier than letting his feelings get involved in what will be a breakup bound to happen anyway.

It’s not that either of them can’t stay committed, but when looking at their work schedules, neither Drake nor Rihanna has time to settle down and simply take some time to work on their relationship.

Rihanna has just launched her clothing line with Puma, having also signed a $10 million makeup deal last month. On top of that, she is currently on tour. Meanwhile, Drake is looking to head out on the road in July, just months after announcing his $19 million deal with Apple and his sponsorship with Nike Air Jordans.

A source added that Drake adores Rihanna — she’s the most incredible woman he has ever met. Because of this, he wouldn’t want to form a relationship with her, have it end badly, and consequently never speak with her again. It just doesn’t seem to be worth it for Drake.

“Drake is adamant he’s not dating Rihanna. Drake loves her dearly but they have an understanding that they’re friends with benefits with no strings attached. It works better that way. Nobody gets hurt. Everyone’s on the same page. They tried the whole monogamy thing but it didn’t work. This is what it is, for now.”

News of Drake’s supposed decision to remain nothing more than friends with benefits as far as his relationship Rihanna is concerned comes just weeks after reports claimed the duo were still hooking up together.

Rihanna is reportedly on the same page as her on-again-off-again lover, deciding that what they have going on with one another right now seems to work much better for both of them. If Drake ends up settling down and finding a woman he sees himself spending the rest of his life with, Rihanna wouldn’t get in the way of things — she would respect it and still know that Drake will always be a good friend of hers. The same goes with Drake.

What do you think of Drake and Rihanna’s relationship? With both of their careers being so hectic, do you agree with the idea that remaining friends with benefits is better for them?

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