Pit Bulls Maul Minivan

Pit Bulls Maul Minivan While Chasing Stray Kitten

Four pit bull terriers practically destroyed a Dodge minivan while attempting to sink their teeth into a stray kitten who hid in the vehicle’s engine compartment to escape its tormentors, according to CBS News. In order to reach the poor little feline, the dogs punctured a tire and ripped off pieces of the vehicle, practically destroying the front of the van in the process.

The owner of the minivan, attributing the damage to dogs searching for a rodent, simply changed the flat tire and embarked on a journey from Banning to Palm Springs for work. After the 25-mile ride, the driver discovered the kitten hiding out in a hollow area near the front bumper. According to The Desert Sun, authorities soon arrived to rescue the poor little cat, who has been dubbed “Fender-Linx” due to its appearance.

” ‘Fender’ for the area where she was rescued from and ‘Lynx’ based on the Lynx-like appearance of the tufts on her ear tips,” Sargent Mike Kovaleff explained to the Banning-Beaumonth Patch.

Surprisingly, the furry little feline survived the ordeal with its hide intact. In fact, if you have a spot in your home for an animal who desperately needs a permanent residence, Fender-Linx is up for adoption at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

The American short hair tabby, who is thought to be only seven weeks old, will be available for pre-adoption this Saturday (August 25). The fee from bringing the cat into your abode is only $20 and includes such important things as spay surgery, vaccinations, and microchipping. Interested parties are encouraged to contact the Palm Springs Animal Shelter.

No word yet on what happened to this roving band of car-wrecking canines. Considering the amount of damage the dogs did to the minivan, locating the offending pit bulls might be in the best interest of those who live in the neighborhood.