'CSI: Cyber' Definitely Cancelled, No Season 3 On CBS

‘CSI: Cyber’ Season 3: Show Cancelled Despite International Sales

There will definitely be no more CSI: Cyber. The show has been officially cancelled despite the hope that international sales would save it. It brings a complete end to the CSI franchise after 16 long years.

CBS has decided that CSI: Cyber Season 3 should not go ahead. The show has been plagued by low ratings despite the franchise name. There is a hint that people are just getting fed up of the crime scene genre, although the NCIS franchise is defying the odds.

Cyber was the final iteration of the franchise. It all started with CSI: Crime Scene Investigation 16 years ago, with a small cast and a show set in Las Vegas. That developed into CSI: Miami and then opened to a small team in New York. Miami was the first to end, with CSI: NY follow suit. The original drama ended just as the latest show of the franchise began.

The Inquisitr previously reported that there was the possibility of Cyber getting a third season. While ratings had been low in the United States, international ratings and DVD sales had been higher. There was the possibility that it would be enough to give the show a final year to wrap up storylines even if it was a shortened season.

CSI: Cyber was announced on the same day networks announced the cancellation of other shows that had strong fanbase followings. Nashville was also announced as a cancelled show despite the anger from fans on Twitter. There is still the hope that Netflix or Hulu will pick Nashville Season 5 up.

Jerry Bruckheimer took to Twitter to make the officially announcement that there would be no CSI: Cyber Season 3. He stated that the show had aired almost 800 episodes across the whole franchise, according to the Washington Post.

It was due to the franchise that many other shows and franchises were able to take off. People grew to love the crime scene genre and working out who was involved and who really did it. Not only did it help the NCIS franchise start, which has been running for 13 years now, but it also helped the likes of Bones and Criminal Minds.

CSI was never expected to be the game-changer that it became. It was considered a fun project for CBS but soon proved the networks wrong. CBS must have been grateful for deciding to greenlight the project that was almost pushed to one side.

There have been mixed reactions on Twitter about the news of CSI: Cyber being cancelled. For the fans of the show, it is bad news. They at least wanted a final season to wrap up storylines and give it a sending off to be proud of having. This was something Miami and NY got as the news of the final season came before the last episodes were written and filmed.

Others have said that the news couldn’t have come soon enough. The show was losing fans, and the franchise was not the same as it once was. They never expected Cyber to come out after two of the other shows had left the air.

The network may not have helped things for the series. After initially running on a Wednesday, it was moved to a Sunday night. This often meant primetime football was put first and would mean fans would miss episodes or decide not to watch live. Ratings would have certainly been low despite the actual fanbase out there.

It looks like this is now the official end of the franchise. Bruckheimer, who created it, has made it clear that it has ended after 16 years and doesn’t indicate any plans to create another show to pitch to CBS within the franchise now that CSI: Cyber Season 3 is officially off the table.

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