dogshaming gallery

‘Dogshaming’ Online Gallery Allows Pet Lovers To Vent Frustrations And Share Cute Photos

“Dogshaming” has become one of the most popular trends on Tumblr. Pet owners who love their furry friends but seek an outlet to vent frustrations over chewed pillows, smelly messes on the rug, and missing slippers have taken to Tumblr in droves. The comedic dogshaming photos and captions will likely have little to no impact on the ornery canines themselves but have caused a multitude of smiles and outright chuckles by human viewers, the Daily Mail notes.

Living with a dog is primarily a joyous existence, but even the most intelligent pooches can sometimes be a bad boy. Dog owners are getting a bit of virtual revenge on Fido by posting images with a note next to the dog describing the pet’s crime. The hand written signs describing the dog’s infraction are typically as hilarious as the caught-in-the act photos themselves.

So many dogshaming photos and stories have been posted on Tumblr’s misbehaving pet gallery, it will probably be difficult to post a bad behavior specific to the four-legged family members of new users. Difficult does not mean impossible, and, even though there are repetitive canine crimes posted to the dogshaming gallery on Tumblr, each photo is unique and humorous in its own right.

Dogshaming gallery highlights:

“I think that it is acceptable to burp in my owners’ faces when they sit down to eat.”

“I dig up the yard and try to bite every man I see.”

“I hid meat in the couch.”

“I ate my owner’s mobile phone a week after I moved in with him.”

“I’m back on doggy Prozac.”

Dogshaming gallery images range from garden digging pugs to a recalcitrant looking dog which likes to eat whole sticks of butter when his human’s back is turned. One popular dogshaming post contains a note from the owner which simply reads, “I was a bad dog – again.”