Justin Bieber Says Argentinian Government Banned His Purpose Tour Over Legal Issues

Justin Bieber Reveals Argentina ‘Won’t Allow’ His Purpose Tour There Over ‘Legal’ Issues

Don’t cry for Justin Bieber, Argentina? The superstar’s Twitter account has announced the Argentinian government has banned the 22-year-old from bringing his Purpose World Tour to Argentina due to “legal conditions.”

It is thought the “legal conditions” referred to is the ongoing alleged assault case in Argentina brought against the singer and one of his former bodyguards. Argentine paparazzo Diego Pesoa claims he was roughed up by former Bieber bodyguard, Hugo Hesny, when he snapped the pop star leaving a nightclub on the morning of November 9, 2013, during the South American leg of his Believe World Tour.

Pesoa also claims Bieber ordered the alleged assault. Back in July 2015, the court revoked an international arrest warrant issued in April against Bieber for alleged ordering an attack on the paparazzo who later filed the alleged assault case. However, the charges have not been dropped.

In February this year, South American news outlets reported Bieber had been ordered to attend a deposition in Argentina in person regarding the 2013 alleged assault incident in Buenos Aires. Argentine news media reported that presiding Judge Alberto Baños issued the order, effectively denying a request by the “Sorry” superstar’s legal team for Bieber’s deposition to be given via a video link from the U.S.

During Bieber’s 2013 tour stop in Argentina, he also had to apologize for what the Argentinians called his “defiling” of the Argentinian flag on stage during a show. In reality, as the pop star would later explain in apologetic tweets, when he removed what he thought were items of clothing thrown onto the stage, he was trying to prevent a safety hazard.

Back to Monday. Team Justin Bieber rolled out five tweets apologizing to Argentine Beliebers about the ban. The first tweet was subsequently deleted.

The first tweet previously read, “Argentinian beliebers I would like nothing more than to bring the #purposetour there but the Argentinian government won’t allow it. So sorry.”

See the rest of the tweets below.

“If things were to change I would love to come but at this time I cannot. For everyone else in South America I look forward to seeing you,” the second tweet reads.

“Argentina I do love you. It is in fact one of my favorite places to tour. I wish this was not the case. My lawyers say it is what it is,” the Justin Bieber Twitter account added.

After two music-related tweets the account continued, “Argentinian beliebers I would like nothing more than to bring the #purposetour there but until the legal conditions change there I can’t,” concluding, “Sorry Argentina. I love you.”

Earlier this month, while Bieber was being driven out of his New York hotel garage, he rolled down his window to speak to a group of waiting fans. According to witnesses, one of the excitable fans threw an Argentina flag directly at the singer’s face.

While a clip of the incident clearly shows Bieber didn’t know the cloth was a flag when he reacted within seconds and tossed it back out of his car, Argentine news outlets claimed the singer had “desecrated” their national flag in mostly hysterical reports.

All in all, it’s obviously for the best that the Biebs and his Purpose World Tour don’t go anywhere near Argentina for “legal conditions” or any other reason. Indefinitely.

[Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images]